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  1. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Mike, thanks for the information, it is encouraging for those in the business.
  2. Heckler & Koch Factory USP40 .40 S&W 10 Round Magazines REDUCED

    When you need these HK USP40 mags and don't have them its your fault
  3. WTS: Wolf Military Classic, 7.62x39mm, FMJ, 124 Grain, 240 Rounds $79 shipped

    Muzzle Velocity, 2330 fps
  4. HKS 586 Revolver Speedloader for S&W 586, 686, 581, 681/Ruger GP100, two available one $9 or both $16 shipped.
  5. Heckler & Koch P9S Pistol Bianchi NEW Left Hand # 19 L Black Lined Leather Holster. $45 shipped
  6. Have 5 used excellent Doskocil Hard Plastic Black Pistol Handgun Storage Case 12" X 8" with foam upper & lower. $9 each plus shipping or buy 3 Doskocil Hard Plastic Black Pistol Handgun Storage Case 12" X 8" for $25 shipped.
  7. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Toad, you are correct, very good point their purchases would not be reflected in the statistics.
  8. People Are Not Buying Guns

    The number of background checks for handgun buyers recorded in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System — a useful proxy for consumer demand for firearms — fell 6% last year and dropped 8% in the first quarter of this year.
  9. People Are Not Buying Guns

    According to FBI statistics, a lot less people are buying guns in the United States since Election Day. Most experts who study the data say that this is due to the election of a president that supports gun rights. We believe this is true but is also likely a simple answer. Trump’s election removed a sense of urgency that people who were worried about changes to gun rights were feeling.