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  1. HALF PRICE: NEW UNUSED .30 M1 Carbine Chamber Reamer $75 shipped

    Gene, I would be happy to accept $65 shipped & insured. Thanks, Rodney
  2. Have one as NOS M14E2 Springfield Armory Muzzle Stabilizer stamped SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MUZZLE STABILIZER CAL. 7.62 $129 plus shipping and one as NOS M14E2 Muzzle Brake, do not see any manufacture name on it. $99 plus shipping. Received both in original M14 collection of spare parts just bought and degreased.
  3. Bought ORIGINAL USGI M14 spare parts collection and found four M14/M1A NATIONAL MATCH FRONT .062 & .072 SIGHTS AVAILABLE, $39 each shipped.
  4. Steve, Thank you for the info...............Rodney
  5. James & Stacie, both slings are yours, PM the payment options...........Thank you, Rodney