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  1. Have 5 used excellent Doskocil Hard Plastic Black Pistol Handgun Storage Case 12" X 8" with foam upper & lower. $8 each plus shipping or buy 3 Doskocil Hard Plastic Black Pistol Handgun Storage Case 12" X 8" for $24 shipped.
  2. Original U.S. M1 Carbine 1944-dated Canvas Carry Case by Shane Mfg. Co. RARE / NOS not a repo. Constructed of heavy olive drab canvas duck with slight lump to accommodate the adjustable rear sight. This case has a adjustable shoulder strap and a reinforcing patch in the area of the operating slide handle. It is 37" long and used with either the M1 or M2 carbine with 15 round magazine. $300 shipped / Labor Day Sale Weekend Only $225 shipped Known Manufacturers and Markings ATLAS AWNING GOSS CANVAS PRODUCTS SHANE MFG. CO. M-D MFG CO.
  3. Original 1944 M1A1 Carbine Parachutists Holster Assembly RARE / NOS, not a repo. The holster assembly is made of padded canvas with double snapped flap. There is a large belt loop approximately 6" on the back at the top and a 24" leg strap at the bottom. The case is approximately 35" long when open and 27 1/2" when closed. The quilting pattern inside and stitching in general varies among manufacturers at that time. Known makers markings inside the flap and has diminished through the years but can see year 1944. $375 shipped / Labor Day Sale Weekend Only $300 shipped Manufacturer's Markings O.D. Shade ALLTEX PRODUCTS INC./1943 TAN ATLAS AWNING/1943 TAN ATLAS AWNING/1944 GREEN CARTER BROS. INC./1944 GREEN
  4. Don't Damage Your Bore when using BORE GUIDE
  5. WTS: "U" Retainer Lock for M14/M1A & M1 Garand

  6. The “U” Retainer Lock is used on both the M1 Garand and the M14/M1A to apply the appropriate tension to the receiver as well as to the trigger assembly during bedding. Turn the firearm over and apply any bedding compound necessary to the trigger housing area. After installing the trigger housing assembly, use the "U" Retainer Lock is to hold the triggerguard closed by inserting one end of the "U" Retainer Lock into the safety hole and the other on the outside of the triggerguard bow. This will hold the triggerguard in the proper place while allowing the bedding compound to cure. $5 each plus $1 shipping or ALL 6 for $20 shipped.
  7. WTS: REDUCED: SEECAMP Model LWS .380 Pistol AS NEW

    BEST of the BEST
  8. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Mike, thanks for the information, it is encouraging for those in the business.
  9. When you need these HK USP40 mags and don't have them its your fault.
  10. Muzzle Velocity, 2330 fps
  11. Wolf Military Classic, 7.62x39mm, FMJ, 124 Grain, 240 Rounds (12/20rd boxes) $79 shipped REDUCED $75 shipped