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  1. M37 presample $13,400

    I may be interested in COLT SP1s or possibly a presample UZI plus cash. Possibly a transferrable AR15 conversion plus cash on my end.
  2. WTS HK MP5SD Fleming sear $42,500

    No Sir it sold a while back. I will mark it as such. Thank you.
  3. Crazy to think about those 1985 dollars isn’t it? I remember being at knob creek probably around that time or not long after I guess and a guy next to LMO corner had every flavor of MAC standing up, not laying down, the length of that row!! I don’t remember any of them over about $500!
  4. M37 presample $13,400

  5. This is a pretty neat little gun. It is a Cobray (I would assume a flat bought from the auction?) that was finished and registered by St. Augustine Gun Works. They built basically a M11-380 and installed a 9mm barrel to make a very compact weapon. I have never seen or heard of them before. This gun has serial number 1005 E, possibly the fifth gun built? An M11/380 upper would mount right on this frame. I had the frame cerakoted to freshen it up as it had some discoloration. Comes as pictured with three Zytel magazines. I got this from the original owner that bought it new in 1985. I have included pictures of a couple of handwritten items that include some instructions and "advertisement". This gun is owned by me in KY and will transfer out on a form 3 to your FFL. $7,500.00 delivered. Contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  6. HK T&E ONLY added value?

    I'm a fanboy too and yes I know what it stands for and yes its real, no laser engraving. Ive probably had this one since before laser engravers! I was just thinking I have one that has it and one that doesnt. If I sold one and kept one I would keep this one unless it had a $5K (?) or something added value that someone would want to pay for it. To me it might be worth a little more but if I have the choice between the two for the same price I would just keep this one. Thats the basis of my question.
  7. HK T&E ONLY added value?

    Yes. Meant to say it was a presample. I have two and was thinking of selling one. If it doesnt matter in anyones opinion I would keep this one just because I guess.
  8. HK T&E ONLY added value?

    In your opinion does this make an HK more desireable and worth more? I have an MP5 that came from NASA in Florida marked as such. Just curious. Thanks, Rex Tyson
  9. WTS Springfield M1A $16,999

  10. M37 presample $13,400

    Post election special $13,999
  11. There was an article in SAR several years ago that broke down ownership for each category MG,AOW,Silencer,SBR for each state. Its way out of relevance now except the count of MGs, but I recall a number around 175k.
  12. WTS Iver-Johnson M2 carbine $7750

    One more bump before the price increase!
  13. WTS Valmet M78 308 THREE MAGAZINES $15,999

    Thanks Buddy!
  14. WTS Springfield M1A $16,999

    Really nice deal on a factory Springfield MG
  15. M37 presample $13,400