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  1. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    Does anyone know if the ATF has approved the transfer of a DD to an FFL/SOT that isn't a dealer of DDs?
  2. bump
  3. WTS: MAS 49/56

  4. Thompson 1928AC Bridgeport

    I know well what an AC is, that doesnt help the general confusion and questions still asked about their origin, etc; detailed documents about what was assembled when and shipped were, with whatever parts were available. Ruben has similar ACs for sale as well, and they all have the same patina, and coloring as this one. I have never read anywhere that Numrich assembled any 1928 ACs. Those were all from Bridgeport and seemingly from know SN blocks. You might be thinking of those assembled by Numrich which had "NAC" as part of the post war built 1928s
  5. Thompson 1928AC Bridgeport

    I'd guess it's not original finish, but it's not a recent refinish either. I'd guess it was reparked at the same time the US was ground off.
  6. Thompson Movie Gun Package Deal

    Neat stuff. Replies to this post should appear in the thread just like this. My only suggestion is to part it out. Sell the gun with a couple magazines, then sell all the parts individually. Big package deals like this are very hard to move. Good Luck! You should also list if it's a Savage or Bridgeport. Was a commercial, or an AC? Are any acceptance stamps still visible after the refinish?
  7. Thompson 1928AC Bridgeport

    Other than a front sight on an M1, I've never seen any part of a 1928 barrel stamped AOC.
  8. WTS: MAS 49/56

  9. Thompson 1928AC Bridgeport

    I have never seen or heard of a barrel being stamped AOC? Do you have any info/pics of such a thing?
  10. WTS: MAS 49/56