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  1. KIMBER Stainless LW 45 ACP 5" barrel 1911 Pistol NEW IN CASE with accessories shown $750 shipped.
  2. Lynn B, The S&W Pre 27 was sold earlier this afternoon today, if for some unknown reason buyer changes his mind I promise I will let you know. This S&W Pre 27 requires a Curio & Relic License or FFL and I thank you for your interest. Is their any other firearms you are looking for such as revolvers, pistols, rifles or shotguns and 223 ammunition your wanting ? Thank you, Rodney Stutes
  3. One hell of a deal for a MINT S&W Pre 27 .357 Magnum 3 1/2 barrel in the S&W box.
  4. WTS: Smith&Wesson M&P 40 S&W Pro Series, Night Sights & two 15rd magazines

    A Pistol You Can Depend On.
  6. PMC 5.56MM BALL M193 55 GR. Ammunition. Selling as two lots with first lot of 26 / 20 round boxes (520 rounds) per lot $370 shipped AVAILABLE NEW LOWER PRICE: $312 shipped FedEx. Second available lot of 15 / 20 round boxes (300 rounds) SOLD this lot LOWER PRICE: $185 shipped FedEx. Each round fires a 55 grain full metal jacket bullet at 3,240 feet per second, producing the same ballistics as ammo from Lake City and other manufacturers of M193 ball. ... PMC cartridges are made in South Korea by defense contractor Poongsan, one of the world's largest munitions companies of quality ammunition. ONE LOT OF 520 ROUNDS AVAILABLE $312 shipped FedEx. PREPARE NOW FOR THE UNKNOWN CRISIS TO COME
  7. 223 Remington 55 GR. Full Metal Jacket UMC Ammunition. Selling in lots of fourteen / 20 round boxes total (280 rounds) per lot $199 shipped REDUCED: $175 shipped FedEx. 223 Remington load features a 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket bullet which travels at 3240 fps and comes in a 20 round box. Remington UMC ammo is brand new.
  8. WTS: REDUCED Post Sample AK-47 AUSA 7.62X39 Machine-gun

    REDUCED $1500 plus shipping
  9. WTS: Smith & Wesson 22A Rimfire Pistol (Last Reduction)

  10. Manufactured by I.M.I. Israel Military Industries and imported exclusively by Magnum Research, Inc. Eagle .223 REM. 55 GR. J.H.P.-B.T. MATCH GRADE AMMUNITION. Selling in lots of sixteen / 20 round boxes (320 rounds) per lot $299 shipped REDUCED $229 shipped FedEx. Have two lots available. ALL SOLD
  11. WTS: Smith & Wesson 22A Rimfire Pistol (Last Reduction)

  12. One hell of a deal for a MINT S&W Pre 27 .357 Magnum 3 1/2 barrel in the S&W box.