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  1. These are photos of the 2 (1)sets of early USGI M60 Saco-Lowell Shops receiver kits I currently have available. (EDIT)Top Saco set is sold... Bottom set still available.
  2. Thank you A! bump for new listed item
  3. Original USGI M60 early (1957-1962) manuf. Saco-Lowell Shops weld repaired receiver kits ..Kits include Saco Trunnion, Saco rail set, Saco receiver bridge and Saco T&E plate... channel and operating rod tube not included. $1100 per set shipped. limited quantity. I have added new photos at bottom of this thread. email me for additional photos
  4. Colt 1921 Thompson Submachine gun collectible items for sale: 1.Very detailed reproduction of a 1930’s Colt Thompson SMG , FBI hard case with original hardware and royal blue interior $650.00 2. Very detailed reproduction of a 1930’s Colt Thompson SMG Police model gun case with original hardware and royal purple interior $750.00 3. Original early Colt 1921 Thompson SMG actuator, that has broken ear on the cocking knob $550.00 4. Philadelphia ordnance reproduction Colt Thompson SMG trigger housing assembly, complete with all internals and Dan Block unfinished , unstained reproduction 1921 Colt walnut pistol grip.. polished blued finish $650.00 email me for additional photos.
  5. Per request from several interested parties, i added these photos.
  6. Very Detailed replica of a 1921 Colt Thompson Submachine Gun FBI hardcase, with original Presto lock hardware, would make an excellent display piece for your Thompson collection. $650.00 + shipping
  7. Reproduction M14 E2 butt plate $175.00 shipped
  8. Detailed replica of original 1930's Colt Thompson SMG Police case.......Makes a impressive display. $550.00 Fits original 10" SMG length barrels (with or with out compensator) only. Sold Pending Funds
  9. 1921/1928 Colt Thompson SMG replica Police hard case....very detailed replica....This is for the 10" barrel length Thompson....Complete with Original 1930's era Eagle Lock company hardware. $600 shipped to your door
  10. Colt 1921/28 Thompson SMG replica F.B.I case........this is for the 10" barreled SMG sized gun....very detailed to an original $500 shipped to your door.
  11. Very detailed replica of a Colt 1921/28 Thompson SMG Police case.....this is for a original 10" barreled SMG....has separate compartments for 4 20 rd. magazines, 50 rd. drum as well as spare parts box...$500 shipped
  12. M14E2 butt plate and front folding grip, reproductions....... These are off a Springfield Inc. M14E2 USGI birch stock ......$180 for the butt plate and $190 for the front folding grip shipped to your door.
  13. Russian Soviet Type 2 AK-47 semi rifle re-weld.........needs to be blued or parkerized $6000
  14. USGI M14 parts lot............ Winchester cut. rec. both halves matching, H&R op-rod and cut barrel $1000
  15. WTS: M60 items

    M60 USGI rewelded receiver rail set $400 M122 USGI Tripod legs $175 M60 barrel sockets ......USGI in excellent condition....very useful for repairing a damaged M60 barrel (not cracked or bolt peened) $100.00ea.