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  1. Trying to finish a IRAC manufacture from the 1980s, Aluminum display receiver to buid a display USMC E3 M60 model that is all correct E3 parts. WTB - PM me if you have them and what you could take on price please. M60E3 Front Sling Swivel that mounts on the gas tube with the bipod and front grip assembly. M60E3 Top cover Feed Lever with the retaining clip M60E3 Top cover Cam M60E3 Front sight (just the sight that mounts on the post) M60E3 Rear Sight Thank you for the help!
  2. WTB: 1918A2 BAR complete Gas Tube, Late Type, Single Notch, BAR. BAR Late Model, Single Notch, Gas Tube Assembly, with regulator and swivel. Condition: Worn out or serviceable US GI (complete) or bare if that's only what you have. WTB: 1928A2 BAR charging handle complete, new or used WTB: 1918A2 BAR barrel (worn out or serviceable) complete I am putting together a display replica non-firing 1918A2 BAR, so looking for reasonable parts that do not have to be serviceable, but complete to make a correct period replica display BAR. Your help is appreciated. Thank you. contact me at incountry1@yahoo.com please
  3. WTB Thompson WWII M1A1 Complete stock set

    What are you specifically looking for? Early rare no cross bolt? all matching in stain color? What price are you willing to pay. If I'm going to get out my stuff I need to know.