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  1. RIA M60E4

    RIA M60E4 - mint condition. Saco Defense trunnion. Regards, Mike Piazza 480-500-9762
  2. WTS Twin ANM2 Mount

    Excellent condition twin ANM2 mount with sights and ammo can holders. Mike Piazza mikep@longrangeind.com 602.799.4053
  3. I just received 25K rounds of linked 4/1 ball/tracer in 200 round plastic saw boxes. Ammo head stamp is IVI 85. Is this Industries Valcartier Inc., Valcartier, Quebec, Canada? Any input on this ammo? Thx Long Range Ind.
  4. WTS Stemple 76/45

  5. WTS ANM2 Twin Mount $5,000

  6. WTS Stemple 76/45

    Stemple 76/45 in excellent condition. $6500.00 + shipping. Will transfer out form 3. Pics http://photos.longrangeind.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=4786121 Any questions please call Thx Mike Piazza mikep@longrangeind.com 602.799.4053
  7. WTS FN-FAL Premay $7,500

  8. WTS 1917 Water-Cooled DLO/Remington $16,000

    Email sent
  9. Complete ZB26 parts kit with two 8mm barrels, three 7.62*39 barrels with several 7.62*39 conversion parts, six bolts, two op-rod assemblies, twenty - 20 round magazines with magazine chests, six 40 round magazines, magazine loader, barrel and spare part bags, AA sight, sustained fire ground mount, etc.. $9K OBO plus shipping. Pics http://photos.longrangeind.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=4791713 Any questions please call. Regards, Mike Piazza 602.799.4053
  10. WTS 1917 Water-Cooled DLO/Remington $16,000

    Never ran metal links through it so I don't know. I do have 25+ cloth belts that I will sell with the gun. It will come with 5 belts.
  11. WTS ANM2 Twin Mount $5,000

    Excellent condition ANM2 twin mount with ammo can holders $5,000 plus shipping. Any questions please call. Pics https://photoalbum.godaddy.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=4784766&ci=42555 Thx Mike Piazza mikep@longrangeind.com 602.799.4053
  12. WTS FN-FAL Premay $7,500

  13. WTS FN-FAL Premay $7,500

    Premay FN-FAL in excellent condition $7,500 + shipping Pics http://photos.longrangeind.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=4785267 Any questions please call Thx Mike Piazza mikep@longrangeind.com 602.799.4053