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  1. WTS / WTT Suppressors form 3

    I have several NIB new old stock suppressors I would like to sell or trade. Looking for a MAC10/M11, Spikes Tactical M79 Thumper, Semi SAW, WW1 1911, handguns? What do you have? These are a great deal for your inventory as well. I may have others not listed and probably multiples of these that are listed. I would prefer to sell outright since they are priced so cheap unless you have what I want. These are all in hand in Kentucky on form 3 ready to transfer. Prices include shipping to your FFL. Contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thanks, Rex Tyson / Kentucky Firearms These all include mounts. Prices are solid. AAC M4-1000 $515 YHM Phatom Ti 556 $670 SiCo Osprey 45 $615 AAC TiRant 45 $615 YHM Pantom 556 $460 AAC SR7 $850 SiCo Salvo 12 $760 Rugged Surge 762 $815 SiCo Hybrid $670 SiCo Omega $730 Rugged Sandman Ti $600
  2. WTS HK S&H Roller sear $30,000

    He and Bill were right down the road from each other. Fleming did, so Im sure what one did the other did? He made one anyway. Edit to add that this came in an S&H host (with same serial number stamped on the gun) and can (MP5SD)
  3. SACO Defense M60E-3 $66,900

    The best M60 on the market is still available!
  4. Colt M16A2 carbine $30,500

    Sorry it’s sold.
  5. SACO Defense M60E-3 $66,900

  6. SACO Defense M60E-3 $66,900

    bump. Will do a 50/50 payment
  7. WTS Fleming sear $31,000 delivered

  8. Colt M16A2 carbine $30,500

    Don't buy an A1 when you can have an A2 for basically the same money. I will do 50/50 on this one.
  9. Looking for Spikes Tactical M79 37mm grenade launcher (Thumper) not under the barrel Havoc. Let me know what you have and details. 859-361-9444 or Thanks, Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  10. SACO Defense M60E-3 $66,900

    I appreciate the spike in interest over the weekend but I would really like to find the right collection for this one.
  11. two sets left
  12. Colt M16A2 carbine $30,500

    Super deal on a rare factory M16A2 carbine
  13. SACO Defense M60E-3 $66,900

    Aaron, Thanks for your expert opinion. It is a really nice piece of machinery. Definitely for the true enthusiast. Rex Tyson