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  1. WTS: M27 / 5.56MM Links in 5,000 piece Lots

    I will take 2 lots, 10,000 Please let me know PP info Thanks
  2. This was the reason Chinese Steel Core 7.62x39 ammo was banned.
  3. Guess I should have said "I Will Take It" Pending Pictures instead of "PM sent" I asked for pictures of the AR70 and Still No Response.
  4. Original post stated : + post or $600 for all ,Shipped, Now it's only 7 mags and you want an extra $10 for shipping ? I PM'ed you My info and did not get a phone # for you ?
  5. I will take them Message sent
  6. WTS HK11 clone Rifle only $2000.00 SPF!!

    I am interested in it. Who built it ?
  7. I will take all 7 of #10