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  1. THE BEST IS HERE MATCH SHOOTERS WITH 5 1/2" & 7" BARRELS, SEVEN MAGAZINES & MOUNT WITH RINGS FOR A SCOPE NIB Smith & Wesson Model 41 .22LR with 5 1/2" Barrel, High Luster Blue Finish, Adjustable Sights & Two Magazines with the Accessories. NEW One Smith & Wesson Barrel 41 - 7" Target with Keng - Style Rear Sight. NEW Five Smith & Wesson Model 41 Blued Magazines. NEW One Weigand Combat Handguns, Inc. Smith & Wesson Model 41 Weaver Scope Mount with Two 1" Weaver Style Rings. $1,799 shipped
  2. Early factory GLOCK 21 .45ACP, BRAND NEW 3 DOT NIGHT SIGHTS, two 13rd factory magazines, mag loader, cleaning set, manual & original factory box. PRISTINE CONDITION THROUGHOUT. $525 shipped BOTTOM PRICE $500 shipped BUY IT BEFORE IT'S GONE!!! DON'T MISS THE BOAT!!!
  3. Mec-Gar magazine quality is so well known that firearm manufacturers including Beretta, Browning, Remington, Sig Sauer and Walther have Mec-Gar build magazines under their brand names. These are high-quality, reliable steel magazines at an affordable price. Mec-Gar magazine springs are fabricated from high tensile strength spring wire and are provided with reinforced coils with stiffening folds to increase their thrust force. These magazines incorporate high strength custom blended fiber-fill nylon bases or heat-treated steel bases designed to withstand the most severe "drop and slap tests". Made from certified Carbon Steel AISI 1010 or from superior 17-7 PH aircraft-grade stainless steel, Mec-Gar magazines are precision formed to the strictest specifications and tightest tolerances. Have 8 MEC-GAR World's Finest Magazines Since 1965. 4 NIB Beretta 92F / Item # MGPB9218 Anti-Friction Coat 9mm 18 round magazines. $25 each shipped. 4 NIB Beretta 92F / Item # MGPB9220 Anti-Friction Coat 9mm 20 round magazines. $29 each shipped. GET' EM WHILE YOU CAN "DON'T MISS THE BOAT"

    gm, My name is Rodney Stutes of Rodney's Distributors and I would like to offer you a trade of slightly used early factory GLOCK 21 .45ACP, NEW 3 DOT NIGHT SIGHTS, two 13rd factory original magazines, mag loader, cleaning set, manual & original factory box. PRISTINE CONDITION $599 shipped plus another 2 NEW extra factory original 13rd Glock G21 magazines for one of your GLOCK 19X CROSSOVER PISTOL SYSTEM. Thank you, Rodney Stutes
  5. WTB: Beretta 92 Combat Handgun

    Paul, You are welcome, Rodney
  6. WTB: Beretta 92 Combat Handgun

    Paul, I don't have the one in your photo but I have this one to offer. Thanks, Rodney Best Firepower, early slightly used made in Italy factory 1989 Beretta 92 F 9mm Parabellum with two 15 rd magazines, cleaning tools and manual in original Beretta 92 F factory case. Pristine condition $599 shipped. Serial Number: D56645Z Model: PO9219F Product Description: 92FS 9MM 3-DOT/PLASTIC 2-15RD Approximate Manufacture Date: 1989 Parts Listing: Parts Owners Manual: Manual Product Brochure or Literature: Brochure Choke System: NOT APPLICABLE Barrel: Call Beretta Stock: Back to Search Page
  7. David,

               I am Rodney Stutes of Rodney's Distributors and it is time for one renewal. Will you be emailing renewal reminders out to to members or we just send payment to Sturmgewehr for our rank now.

    Thank you,

    Rodney Stutes



    1. David Albert

      David Albert

      Hi Rodney,

      The renewal for your account is in April...The system will automatically generate a renewal invoice to you...I believe it goes out 2-3 weeks ahead of the expiration.


      David Albert

    2. Rodney's Distributors

      Rodney's Distributors


      Thank you sir,


  8. Steven, is WTS: Charter Arms "Dog" 44 Special still available ?


    Rodney Stutes

  10. Have USGI Original NOS M1 .30 Carbine Triggers, Springs & Pins 7 USGI NOS M1 .30 Carbine Triggers marked LT $35 each. 1 USGI NOS M1 .30 Carbine Trigger marked R.I. (Inland) $35 each. 1 USGI NOS M1 .30 Carbine Trigger marked SKB (I.B.M.) $35 each. 1 USGI NOS M1 .30 Carbine Trigger marked SN (I.B.M.) $35 each. 6 USGI NOS M1 .30 Carbine Springs (Type II) $9 each. 9 USGI EXC. M1 .30 Carbine Trigger Pins $2 each. Shipping any amount of items is FREE.