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  1. WTS: Norinco 9MM 124 grain ball ammo 900 rounds for $275 delivered Sellior & Bellot .32 ACP ball ammo $300 per 1000 delivered (2000 available) Guatemalan 5.56 55 grain brass case ball ammo $300 per 900 rounds (1800 available) Postal money orders for payment.
  2. Have a nice IMI full size 9MM Model A Uzi imported by Action Arms for $1075 plus shipping to your FFL. This one is missing the 16" barrel and would make a good candidate for SBR by adding a short barrel and filing ATF Form 1 or 2 or you can add full size barrel to shoot as a Title One rifle. Postal money orders for payment.
  3. Have an excellent condition Vector Mini Uzi Carbine 9MM in original box with owners manual, sling, 20 round magazine and top cover with side folding charging handle and Trijicon RMR optic mount, $1950 plus shipping to your FFL. Postal money orders for payment.
  4. Have a crate of 10 Russian Mosin Nagant rifles in very good to excellent condition with cleaning rods, bayonets and oil bottles for $2500 plus shipping. Nine are round receiver and 1 is hex. Dates range from 1930's-1940's. Will ship on a pallet and freight is extra to your FFL. Postal money orders for payment.
  5. NIB Colt SBRs 6945, 6933

    I will take the 6991 per our conversation, PM sent.
  6. Flash hider assembly $650 NOW $350 Helicopter ammo drum $2000 NOW $1500 Bolts are sold. Shipping is extra, postal money orders for payment.
  7. Have two new MK46 FN made fluted barrels as made for Navy Seals your choice $800 each plus shipping. US Postal money orders for payment. Any questions contact me at matt@(remove)
  8. Have two standard M60E1 used barrels for sale in VG+ condition, lots of rifling and life left in these, one has standard flash hider and the other has a YHM silencer quick mount flash hider, $450 each plus shipping. Have one M60E6 heavy fluted barrel in VG condition, plenty of rifling and life left, $1000 plus shipping. Payment with US Postal money orders. Questions to matt@(remove)