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  1. Potential Scam Accounts

    You are the one full of shit always changing your story... several days of your not paying and learning your best friend was emgunslinger I knew it was fishy. You are the scammer! maybe you should have listened to the moderator who told you to fly here and get it. You are such an asshole so glad the world can see it.
  2. Potential Scam Accounts

    I have sold several things here and the only trouble was with damcv62 who said he would wire the money, then said he would pay in cash but it was by emgunslinger a loudmouth from LA who had criticized the rivets on a PKM I have listed so his comments got removed by the moderators, then he said he would pay with a check but he never paid, meanwhile the first guy who emailed me paid and I told damcv62 and he couldn't accept it so they are trying to badmouth me.
  3. Sold pending funds.
  4. Machine Gun Armory MK-46 latest Model 3 beltfed 5.56mm semi-auto rifle. It is lightly used and offers closed bolt operation with the HK type lower for addition of a registered post sample trigger group for SOT holders who want to convert this to full auto. Price is $5500 plus shipping. Very similar to FN M249 SAW but built in Utah USA For additional info contact (remove NOSPAM)..
  5. Selling a new in the box LMT M203 gun mount 40mm grenade launcher below dealer cost at $895 plus shipping. On a Form 3 in Alabama. Comes equipped with a 9 inch barrel. Email questions to (remove NOSPAM).
  6. I have two Knights Armament standalone mounts for the M203 grenade launcher at $500 each plus shipping. They have the extendable stocks, ladder sights and rubber buttpads. One is missing the pistol grip. First come first served on the launchers or buy both for $900 plus shipping. Email is (remove NOSPAM).
  7. Like new Minigun post sample receiver ready to put on your parts kit. This was manufactured by Defense Armament Design LLC who had this as a running gun prior to selling it to us as a stripped receiver. It will require a law enforcement demo letter. Price is $9000 plus shipping. Email questions to (remove NOSPAM). We also have a complete parts set for sale on the Parts and Accessories Market Board if you need one.
  8. M134 Minigun parts kit with many new parts including rotor, shorty barrels and feeder/delinker. Everything pictured is included except the raw casting which was sold previously. The demilled repairable receiver is included and can be rewelded as a post sample machinegun. Second set of barrels included as well as fire control unit with all connections, ammunition holder, swivel mount, feed chute, gears, bolts, motor and grip assembly. Price is $30,000 plus shipping. Email questions to (remove NOSPAM). Check NFA Market Board for registered post sample Minigun receiver I am listing as well.
  9. Have an extremely nice possibly unfired Norinco early import NDM-86 chambered in 7.62 X 51/ .308 with one magazine and scope outfit. Has new Russian tactical stock and do not have original stock. Price is $3600 plus $75 ground shipping. Email questions to (remove NOSPAM.)
  10. Fresh post sample build using new Vltor receiver, full auto rails and rivets together with a nice Hungarian parts kit. Test fired and runs great. On a Form 2 in Alabama. A law enforcement demo letter will be required for FFL/SOT's to purchase this gun. Price is $5500. Shipping will be $100 for ground transportation. Only the gun as pictured is included. Email with questions (just remove NOSPAM).
  11. Testing Ad

    Real ad to follow....