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  1. bumped
  2. Norinco 86S

    $2600 delivered to your FFL. No box or accessories, but arguably in as new unfired condition. + 3% for CC
  3. Thompson 1928AC Bridgeport $24K

    Still available
  4. Thompson 1928AC Bridgeport $24K

    Sorry, no. To transfer it to you in PA, it needs to go to a dealer in PA first on a form 3. Once the gun is in his possession you can start the process to transfer it to you on a From 4. Form 4 times right now are about 11 months.
  5. Thompson 1928AC Bridgeport $24K

    I'm in the Toledo, OH area. A test firing is no problem. This gun would transfer to a PA FFL/SOT on a form 3 which have been taking less than 48 hours, so payment would be required in full up front.
  6. Thompson 1928AC Bridgeport $24K

    Reduced. The MG market is crazy soft right now. Great time to buy!
  7. Doh, forgot I had this listed.
  8. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    Does anyone know if the ATF has approved the transfer of a DD to an FFL/SOT that isn't a dealer of DDs?
  9. bump
  10. WTS: MAS 49/56