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  1. WTS: Swiss MG11 Maxim $30k

    Free Bump for a beautiful piece of history.
  2. RIA M60 E3 w/extras $59K (SPF)

    Funds were sent overnight 3 days ago, but as of now have disappeared upon arrival in Memphis. I'm marking this sold, but if something happens and the deal falls through I'll contact those in line directly.
  3. RIA M60 E3 w/extras $59K (SPF)

    As of right now I have not received any payment, or notification that payment has been sent. If I don't have something by Monday, I'll offer it to the next of the 4 people waiting inline if the current guy falls through. Sometimes, unfortunately these sales are as straight forward as others....
  4. RIA M60 E3 w/extras $59K (SPF)

    *****************************************Sold Pending Funds***************************************** 2/11/21 Someone just listed and then marked sold an RIA M60 on a form 4 with no spare parts or accessories for $54k(+ SHIPPING AND TAXES). If that's an honest transaction, this gun on a form 3 with at least $12,000.00 in spare parts is a SCREAMING DEAL!
  5. Pre-May M1A1 AOC Thompson. A great looking gun, nice patina, good bore, runs like a top. My SOT is current so this will transfer out on an efiled Form 3. Certified funds required for payment. $10K delivered. I wont reply to any lower offer. No magazine, no sling just what you see. steve at adcofireams dotcom is direct email.
  6. RIA M60 E3 w/extras $59K (SPF)

    Received several emails last night requesting pics in E3 configuration. This is the only pic I currently have of it as an E3. I thought it made a nice centerpiece for my coffee table. Wife didn't approve. I prefer the classic look, myself. To answer another question - Using an M1 Garand TE gauge (.30 throat is .30 throat, at least a consistent reference point) all the barrels measure the same. That means they are all equally worn the same(unlikely) or that are all basically new. There are a total of 3 spare complete bolt assemblies. Two are as new, one is used. All work fine.
  7. RIA M60 E3 w/extras $59K (SPF)

    Found a box of links and blanks to add to the deal. It's best to have blanks to load as the last round in your M60 belted ammo.
  8. WTS H&R M16A1 Form 4 in Ohio $25,000

    is the receiver painted black?
  9. RIA M60 E3 w/extras $59K (SPF)

    Sorry for any confusion - the parts I just posted a picture of are included with the sale of the M60. THey are not for sale separately.
  10. RIA M60 E3 w/extras $59K (SPF)

    Just came across a tool box of parts for an M60. Extra complete bolt, recoils springs, new feed tray, 3 buffers, lots of roll pins and firing pins. Maybe this is a sign I'm supposed to keep this for myself? All the parts for a lifetime of ownership all right here.