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  1. WTS UZI Pre May

  2. WTS Ramo 1919A4

  3. WTS Ramo 1919A4

    Ramo 1919A4 in excellent condition setup in .308 comes with M2 Tripod, 2 spare barrels (one appears New unfired), Top Cover, Bolt, Lock Frame, Barrel Extension, Grip, recoil spring. Will transfer on Form 3. $19,000 OBO + shipping Pics https://photoalbum.godaddy.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=4867177&mid=104241837&mt=Photo mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  4. WTS M11 .380

    Have an SWD M11A1 .380 comes with 8 magazines (3 pictured) and wire stock not pictured. mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  5. WTS UZI Pre May

  6. M240B Barrels Excellent to New $535

  7. WTS UZI Pre May

  8. Need help to ID Ammo Cans

    Anyone know what these ammo cans are for? http://photos.longrangeind.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=4861335 Thx Mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  9. Billistics HK33 Double Push Pin

    HK33 Double Push Pin excellent condition mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  10. WTS Metrotech M60

    I have a M60 mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  11. WTS WH 1928 Thompson

    West Hurley 1928 Thompson with repo case, 2 drums and 3 magazines. Firearm is in excellent condition. $19,000 + Tax Stamp and shipping OBO. Thx Mike Piazza mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  12. M240B Barrels Excellent to New $535

  13. WTS UZI Pre May

  14. WTS RIA M60

    RIA M60 in great condition. Mike Piazza mikep@longrangeind.com 480-500-8690
  15. WTS UZI Pre May