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  1. WTB: CMMG 22 Auto Sear Trip part #22BA64D

    They occasionally show up on Gun Broker.
  2. WTB: CMMG 22 Auto Sear Trip part #22BA64D

    Try Brownells, they usually have them in stock.
  3. How to notify that an NFA weapon is deing demil'd

    Take pictures of the destroyed receivers!
  4. WTB: Swedish K barrel

    Try here
  5. That guy in Maine is different Charlie Erb. No more C-3 work he is into R/C airplanes and SCUBA diving
  6. RL, I know, if anyone would have told me in 1986 that machine gun prices would escalate to current prices, and still climbing, I certainly would have thought they were delusional. C2 manufacturer Charlie Erb lived near me, I did a form 1 on an SP1 AR-15, he milled the receiver and installed a GI sear for $50.00. He was selling Sten tube guns for $125-$150. I paid $500.00 for a Colt M16A1 and $550.00 for a Winchester M2 carbine. When the Chinese AKs came out I immediately bought one, for $299.00, serial number 31! I had Charlie convert it to select-fire for $125.00, with the stamp I had $624.00 in the AK. i sold it in 1993 for $2300.00 : - ( It re-surfaced on Strum a few years ago for $23,000.00. Prices are crazy, and some guns are hard to find, I check Strum daily and there isn't much being offered. Take care!
  7. Here is an SAR article about the good old days, with some old ads... S&W 76 for $73.44
  8. Acceptable ways to ship / deliver NFA item ??

    USPS registered mail is pretty much used by most dealers. The package has to be covered in brown tape so each location can stamp their postmark on it. During hours they are closed registered mail is kept in locked cages. The best part is that a large sum of insurance is included at no extra charge. The worst part, delivery is slow. Has anyone ever had success with UPS or Fed Ex paying a claim?
  9. My first full auto

    Any Class three firearm you may consider as an individual must be transferable, only FFL/SOT dealers can buy pre May or post May dealer samples. Side plate guns and "tube" guns are not C&R eligible There are scammers out there, suggest a reputable dealer to deal with.
  10. Missing thompsons

    This site linked above IS the best place to look
  11. Pre-May 1928 Bridgeport Thompson value?

    A general rule of thumb... pre-May guns are usually 1/2 the value of a transferable example, exceptions would be on rare pre-Mays like AKs
  12. M16A2 question

    How any particular M16A2 was AUTO or BURST marked would make no difference to me, (price and condition would be more important) and the burst parts are easily removed and changed for FA parts. From my observations of a fair number of commercial M16A2 rifles and carbines, most were marked AUTO making a commercial M16A2 marked BURST a rarer version. And usually RARE = MORE $$$$ Just my 5-cents (.02 cents adjusted for Covid inflation)
  13. Factory Beretta 38/49 submachine gun guide

    I still have with the stained ocover for $45.00 shipped. Payment accepted by Venmo, Zelle or USPS MO, no Pay Pal I PMed payment info
  14. The Reisimgs with the letter S prefix serial numbers were made in 1957, the last production run. It's common for those late mfg guns to have faint markings as the roll marking dies were wearing out. Reising Dates of Production 1941 Serial Numbers: 101-8500 1942 Serial Numbers: 8501-73600 1943 Serial Numbers: 73601-114317 1950 Serial Numbers: K101 to K973 1951 Serial Numbers: L101 to L3589 1952: No production 1953 Serial Numbers: N111 to N327 1954-1956: No production 1957 Serial Numbers: S4700 to S5607
  15. M16A2 question

    From my observations...Most, if not all, Colt US Property M16A2 rifles are BURST marked, Most, but not all, commercial/export Colt M16A2's are AUTO marked. I don't have the Colt info in front of me, but I'm pretty sure that the BURST feature was an option.