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  1. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    You believe or you know? Is this gun in the possession of a dealer - FFL/SOT who will efile the transfer to another dealer?
  2. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    Will this transfer out of state on a Form 3 or 4?
  3. Maxim MG08 kits soon. contact me for availability if interested.
  4. New in wrap, 30rd Christie magazines. $115 each.
  5. 2 days before the 1 year anniversary of this listing! I just marked it down to 23K delivered. It not coming down in price again. It sells or goes hmoe to my vault at this point.
  6. To clear up confusion, the price is for 1 kit for 1 gun. Kit is brass spacer and 5 O-rings - it does not include the muzzle nut. updated for new pricing, $14. If you bought at the old price, email me your order number and I'll refund the $10 difference.
  8. Each separate kit is one brass spacer and 5 O-rings for Vickers or Browning M1917s which eliminate the need for packing material in the muzzle gland. $14. Spec and details at the link below if you want to make your own for the vickers M1917. The Vickers 0-ring looks too big, so install it first and it fits back in there perfect.
  9. bump
  10. Wow, almost 1 year and still available. I've flipped 2 M16s and an HK in that time, but the interest in WWII stuff seems lacking lately.
  11. FLEMING HK SEAR, like new only $33k

    nevermind - I misread post.
  12. another bump. threads get buried pretty quick anymore.
  13. reup