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  1. WTS HK MP5 Premay

    Premay MP5
  2. WTS Ramo 1919A4

  3. WTS UZI Pre May

  4. WTS Ramo 1919A4

  5. WTS Ramo 1919A4

    Ramo 1919A4 in excellent condition setup in .308 comes with M2 Tripod, 2 spare barrels (one appears New unfired), Top Cover, Bolt, Lock Frame, Barrel Extension, Grip, recoil spring. Will transfer on Form 3. Pics https://photoalbum.godaddy.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=4867177&mid=104241837&mt=Photo mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  6. WTS M11 .380

    Have an SWD M11A1 .380 comes with 8 magazines (3 pictured) and wire stock not pictured. mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  7. WTS UZI Pre May

  8. M240B Barrels Excellent to New $535

  9. WTS UZI Pre May

  10. Need help to ID Ammo Cans

    Anyone know what these ammo cans are for? http://photos.longrangeind.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=4861335 Thx Mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  11. Billistics HK33 Double Push Pin

    HK33 Double Push Pin excellent condition mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  12. WTS Metrotech M60

    I have a M60 mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  13. WTS WH 1928 Thompson

    West Hurley 1928 Thompson with repo case, 2 drums and 3 magazines. Firearm is in excellent condition. $19,000 + Tax Stamp and shipping OBO. Thx Mike Piazza mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  14. M240B Barrels Excellent to New $535

  15. WTS UZI Pre May