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  1. Subguns.com Down?

    For some reason, it won't open? Anyone know if it's down?

    Hello Mike. Are there people lined up trying to purchase what is over there, and are they even going to allow them to be sold in the 1st. place? Do you know of anyone who has any information that can be given to us now, or do we have to wait to find out it all was scrapped? What about ammo too? Thanks. Jeff - HFTech
  3. WTS L-39 LAHTI cannon PERFECT! w/ ammo etc.

    Hello Mike. I am looking for a replacement parts kit. The only spare parts I currently have is an Extractor. I have most of the tools, although I need the Pliers, Screw driver and hammer. What do you want for a complete replacement parts kit? I am also looking for the canvas cover and the Pillow for the buttstock. Do you have a Recoil Spring too? You also mentioned you had ammo? What price do you want for them and are they armor piercing or training ammo? Do you have Projectiles too? Thanks Mike. Jeff
  4. Hello Everyone. Looking to buy a Parts Kit for a L39 Lahti, along with a Canvas Cover in great shape. Looking for a few tools too. Thanks in Advance.
  5. I for one among many, would be very pleased to speak to him and read his posts once more.. The problem with the other board was some of the "Protected Class" ended up running the show and got their panties in a wad. Hopefully Frank has weeded them out as they we're a drag on the posting btw. those actually conversing about things that help our Gun Community. Those that just stirred the pot to set back and watch should have been banned. The "Protected Class" though helped their own and didn't care about anything except their Ego and their power. Welcome aboard again Sir.
  6. Hello All. I am looking for an L39 Lahti Canvas cover in decent shape. Holler if you know of one available. Thanks.
  7. Looking for a Lahti 5 Hole Muzzle Brake in good shape. If anyone has one, or if anyone has a blueprint of one, I would really appreciate a reply. Thanks in Advance. Jeff
  8. E-mail me if you know someone with these items for sale. Thanks. Jeff hallsfirearms@frontier.com
  9. Potential Scam Accounts

    ATTN: Everyone read this. Scammers are hitting hard to many of us Dealers, and I kn ow some are getting Paid from some unlucky buyers. I have been contacted "6" Times in the past Month alone with Ads for Transferable's Pre & Post Samples. Do NOT Send any Money until you have Completely Vetted the Seller. I have 2 E-mails this morning doing just what I mentioned here. Make them send a Word of your Choice drawn on a Piece of paper, and placed where you ask. Do Not let these Assholes get away with your Money !
  10. Anyone in Houston know this SCAMMER ??

    Someone Donate enough for a Plane Ticket from Toledo & Back, and I will go Locate him for you! ScumBags..........
  11. Hall's Firearm Tech. Bowling Green, OH. 43402 HallsFirearms@frontier.com NFA & Title 1 Transfers. 419-823-1486