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  1. NIB Colt SBRs 6945, 6933

    I emailed but never heard back.
  2. OK, this has to do it. Reduced to $22K + shipping, total of 4 30rd mags, canvas case(I'm assuming repro), spare stock and spare unused complete Savage 1980 Bolt w/accuator.
  3. This is my personal kit which I have owned for 10yrs and always enjoyed shooting. It has always run like a watch, and even likes Browning M1917 cloth belts. It is a Spandau Serial Number 635, which I believe makes this a gun built in 1910. The only original parts are the riveted together receiver body, water jacket and top cover. I believe everything else was replaced and renumbered to match the gun. The unit tag I believe is original. I believe the trench mount is original. This is a great kit that is easy to transport and take out shooting. The optics are clear with a solid reticle. The hose and ammo can are reproduction. The sale includes 2 Turk 8mm belts, and the ZF12 case. Because this is in my personal collection the gun will transfer on a Form 4. I will pay the first stamp to your dealer. If you are local, I'll pay the stamp to you as well. Price is $16K delivered. I'm putting this up for sale because I bought 4 other Maxim's in the last year so I'm just making room, but no urgent need to sell so I wont respond to lowball offers.
  4. NIB Colt SBRs 6945, 6933

    Brand new Colt SBRs in stock and ready to transfer on Form 3. 6945 5.56 monolithic $1450.00 6933 5.56 CAR $1200.00
  5. The MAXIM kit is for MG08 and World Standard Maxim's. It will not fit the Russian or 08/15 Maxims

    Who put the stamps and property marks on this gun?
  7. reduced
  8. these are the salad days of buying machine guns.
  9. WTS: German MG34 parts kits - $1795. - Free Shipping

    This post is 3yrs old, and the seller hasn't visited this site in 2yrs. It's probably safe to assume they are sold out and the admins should close this thread.
  10. Make sure the only way the water leaves is as steam!
  11. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    Spot on about the WWII guns, and all water cooled guns are WAY down, except for rare original Maxim's. The only thing lower than WC belt feds right now are pre-mays. This gun is listed at a fair price considering the accessories. Were it on a Form3, I'd probably buy it.
  12. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    It's a form 4 transfer.