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  1. Is the pictured pack the one required to use the FBI 0-1 housing? Oh, and the proper ambi selector?
  2. My funds sent too, thanks!
  3. I'll take one too, please.
  4. Thanks, I'm going to miss it, but between the dentist work and new heads on one of the fleet, its gotta go!
  5. Hi Raymond, Meet halfway at $2.5k includes fully insured shipping? Chuck
  6. Looking for a new or used BETA C-MAG for the MP5. Looking to spend no more than $250, perhaps plus shipping. Thanks!
  7. Steyr-Maadi in very good to excellent condition. All serial numbers match, the original soft glossy black paint is in real nice condition for a rifle this age that has not been a safe queen. Look at the photos, ask questions if interested. Comes with 2 Made In Egypt marked magazines, cleaning kit is in buttstock, brand new Egyptian green web sling, and scarce original Maadi bayonet with brown grip (bayonet serial numbers do not match the rifle, sorry). 36 Pics here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z7yv4dpwm...1hIibB18a?dl=0