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  1. AO Savage 1928 commercial gun, which means there are no US markings as this was never issued to any military branch. I bought this gun from Bob Landies in 2008. I purchased it hard chromed, and KG gun koted it black. I replaced all the parts other than the receiver with as new old stock. If you remember back then when all those Russian kits came in - that's what I used. The gun is beautiful, the KG only rubbed off on one corner in its gun case. The gun runs like a top, and the bore looks like a mirror. This gun is on a Form 3 and I'll pay shipping. Certified funds from individuals, or business check from another SOT is fine. steve at adcofirearms com
  2. WTB a transferable sten, hard budget 8,200

    The only reason I have a Reising is because I had to buy it in an MG collection I bought out several years ago. It was a piece of junk, IMO at the time. I had to replace the all springs(firing pin mechanism is just silly) and track down good magazines so I could at least sell it as functional. The only reason I still have it today is because it's fun as hell to shoot. If you get a Reising that works, they are great. I've had and sold several Stens, I have no interest in keeping a STEN. If I were the OP, I forget about the STEN and put that money into tracking down Good Christie Reising mags and buying good .45ACP.
  3. WTB M16 Geissele SSF

    I have a few new SSF triggers in stock.
  4. So is this an original C&R VSM gun, or a VSM(Cincinnati) gun assembled with Portuguese parts?
  5. This was a personal project that I changed my mind on. It's a BEAUTIFUL gun on a just as perfect tripod. Ready to go in .308 or .30-06. Group Industries side plate on a matching 1928 parts kit. I added a 1917A1 style muzzle gland, top cover latch and rear sight. I rechambered the 7.65 barrel to .30-06. I opened the grooves in a new .308 barrel to work with the 1928 barrel extension. Also included is a 1917 style top cover altered to fit an Izzy feed pawl. Sale includes a complete 7.65 belt loader which has worked well for me with .308. $25K + shipping. Will transfer to your dealer on Form 3. Certified funds/Bank Check, or business check if you are a dealer.
  6. DLO 1917. A great looking and shooting gun. Will efile to your FFL on Form3. Sales includes only what you see in the pics below. $18K delivered. No hurry to sell, so I will ignore any requests for a price lower than $18K delivered. email steve at adcofirearmsdotcom
  7. I have a beautiful DWM MG08 with an as nice Swiss mount. If you want a good shooter setup for an MG08, this is as good as it gets. Gun will transfer on a efiled form 3. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, and is welcome to pick up the mount in person if practical. I can be reached by email - steve at I'll add more pics in a few days.
  8. 1917 Spandau MG08 with a real nice sled showing much original camo paint. Top cover, left side plate, feedblock and water jacket are matching. Bore is great. Will transfer to your dealer on a Form 3. I'll pay to ship the gun, buyer is responsible for shipping cost related the the sled mount. email steve at adcofirearms dot com if interested.
  9. 2 Pre Sample FN-FAL 308 (E-file)

    LOL, got me. Too bad the 3 of us are the only ones in this thread who know what pre-may means.