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  1. FNC Para 5.56 carbine, with Williams Trigger Specialties trigger pull reduction. Included parts: FNC Sling PN-920 FNC Magazine (3 total) PN-610 FNC Fixed stock Manuals: (4.5”x 6.5”) 12/80 MO-FNC-01 En 43 pages 3/82 MO-FNC-02-En 43 pages 7/89 FN CN 3900054035 41 pages 2/81 CP-FNC-01-En “Provisional Copy” 8.5”x 11”, zerox copy 33 pages FNC and FAL Factory sales flyer, one page 8.5”x11” FN FNC Factory 3 page fold out brochure Scope Mounts: (3) Two each PN-731 One with scope marked “ARMSON OEG EXEMPT TRITIUM” BFA / Recoil Boosters (3) PN-930 BFA deflector Cleaning kit case PN-630 Cleaning brush assembly PN-196 Barrel cleaning rod assembly PN-191 Combination cleaning and scraper tools (3) PN-955 Bayonet adapter for Colt type bayonets. Gun South parts kit: Firing pin PN-433 Firing pin spring PN-430 Trigger spring PN-557 Axis trigger pin PN-556 Hammer axis pin PN-538 Extractor PN-441 Mag catch spring PN-595 Hammer spring PN-542 Miscellaneous Parts from Vulcan Imports: Rear sight spring Mag release spring Hammer spring Front sight spring Ejector spring Trigger return spring Frame lock spring Firing pin spring Sear spring Outer recoil spring Inner recoil spring Piston spring Firing pins (2) Magazine base plated marked “Falcon, Made in USA” (3) all have some rust. I have tried to identify the above parts best I can, I purchased this rifle over 30 years ago, and collected parts and accessories over the years. Ask any questions. Firearm will be shipped from my FFL (Texas) to yours. Parts and manuals will be shipped separately. Know your laws, my FFL will not ship to states that restrict this rifle. No Sales to CA, HI or AK. Selling as a complete package only, $7,000. This package is cross posted. Terms and Conditions 1. The above items will be offered to the first individual to post an unconditional "I'll take it" to THIS THREAD. "I'll take it IF" or "I'll take it PENDING" is an inquiry and will not be honored as a purchase commitment. Buyer will follow up with a formal order inclusive of these terms via PM or email within 24 hours. 2. Payment will be made in a timely fashion in the form of a United States Postal Money Order or certified funds and must be received within 10 days. 3. If the first buyer fails to complete payment as indicated, the items will be offered to other interested individuals in the order in which they post. 4. Price includes shipping via ground with tracking and insurance. 5. By agreeing to purchase these items, the buyer asserts that they are of legal age, not subject to any legal disabilities, and that the items are legal to own in their city/county/state. 6. I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason. Located in Seabrook, TX. Pictures

    do you have any of this ammo available?
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  4. WTB:6" AR57 Upper 5.7x28

    Not Mine: http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=398089 2.) AR-57 5.7x 28mm upper for AR-15/M4 pistol. Has a 10" barrel and the distinctive AR57 proprietary flash hider. I've only fired 150 rounds through this upper. Comes with TWO original FN-made 50 round magazines. This is a Gen 1 upper, complete, with an unfluted barrel. Includes a set of black UTG rail covers. Bolt is the semi-auto type. These retail for $745.99. I'm selling this one for $675, postage paid to CONUS. No FFL required, but check your state and local laws. Sorry, no shipments for mag ban localities. Note that this upper can legally ONLY be installed on an AR-15 lower that is marked "PISTOL", or on a registered SBR lower! All NFA rules apply! Just one available.