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  1. WTS : OOW 1917A1 ( 1928 )

    It is a 1928 muzzle gland but it has an aftermarket gland which duplicates the look of a 1917 . It will take the 1928 funnel flash hider gland , but I've lost mine over the years . Thanks , Chris
  2. WTS : OOW 1917A1 ( 1928 )

    Gentlemen ; Up for sale is my very nice brass and blued OOW build on a Ramo side plate . It is built on a 1928 kit but has all 1917 internals , so spare parts are no problem . The gun had a rotted out water jacket , but OOW replaced it with a brand new NOS jacket . It was set up in .308 / 7.62 Nato but I converted it to 30-06 and that's how I've run it for decades . Here is the link to a ton of pictures of the gun itself ( you will need to copy and paste as photo bucket does not allow me to download ) : https://s296.photobucket.com/user/emmagee1917/library/1917 water cooled If this does not work , this is a link to another site where it does . https://www.1919a4.com/threads/wts-oow-1917a1-1928.101867/#post-690970 It functions without problems , though I have never shot it enough to master the art of barrel packing . It is on a form 4 in Arizona . I will ship , but I will deliver to the Phoenix / Tucson area at no charge . Shipping and taxes are buyer's responsibility . Asking $15,000 .. Thanks , Chris
  3. Gentlemen ; I am offering up for sale a 1919A4 / A6 combo . The firearm was built on a Catco side plate and was completely rebuilt and refinished by Brian ( aka 30calmachinegunner over on the 1919A4 forum ) a few years ago . Because of the hot Arizona sun , the gun comes with two sets of M1917A1 backplates , one for the A4 and one dedicated to the A6 stock . It comes with an early WW2 bipod and the later styled one . It also comes with a WW2 carrying handle as well as the later type .The gun functions fine with cloth belts ( all I shoot ) in both configurations . It is on a form 4 in Arizona . Picture is below , others are available on request . I am asking $15,000 . https://imgur.com/NxIftT9 In answer to questions , the feed pawl and cartridge stop are USGI . Also here is a link to more pictures : https://www.1919a4.com/threads/wts-brian-rebuilt-catco-1919a4-a6-combo.101869/#post-681657 Thanks , Chris