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  1. Portuguese 308 Winchester for sale

    Kevin, I'll take one case, please email direct at Albert Manzi FFL/SOT
  2. WTS .30 M1 Carbine Ammo plus mags 100.00 shipped

    Dennis, I'll take the non corrosive carbine ammo with the mags.Please email me directly at Albert Manzi FFL/SOT
  3. MP-40 Grips w/Screw

    Please email me directly, I'll take them. Albert Manzi
  4. WTB : MP40 Parts

    Mike, Email and text sent. You have not replied. Albert Manzi
  5. WTB : MP40 Parts

    Mike, I'd love to buy your parts, please contact me. thanks, Albert
  6. WTB : MP40 Parts

    Mike, if possible please call me at 978-852-1401, thank you, Al Or email direct at thanks
  7. WTB : MP40 Parts

    thanks, I'll check that site out today, I'll advise. Al
  8. WTB : MP40 Parts

    I am looking for a bolt and recoil assembly with firing pin for my BNZ MP40. Original working parts only please. Thank you, Albert Manzi