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  1. WTB German MP2 (Uzi) Cut-away Poster

    Never seen the German one but i have an Action Arms Uzi cut away poster. That was the only one I was aware of. Learn something new every day
  2. WTB M3A1 Grease Gun Barrel retaining spring

    You needing an M3 or M3A1? They are different
  3. M3A1 ejector housing SOLD M3A1 Guide Rods with Front plate SOLD Ithaca M3A1 grip with oil bottle $50 M3 stock (needs straightened) SOLD M3A1 ejector cover/Safety SOLD M3/M3A1 Trigger guards $10 ea M3/M3A1 magazine release guards $10 ea M3/M3A1 Trigger and bar SOLD M3 cocking paw $35 M3 parts kit (no receiver pieces) SOLD M3/M3A1 park’d magazines $30 ea (2) 1969 Army tech manuals $10 ea (2)
  4. BTT with an update-I now have in my pocession replacement Colt side plates, an extremely nice Colt 303 Barrel, and a replacement trigger assembly with grips. These parts obviously will affect the price and yes parts can be found for these guns.
  5. HK MP5 SBR host gun

  6. HK MP5 SBR host gun

    Sounds good and thank you. Get ahold of me and we can finalize the details.

    PN sent
  8. COLT M16 In 9mm Mint Condition

    Who did the conversion? Beautiful job and a nice price
  9. HK MP5 SBR host gun

    Up for sale is a real Hk sear host gun. Started life as an HK94 then was converted by Vollmer back in the day to be a host gun. Has an HK MP5 3 lug barrel, A3 stock, and runs great with a sear. Clipped and Pinned SEF housing is ready for a full auto trigger box. The gun was remarked to say MP5 instead of 94 by Vollmer On a Form 3 at my dealer now. $7500 obo txt or call (330) 432-4598
  10. Threaded barrel blow out

    Well then I can’t use the G17 barrel as all I have are Gen5’s
  11. Threaded barrel blow out

    What Gen would the Glock barrels fit? Interested in the G17 and possibly the G21 barrels
  12. 380, 40 S&W, 303 Brit

    BTT for 303 reasonable offers considered
  13. BTT new price-$8,000 obo
  14. 380, 40 S&W, 303 Brit

    All 40 and 380 sold