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  1. WTS: M60 Bolt Disassembly Tools - $85 - Pics

    I will take one and have bought from you before. Eric
  2. I will take one. Can you call me. Will PM the number to call when you get time.
  3. WTS: UZI Parts **PICS**

    Sorry had company and didn't check for a PM I want them. Eric
  4. WTS: UZI Parts **PICS**

    I will take the rest of the parts for that deal. Eric
  5. Just wanted to let anyone else know this is one nice guy and very responsive. Previous buyer Eric
  6. Sold..............i'll take em. Eric
  7. WTB Transferable Machinegun under $5500

    I'll take you shooting next time you get to Orlando. Eric
  8. WTS Colt Thompson NY drum

    What form of payments do you take? Credit cards or paypal?
  9. WTS HK 93 30rd LEO Mag Unused

    It was a discussion about offers? Sorry I hurt your feelings. Good luck with the sale. Eric
  10. WTS HK 93 30rd LEO Mag Unused

    Sorry, I think the previous poster and myself were just looking for mags, as most people are. The LEO designation came about during a high cap mag ban that no longer applies. It was no more than a post date code. I personally place no extra value in a date code designation. BTW I was wrong. The fully functional HK mags are $79 brand new and not $89. My mistake. Eric
  11. WTS HK 93 30rd LEO Mag Unused

    HK parts is just one. Eric
  12. WTS HK 93 30rd LEO Mag Unused

    Actually $89 is the going rate. Eric
  13. Can I get a price on the drums?