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  1. SIG 550 mags. NOS, PRE-BAN

    I had the SIGness, really bad. You should have seen the stuff I collected.
  2. I have some NOS, pre-ban, SIG 90-series rifles mags for sale. Both 20 and 30 round are available. I collected these in the late 80's- early 90's. They are marked "SIG"....not SAN or other later variants. 1 mag $90.00 each 2-5 mags $80.00 each 5 or more $75.00 each
  3. WTB: PSG1 trigger

    Hi folks. Looking for a HK/PSG1 trigger group, preferably with the shoe. New or used.
  4. I have several pre-ban and RARE mags for sale. 2- SIG 542, 30 rnd mags @ 300 each. 1-SIG 542, 20 rnd mag @ 300 I- SIG 542, 10 round mag @ 200 shipped. All mags are nice and have some light storage marks.
  5. SOLD...ARMSON OEG HK-sight

    Email for pics....
  6. SOLD....Mint condition OEG sight. This thing is ancient. It has a cool warning label on it, and the tritium can be serviced. The original red-dot. $125.00 shipped. PM with email for pics. Mine are too large.
  7. Price dropped 10-bucks.
  8. SOLD!! Mint EFL in mint box. 2nd mag, mint manual, and TWENTY flares in factory packaging. This stuff came from a local TV chopper-pilot, years ago. The stuff was too old to cert. in the aircraft. $700.00 shipped. PM with email for pics. NICE STUFF!!!