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  1. Have two new MK46 FN made fluted barrels as made for Navy Seals your choice $800 each plus shipping. US Postal money orders for payment. Any questions contact me at matt@(remove)
  2. Have two standard M60E1 used barrels for sale in VG+ condition, lots of rifling and life left in these, one has standard flash hider and the other has a YHM silencer quick mount flash hider, $450 each plus shipping. Have one M60E6 heavy fluted barrel in VG condition, plenty of rifling and life left, $1000 plus shipping. Payment with US Postal money orders. Questions to matt@(remove)
  3. Parts kits are all sold but magazines still available, make offer....
  4. WTB: 1919 .30 barrel

    saw a new Vietnam era 30.06 barrel on for $195
  5. Nice saw cut CZ-26 submachinegun kit with 7.62X25 barrel. Price is $325 delivered CONUS. US Postal money orders only. Email
  6. WTB: 1919 .30 barrel

    $100 each plus shipping.
  7. WTB: 1919 .30 barrel

    I have some new Israeli .308 barrels available if they will work for you.
  8. Thompson Drum

    I just posted a couple for sale here in the parts and accessories section.
  9. Sten MK2 saw cut kit nice with original barrel and magazine $250 delivered. Have 3 nice MK3 kits saw cut with original barrels $175 each delivered. Have 22 nice original high capacity Sten magazines all for $375. Postal money orders only. Email
  10. I have two WW2 Thompson 50 round L drums available. Both were manufactured by United Specialties and both function flawlessly. The one drum (on the left side in photo) is pitted mostly on the back cover and has been refinished but looks like new on the inside. The other drum is excellent inside and out. Price is $575 delivered for the refinished drum and $675 delivered for the nicer drum. Postal money orders only. Email
  11. Nice .45 caliber conversion kit including lower made by Chris Humphries utilizing Mac 10/45 grip mated to Uzi lower. Three position selector and extended magazine release. This is made to use 30 round Greasegun magazines as opposed to the factory 16 round capacity. Includes a like new factory barrel and bolt and aftermarket shorter barrel. Price is $975 delivered in CONUS. Postal money order only. Email