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  1. RPB M10/9 Magazines. Look!!!

    Do these have manufacture stampings and who would that be?
  2. WTS: MAC 11s with MAX-31K uppers.

    Email sent
  3. WTB BOLT for Bushmaster Armpistol

    David - email sent Steve
  4. WTB BOLT for Bushmaster Armpistol

    I need a functional replacement bolt for a SEMI Bushmaster Armpistol. Mine is an early model with sheet metal receiver & charging handle on the left side. OR......if someone has created one by RE-slotting/milling a standard AR bolt for the Armpistol ejector, would you share that knowledge? Am not sure if that'd work - but maybe. Unless there's something I've overlooked. I'd prefer responses be posted below, instead of private messaged. Thanks Steve in El Paso
  5. WTS: Ruger KAC-556 fully transferable $12,000

    Message sent, with phone #
  6. Please send me your phone # and best time to call. This is in regard to your KAC556.

    Thanks - Steve Weaver in El Paso TX (915) 497-1515 

  7. WTS Russian Saiga 12Ga with pistol grip $800

    Shotgun received in much nicer condition than the pics indicated. Close-up flash in a dim room showed "blems/wear" that don't exist on a NEW Saiga 12, with professionally done pistol grip conversion. Good communications, smooth transaction. Couldn't be more satisfied. The Parakeet Shop gets five stars on this one - Thank You Steve in El Paso
  8. WTS Russian Saiga 12Ga with pistol grip $800

    Thanks for the pics + a good deal Deano - Payment Mailed! Steve
  9. Reference Check - John Chang, near Houston

    Thanks for the replies / messages from you folks. John emailed hi-res pics of the form 4 with TX drivers license on top, and is still at the same address, email & cellphone number since '09 or before. The '09 transaction info was provided by another board member here. He sent sharp hi-res pics of the gun taken from the specific angles I requested. He was happy to answer all questions & upbeat on the phone. He understood my concerns regarding scams, and was completely cooperative to eliminate all doubt. I'm convinced + Thanks!
  10. Anyone deal with this individual? Claims to have been collecting NFA firearms since the '90s but has NO references. Has several WTS posts, mostly Ruger AC556 & accessories related. Thanks Steve W. in El Paso TX
  11. SOLD - Ruger AC556 $8,000.

    Buyers, this man is tops to deal with (I believe he's still got another gun listed here), a former State Trooper & range instructor, and fellow pilot to boot. Thanks John, for letting me run a few mags, and for a GOOD PRICE on a SWEET gun. It's alot nicer than in the pics (light glare?) You are a gentleman to deal with, and I appreciate your making this happen so quick & smooth. I know EXACTLY what I'm gettin' and couldn't be more pleased. Steve in El Paso
  12. SOLD - Ruger AC556 $8,000.

    First in line John. See ya tomorrow Steve W. In El Paso
  13. Where to request a REFERENCE CHECK on a seller?

    Thanks Albert. I believe I caught a rat - read SCAMMER - on a live & current listing for a Ruger 556 which, by the pics he sent, is really a KAC556F. Now who WOULDN'T have listed it as a Cadillac? (if it were real?) Check the replies. And thanks for your initiative & efforts on this new board - Steve