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  1. St Augustine Gun Works Mini-9

  2. Is anyone familiar with this company? They marketed a Mini-9 which is basically an M11/380 conversion to 9mm. Its not marked MAC or anyone else on the gun only SAGW,INC. Did they buy flats and register them or?? It does have the Cobray logos on it. Original form 4 is 1985. Thanks, Rex Tyson
  3. WTS DLO AN/M2 .30 Aircraft gun $16,499

    BMG parts has a listing for barrels. Im sure you would need a cartridge stop etc much like the 1919.
  4. WTS DLO AN/M2 .30 Aircraft gun $16,499

    What a deal
  5. WTS Valmet M78 308 $15,999

    This beautiful piece is still available
  6. WTS Valmet M78 308 $15,999

    Price reduced to $15,999
  7. WTS DLO AN/M2 .30 Aircraft gun $16,499

    Price reduced to $16,499
  8. WTS Group Industries UZI $13,999

    Price reduced to $13,999
  9. This is a super nice Group Industries (pre Vector) UZI. Registered receiver gun. 9mm. Comes with 32 round mags,sight tool, magguide, sling and wood stock. Nice little package that will last a lifetime. $14,500 plus shipping on a form 4 in Kentucky. Brokering for a buddy and will pay the first tax. contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thanks, Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  10. WTS DLO AN/M2 .30 Aircraft gun $16,499

  11. WTS Valmet M78 308 $15,999

  12. This listing is for a DLO built AN/M2 .30 (30-06) aircraft gun. This is a lightweight version of the 1919 with Spade grips. This is an absolutely beautiful gun and clean as a pin. The rate of fire is around 1300 rounds per minute! There are a couple of videos on Youtube with a similar gun firing. The feed can be changed from left to right as desired. This gun will come with a newer manufacture but identical to GI tripod and T&E for ground use. The added stability makes it a great base to shoot from. Also included is an extra barrel and several other spare parts. This gun will go out on a tax paid form 4 in Kentucky. Shipping will be actual cost. The gun itself will ship in a Pelican case. These arent seen too often so dont miss this opportunity to add one to your collection. You are welcome to contact me with any questions or specific pictures. Priced to sell at $16,499 plus shipping. or 859-361-9444. Thank you for looking. Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  13. WTS Valmet M78 308 $15,999

  14. WTS Valmet M78 308 $15,999

  15. WTS Valmet M78 308 $15,999

    Price reduced