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  1. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    I have been approached several times by LE while shooting. Many years ago not many cops knew MGs were legal, but these days the cops pretty much know they can be legally possessed. When approached, I would always lay the guns down and step away from them and present the paperwork before being asked. Be cooperative avoid being defensive. I have never had a problem. Usually, the cops have been called by someone who heard automatic-fire. A few times I was on private property the cops just waited until I left then confronted me. I was coming back from a shoot one night and was stopped in a State Police DUI checkpoint. It had rained that day and all my cases got wet, so I had the guns out piled on the back seat. As one cop checked my ID another one was shining a flashlight into my car. He asked, "are any of those machine guns?" I said they all are. He said "anything cool?" I replied that "they all were." They smiled and said, "drive carefully." Never asked to see any paperwork. My advice has always been; don't f**k with anyone who is a position to f**k you.
  2. you cannot buy/own suppressor parts, but there are several companies that offer an upgrade to modern baffles for the old MAC cans
  3. M14 Information

    Greetings, I am currently updating my M14 book The Last Steel Warrior. I have come across a lot of new information, including a lot of surprising information about the H&R factory M14 sale. I have acquired a substantial list of serial numbers from one sale, but I have documented H&R numbers that are not on the list that I have. I am also looking for DOE M14 numbers. I currently have the serial numbers of the M14s that were etched with numbers: 1, 3, 7, 8, 15, 19, 21, 22, 34. I’m sure there are others. If you have an M14 that was Amnesty registered, an H&R “auction” rifle or a DOE M14. Please contact me. We may not ever know how many original-uncut GI M14s are in the system, but with your help we can get in the ballpark. PLEASE check the manufacturer on the ATF registration form to ensure your M14 is not a cut-welded receiver rifle. The ATF form should list one of the original 1960s manufacturers. Thanks for your help!
  4. 2017 Sales on Low Overall

    Everyone stocked up anticipating Hillary's election. I get "sales" emails for things like .22 ammo from the companies that previously would only sell to the BIG dealers. Big supply, no demand prices should drop but haven't yet. In 2014 a brick of CCI .22 Standard Velocity at Dick's Sporting goods was $23.00 last time I looked in 2016 it was $50.00 more than double.
  5. PA Dealers and NICS Checks (silencers)

    PA does not require a background check for suppressors, but now ATF wants them for trusts and LLCs. I have used PICS for silencer background checks in the past when a trust was involved. (?) I hope that the ATF updates the 4473 eform soon. It makes ATF audits flow much better.
  6. Brand New - unfired in the box Bushmaster XM15 E2S 16-inch heavy barrel carbine with detachable carry handle E2 sights. 6-position telescoping carbine stock. Comes with all factory supplied accessories: sling, 30-round magazine, trigger lock, and manual. Receiver marked for .223 and 5.56mm cartridges.Must ship to an FFL dealer, which will be verified before shipping. It’s up to the buyer to ensure this rifle is legal in your area. If not, your FFL dealer may refuse to accept it. This rifle is advertised elsewhere and thus subject to prior sale. Terms: $525.00 plus $30.00 shipping. PA residents subject to 6% sales tax. $30.00 ground shipping.Payment by U.S. Postal money order only.
  7. I'll take the 4 mags @ $115.00, PM SENT Sorry, no.
  8. Offered is a 1980s brand-new-unfired IMI Israeli .45 caliber UZI semi-automatic carbine. This UZI comes in a factory plastic hard case and includes: 1 .45 caliber IMI magazine, a 9mm conversion barrel and bolt, sling, display barrel, sight adjustment tool, and manual w/ warranty card. Shipping and insurance is $50.00 (its heavy) Payment must be made by USPS money order, no CC or PayPal Will not ship to any area where this type of firearm is banned. Know your local laws. $2100. plus $50.00 shipping. PM me for questions/more info
  9. WTK: Who to talk to about an old Type 58 AK-47

    Check out AK-47 The Grim Reaper II book, lots of info and photos.
  10. I'll take the 7.62x25 ammo for $125.00. live in Greensburg, perhaps we could meet in Connelsville or?

    My email


  11. 7.62x25 pistol/SMG ammo NC BE 13 1/2 boxes, $125.00

    pm SENT