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  1. Have one of the new Surefire Ryder 9M-Ti Suppressors in 1/2x28 available. This is the new modular Ryder 9 from Surefire, with removable front stack. On a Form 3 in AZ, will efile to your FFL/SOT $30 shipping. Payment by USPS Money Order please Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona
  2. Clearing out some pistols from my collection. Shipping is $30 each to your FFL. 1. Glock 17T Gen 4 Simunition Trainer, uses FX or Force on Force cartridges. New in box, $500 2. Glock 30S with Night Sights, (3) mags, 45ACP. New in box, $525 3. HK USP9 LE model, Night Sights, (3) 15rnd Mags, BG date code, like new in box (30rnds fired) $750 USPS Money Order for payment please. These are listed on other sites as well. Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona
  3. WTS: Ingram M10 9mm Powder Springs, 95%, $6295

    Price reduced, $6295
  4. Selling a nice Ingram M10 9mm Powder Springs machine gun for a customer. On a Form 4 in Arizona, comes as shown with screw on flash hider and (3) magazines. $6295 shipped, covers first stamp out of AZ and shipping to your FFL/SOT
  5. Selling my Knight’s Armament MK11 Mod 0 7.62mm Rifle Deployment Kit. This is an original USN contract overrun MK11 manufactured in October of 2001, and sold after the Navy took their rifles. The few remaining were sold to friends of KAC in March of 2002. This MK11 (K10746) has 120 rounds through it. 60 from previous owner who bought it direct from KAC in 2002, and 60 from me after I bought it in 2010. It still looks new, none of the accessories have been opened or used. Only the rifle and (2) magazines have been removed from the deployment kit and kept in safe. This MK11 will ship with the original (2) 10rnd Magazines (as it was built during the 1994 Crime Bill) and (2) pre-ban KAC 20rnd Magazines that were sourced from KAC. Official “Restricted” USN Manual will be included with package as shipped with US Navy MK11 kits. Only sign of wear or use is light mark on barrel from MK11 suppressor mounting. $11,000 shipped **SOLD** (Cross posted on other sites) Rifle kit will ship to your FFL upon payment clearing. Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona
  6. Clearing out some trade in items and old stock. 1. Sig 556 Optics Ready Carbine, excellent condition, little use, comes with (1) Sig 30rnd Magazine and single point sling, $935 shipped 2. Colt LE6920HBPW, NIB, limited run, 14.5" pinned SOCOM HB, cage code markings on most parts, has Matech sight upgrade from original Magpul for more USGI look, $935 shipped 3. HK USP9 SD, LNIB, may be unfired, came in to me from original owner who said it was still new, $895 shipped 4. Glock 30 with Bar-Sto stipple job, nice condition, $395 shipped 5. Glock 35, used, recently serviced by glock armorer, new springs throughout, $349 shipped Payment by USPS Money Order or Paypal (friends or add 3.5%) All items must ship to FFL. Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona Email:
  7. Selling a few M60 parts I found in storage. 1. Standard Barrel, dated 84, excellent condition, $525 shipped 2. Standard Handguard, excellent condition, $210 shipped 3. New E3 Sight Tower (no base), $89 shipped 4. US Ordnance marked M60E4 grip, (fits E3 as well), shows wear on bottom of grip, $35 shipped Take all of it for $775 shipped Payment by USPS Money Orders, Certified Check, or Paypal (friends or add 3.5% for fee). Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona Email:
  8. Selling a new limited run Knight's Armament KAC "Vault" XM9 Snap On 9mm Suppressor for the Beretta 92 Series. Comes as shown with drop in barrel for Beretta 92 and snap on wipe module suppressor. Includes (2) complete wipe modules with spacers, and extra front cap O rings. $1749 shipped to your FFL/SOT On a Form 3 in AZ. Payment by USPS Money Order or Certified Check. Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona Email:
  9. Added E3 Rear Sight, Price Reduced.
  10. Selling an excellent condition SACO M60E3 Conversion Kit. All you will need to source is barrel and E3 oprod parts. Parts are used in great shape. Set includes: M60E3 Stock M60E3 Top Cover M60E3 Rear Sight M60E3 Trigger Group M60E3 Forearm with grip M60E3 Bipod M60E3 Sling Mount M60E3 Feedtray with Hanger $2550 shipped Payment by USPS Money Orders or Paypal (friends or add 3.5% for fee). Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona Email:
  11. Have several handguns for sale that have come in on trades or old stock. 1. Beretta 92FS Police Special 9mm, (3) 15rnd mags, LNIB, $450 2. Glock 30 (2) 10rnd mags, Bar-Sto stipple job, 95%, $400 3. Glock 35 (3) 15rnd Mags, springs and frame replaced by police armory recently for update, 80%, $350 4. HK USP9 SD, (2) 15rnd Mags, LNIB, (may be new), $900 5. HK USP9 Expert with Jet Funnel, (3) 18rnd steel mags, LNIB (may be new), $1200 Payment by USPS Money Order, or Paypal (friends and family, or 3.5% fee). Shipping is $25 per item Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona Email:
  12. WTS: SWD M-11 9mm package, 98%, $7500

    Sold Pending Funds
  13. Selling a nice SWD M-11 9mm package. Comes with (3) Magazines, Magazine Pouch, and 16" Upper. $7500 shipped to your FFL/SOT On a Form 3 in AZ Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona
  14. Kit still available.
  15. Updated, E3 kit still avail.