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  1. WTB: HK PSG1 parts

    Hi!... I'm looking for a complete bolt-carrier group, sling and factory manual for a MSG90/PSG1 HK rifle. It's a MSG90 the manual would be for that rifle. Thanks, Mike in Motown.
  2. Looking for a HK PSG1 hand-guard. A correct profile barrel would be nice, too. Thanks, Mike.
  3. WTS: P88 Walther 9mm DA 15 Shot NIB COLLECTORS

    Funds en-route. Thanks, Rodney. Mike.
  4. Looks like one of mine. Very well made, from an old B&T design. I upgraded it to Picatinny. Tool steel, and CNC'd.
  5. WTB: Blackhawk MP5 type case

    Good day folks..... I'm looking to buy one of the Blackhawk MP5/tennis-racket cases. Anybody have one they want to sell? Thanks, Mike. five86-557-700six
  6. H&K "SD" Marked 9mm Magazines

    Because they're German, and they can.
  7. Sig 551A1

    Looks good. I only have 2 SIGs left. One, is my 551.
  8. delete post please

    Thank you....will ship next week. Mike.
  9. Posting Ads

    I posted lots of rarer stuff. Few, if any items sold on this board. I still donated for the reading and niche topics and visuals. I did buy a few things, that's for sure. I haven't been on the site much, since the switch. I don't care for learning to re-navigate sites I'm used to.
  10. Sig 551A1

    Nice setup. Later model. gray with black furniture, and single-dimple magwell.
  11. Sold my last machine gun....

    Keep on, keepin' on. Attitude is everything. God Bless.
  12. Pulled over tonight for bumper stickers

    I believe that would happen in the OP's country. I don't advertise my firearms...anywhere.
  13. photos to... Thanks.
  14. delete post please
  15. Wts HK USP 40 compact $395

    Still available?