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  1. Transferable H&R M-14 (C&R)

    To be eligible for C&R status a weapon has to be 50 years old. The last M14 was made in 1964. The weapons have to be in their original configuration, no rewelds, remanufactured or tube guns qualify. What will happen when those guns are 50 years old? Good question, I don't know. For a unique, or limited production weapon to be added, you have to send a request to ATF and have a credited museum or such verify that it is rare or unique. Two examples that were classified early were the S&W 76 submachine guns and the West Hurley-made Thompsons.
  2. Why would they modify existing magazines? Several reasons... 1.They didn't have to bother designing a new magazine... not an easy process. The 9mm MAC 10 used modified "Walther" magazines, the .45 caliber MAC 10 used modified M3 Grease Gun magazines. Why modify them? Because non-modified surplus magazines would not fit, so you would have to buy the modified mags from MAC. The Walther 9mm MAC 10 magazines MAY have been made/modified at the Walther factory for MAC, because of the stop tabs location. On Original MPL magazines, the stop tabs are near the top of the magazine, MAC Walther magazines the tabs are much lower, and MOST MPL magazines have the Walther banner trademark on them, MAC mags are simply marked MP 9mm (and some with the Cobray trademark). On the MAC mags there is no evidence that the top located tabs were ever there, The Walther - MAC connection is somewhat of a mystery, there has been no documented evidence found to explain it. Compare images of the MPL mags to the MAC mags offered for sale.
  3. The magazine pictured are indeed the "Walther" mags for 9mm MAC 10, but they won't work in a Walther MPL because the stop tabs are in a different location. As far as Cobray markings some magazines have them, some do not. I have seen 1971-72 era boxes of 4 NIW magazines, some were Cobray marked some were not. From my observations, most were NOT cobra marked. Here is a link to the magazine article. Link for the MAC MAN book everything you need to know about MACs; Powder Springs, Marrietta, RPB, SWD, Texas Macs, NJ MACs etc. semi and subguns
  4. like new condition; ONE Original 9mm magazine for the MAC-10 submachine gun from the 1970s, this is a Walther German-made 36-round magazine sold by the original Powder Springs Military Armament Corporation with their MAC-10s, not a cheap, unreliable aftermarket or SWD company magazine. Quality blued finish, silver color follower. This mag has no insertion or disassembly marks, looks unused. Marked MP 9mm. 3 more mags in the same condition available Asking $265.00 each Insured shipping is $18.00. Payment by USPS MO, Zelle or Venmo NO Pay Pal Personal checks ok but will delay shipping until cleared. PM if interested.
  5. WTS 1971 dated Albanian SKS rifle

    Long gone, sorry
  6. Hi John, Frank Iannamico here, the guy that had a paint issue... resolved thanks. ANYWAY, I wish you would have lowered the price of your sear a day earlier. I bought an aluminum DIAS on Gunspot the day before : - ) Happy New Year!
  7. WTB: Colt XM177 Stock

    Thanks, I already found one!!

    Thanks for your input! I got it working, for some reason when I clicked on the file it opened up in an old version of Acrobat. I opened Acrobat Pro FIRST, then accessed the file, and voila, it worked. Happier New Year to all!

    I am having a problem filling out a PDF form 4 download. After the info is typed on the first page (ATF copy), it is supposed to automatically fill out that info on the Registrant and LEO copies, BUT those areas are blank, and it will not let you fill in those blocks manually. I have downloaded the forms several times, the same result. Anyone else having this problem?
  10. m79 thumper 40mm barrel

    PM sent, I am interested pictures?
  11. WTB original Colt carbine buttstock

    Greetings, I am looking for an original Colt aluminum telescoping buttock, the one with the shiny black coating. These came on Colt M16 and AR-15 carbines 1970s- 1980s- ? Must be in VG - Exc condition PM me please
  12. Updated e4473 form question

    Problem solved, it was a problem with the original software. Downloaded updated version, works now
  13. Updated e4473 form question

    Is anyone using the updated eform 4473? After filling out the entire form the PDF copy is blank and prints blank. It seems the entered data isn't transfering onto the PDF. I have tried contacting the ATF no one knows who to contact to fix it I have used the old eform 4473 with no problems.
  14. M1AE2 valuation help needed

    The M14E2 (M14A1) stocks are out there, during the 1980s a lot of them were sold as cheap surplus, but they were hardware. To solve the problem a company made reproduction buttplates, muzzle brakes, and foregrips, they are very common. What is hard to find is the ORIGINAL buttplates and foregrips. The Walnut stocks are worth more than the more common Birch. The only cartouche on the stock should be a DoD eagle-stars stamp. USMC probably "added". The repo muzzle brakes are very good. See arrows in the photo, note the angle of locking piece on the original. Note the "shaft" on the repro foregrip...its a headless nail. M2 BIPODS: The brackets for the attachment jaws on original GI issue bipods were assembled by brazing and can be identified by a bronze color in between the joints. Aftermarket bipods were primarily assembled by welding. Is the rifle a semi-auto or select-fire? (machine gun) BIG difference in value. Early M1A receivers were marked 7.62-MM later 7.62-mm (lower case letter m). Because of new calibers made available, the later receivers did not have 7.62 on them. Images are from the book M14 The Last Steel Warrior II
  15. WTB Smith and Wesson Model 76 Parts/Mags/etc...

    PLUG: The book includes parts and troubleshooting guide, common problems, history, etc, also covers the Swedish K