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  1. Original Cobray .45 suppressor for MAC-10?

    I had one that I sold with a MAC. The can was an early Powder Springs model. I had several offers for the can alone when I had the MAC and suppressor advertised together, from $750 to $900. It went with the gun. The MAC type cans were made by the original MAC company, as well as both RPB companies and SWD. There were a fairly large number made by individuals and C2s from the kits that SWD sold (that led to the ban on owning suppressor parts.) MAC, RPB, and SWD all used the Cobray name. SWD's Cobray logo is easily IDed. It has a registered trademark letter R inside a circle added. I agree that a MAC looks "right" with that old school can on the muzzle! Lots of info in the MAC MAN book!
  2. A PPSh 41 parts from a NEW never-issued submachine gun. The kit is Polish, 1958 manufacture. Includes the original new chromium lined barrel, sling, magazine and all parts shown in the photo. Will not ship to areas where the parts or magazine is prohibited. $495.00 plus $18 Priority Mail large flat rate box. PM if interested.
  3. WTS: Swede K parts kit

    I'll take it PM sent
  4. Looking for Lanchester Stock

    Complete kit here:
  5. Russian 7.62x39mm AK magazine $85.00 plus $8.00 shipping. I have several available both Tula and Izhevsk same price. PM if interested From the book AK-47 The Grim Reaper II During the late 1950s the Soviet designers turned to a new composite plastic material. They manufactured their first generation nonmetallic magazines from a fiber-reinforced AG-4S variations of the 7.62x39mm orange, phenol plastic magazines, including those made by Tula and Izhmash, known to collectors as: long-tops, short-tops, ribbed (hump back), and flat-backs. phenol plastic. The magazines were introduced a few years after the appearance of the stamped receiver AKM rifle, around 1965. The plastic magazines were primarily manufactured by the same factories that produced the steel magazines and have their factory logo and the factory die number molded into the sides of the magazine’s body. The plastic magazines were an orange color that varied slightly from lot to lot and by manufacturer. The latching lugs and feed lips of the magazine were made of steel and molded into the plastic. The spring, follower, floor plates, and floor plate retainers were also made of steel. There have been several magazines of this type observed that have had followers made from aluminum. There are several
  6. A Chinese conversion kit to change a 9mm Sten to the ComBloc 7.62x25mm caliber. Good bore uses PPS43 magazines. Includes modified bolt, mag housing, barrel, recoil spring, and magazine. These were imported back in the 1980s. I have had this kit for 30+ years, but never used it because you need to remove the front sight to install the mag housing, (my Sten sight is welded in place) Sold AS-IS, $375/ best offer + $14.00 shipping PM if interested
  7. Swedish K bolt

    Swedish K bolt used good condition. Stripped no extractor or cocking handle $50.00 + $8.00 shipping PM if interested
  8. NEW unissued 1950s SA M1 Garand barrels

    One barrel left!
  9. NEW unissued 1950s SA M1 Garand barrels

    Two barrels left.
  10. NEW unissued 1950s SA M1 Garand barrels

    Nope, all Springfield Armory 1950s
  11. For sale 1950s dated BRAND NEW GI M1 Garand barrels from the original Springfield Armory, 5 barrels available. Dates may vary but all from the 1950s. The one I opened is June 1952. These barrels are factory short chambered and must be installed/reamed/headspaced by a gunsmith experienced in M1 barrel replacement. $295 each $18 shipping. PM if interested. or email j43151c 2 left
  12. PPSh 41 parts kit NEW A PPSh 41 parts from a NEW never-issued submachine gun, I believe the kit is Hungarian manufacture. Includes the original new chromium lined barrel. Includes all parts shown in the photo. PM if interested; $750.00 Shipping is $18.00 Priority Mail flat rate game box.
  13. Sagia Short Barrel semi-auto shot gun

    Price reduced $1350 / $90 USPS registered / insured mail
  14. Wilson Combat 11-87 Shotgun

    Priced reduced to $750 / $90 shipping USPS registered mail
  15. WTS Swedish K M45 pre 86 DS *SPF

    PM sent