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  1. Midway Heavy Duty Muzzle Bore Guide # 31 Ruger 10/22 .920" Diameter Barrel. $12 shipped. SOLD Your Choice $10 each shipped Midway Heavy Duty Bore Guide Midway Heavy Duty Muzzle Bore Guide # 32 Ruger Mini-14. $12 shipped $10 shipped REDUCED $9 shipped Midway Heavy Duty Muzzle Bore Guide # 34 M1 Carbine. $12 shipped $10 shipped REDUCED $9 shipped Dewey Heavy Duty Muzzle Bore Guide 10/22 Factory Barrel. $12 shipped $10 shipped REDUCED $9 shipped
  2. HKS 586 Revolver Speedloader for S&W 586, 686, 581, 681/Ruger GP100, two available one $9 or REDUCED both $15 shipped.
  3. HK USP40 .40 S&W 10rd Magazines HK USP40 .40 S&W 10-Round Magazine $39 each or two $75 shipped. REDUCED $33 each or both $59 shipped. REDUCED AGAIN buy both $45 shipped. MAN UP - BE READY OR SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR THE MAGAZINE BAN. Brand: Heckler & Koch Magazines Caliber: 40 S&W Capacity: 10-Rounds Material: Polymer Heckler & Koch Factory Magazine
  4. I no longer have my Glock 42 and still have a like new Sneaky Pete Holster Double Belt Clip for the Glock 42, it is Left Handed, No Laser and Black Leather. I paid $49.95 plus $6 shipping and will sell it for $40 shipped. $38 shipped
  5. Ruger Mini 14 Factory Stainless Front Sight with Pin. $25 shipped / $22 shipped Uncle Mike's Size 1 Inside the Pocket Holster for Right or Left Hand for small autos .22 or .25 cal. $10 shipped / $8 shipped Uncle Mike's Size 10 Inside the Waistband Holster Right Hand, belt clip, velcro straps keep pistol in place. $10 shipped / $8 shipped
  6. WTS: FC .30-06 ammo / 240 rounds in 30 8rd enblocks

    .30-06 ammunition / 232 rounds 240 rounds FC .30-06 ball ammunition in 30 8rd enblocks. $199 shipped FedEx. FC Federal Cartridge Ammunition is located in Anoka, Minnesota with a work force of nearly 1,500. Federal manufactures shotshell, centerfire, and rimfire ammunition.
  7. WTS: FC .30-06 ammo / 240 rounds in 30 8rd enblocks

    David, I sent you a PM. at with payment options and address. Please PM me your address to ship package. Thanks, Rodney
  8. WTS: FC .30-06 ammo / 240 rounds in 30 8rd enblocks

    427forever, These are non-corrosive boxer primer 240 rounds FC .30-06 ball ammunition in 30 8rd enblocks. I have sold both my M1 Garands recently and no longer need my ammunition. Thank you, Rodney Stutes
  9. WTS: (REDUCED) Sneaky Pete Holster for Glock 42 Double Belt Clip

    Great Concealment for OWB
  10. Backup Pistol when you need it
  11. WTS: Remington Model RM380 / .380 ACP, 2.9" bbl., 6rd., Blued AS NIB Remington Model RM380 SKU 96454 Black Oxide AS NIB $220 shipped (Special $210 shipped) Fully functional slide stop * All metal construction Long, smooth, light DOA trigger Ambidextrous magazine release Checkered front strap & undercut trigger guard Optimized grip angle Caliber: 380 ACP * Two Magazines / Capacity: 6 + 1 rounds 2.9" Barrel Overall Width: .94" * Overall Length: 5.27" Overall Height: 3.86" Trigger Pull: 8-9 lbs. * Weight (empty):12.2 oz. Excellent backup pistol, fits any pants pocket. Reasons you must have backup pistol: 1. In case your primary gun fails. 2. In case you run out of ammo. 3. In case you need to arm an ally. 4. Because drawing a second gun is usually faster than reloading. Can send photos by personal email if interested.
  12. WTS: REDUCED: SEECAMP Model LWS .380 Pistol as NEW

    BEST Smallest Reliable .380 Handgun
  13. Have ONE as NEW IN BOX SEECAMP Model LWS 380 Pistol , two 6 rd magazines, instruction and safety manual suggested MSRP $850 shipped / REDUCED $750. LWS 380 Pistols are the BEST of the BEST smallest and most reliable weapons, The Perfect Pocket Pistol. First offer for $750 shipped will get it.
  14. Don't Damage Your Bore when using BORE GUIDE
  15. AR15 SP1 Front Pivot Hole Large to Small conversion work??

    Personally, I would use adpater pins/bushings (readily available) and not permanently alter either one would be the best option.
  16. NIB 1981 HK VP70Z complete 9mm pistol package. This 100% brand new 1981 VP70Z pistol is recoil operated, with an inertia bolt and stationary barrel. Designed as a double action trigger only and direct firing pin ignition ensure constant readiness to fire and permit the loaded pistol to be carried safely, since it remains uncocked until the trigger is pulled. The cartridges are fed from an 18-round magazine. The ramp-type sights on the HK VP70Z are based on the light and shadow effect. The HK Weapons System was of immense value in designing the VP70Z as it operates with only 4 moving parts which ensures accurate and absolute reliability. HK factory target date tested 08/10/81 for VP70Z serial number 083319 includes 2 - HK 18rd magazines, original factory manual, original factory cardboard box with serial number on it, original factory test target and original factory warranty card with model and serial number. $900 shipped VIDEO DEMO: VIDEO DEMO: Also have available only to buyer of 100% NIB 1981 HK VP70Z to purchase 14 original factory NEW HK 18-round magazines for $25 each to load 252 rounds of firepower for the times coming. MAN UP-BE READY
  17. Hard to fine Holster for H&K P9S