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  1. Thompson Movie Gun Package Deal

    Added more parts to the package. Here is a closeup of the shiny silver item.
  2. I just joined about a week ago and paid $20 fee for Lieutenant which is supposed to be $20/year. Just a few moments ago, my credit card was charged another $20. Can I get clarification on the 2nd $20 charge, thanks.
  3. Thompson Movie Gun Package Deal

    The barrel wrench won't go until the Thompson is sold. Out of curiosity what is the wrench going for nowadays. Haven't been monitoring the Thompson board in ages.
  4. Thompson Movie Gun Package Deal

    Thanks for the suggestion, but there are sooooooooo many parts which is why I opted for the package deal. I have one or two offers (this has been posted on other boards) but it was contingent upon them selling other items first due to the price. After giving it a month or so, I may then opt to sell the parts first and keep enough mags drums and some parts to keep it running if it doesn't sell and I want to still take it to the range. To answer your other question, it is a Savage and I have pictures available upon request of a close-up of all markings on the receiver. Originally the Attachment feature was not working. Since it is working now, I will attempt to upload additional pictures.
  5. Thompson Movie Gun Package Deal

    Still getting accustomed to this format and not seeing all conversations/replies. You can e-mail me directly (jnlseb) at Hotmail for questions and phone number can be provide upon request. Thanks, Jim
  6. I received an e-mail indicating a message about the ad I posted last night. After logging into the board I can not find any reference to this message, but after clicking the link in my e-mail I was able to navigate to the thread to confirm one is there, but I don't see e-mails within my account. Where does one go within their account to see any messages (other than e-mail)? I also checked notification and nothing there either.
  7. This was previously owned by the Stembridge company and used in the Dick Tracy movie. This means it previously had a blank barrel, but was replaced and reblued. All the numbers match. The Entire Package includes 1928 Thompson (Bridgeport) 46 - 30 round mags 1 - 20 round mag 5 - 50 round drums 1 - 100 round drum All Spare Parts shown in the picture and what you cant see in the ammo can. Barrel Remover Tool Complete spare Lower Mag Loader Letter from Stembridge Reproduction FBI Case Pelican Case Model 1650 Notes The wheels on the Pelican case may need to be replaced as they became soft from sitting in the attic. There should be more than enough spare parts to keep the Thompson running for multiple lifetimes. There are more parts in the oil not shown in the photo which include a number of internal parts. Listing this entire package for $35,500 shipped . Additional parts listed.
  8. It has been a long time since visiting here. It appears I am unable to list an item for sale. How does one go about doing so? Is there now a fee? Must my account be upgraded? Any information would be greatly appreciated.