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  1. WTB Beretta 38/42 Stock, barrel or parts kit

    I might have a barrel. Have to dig and see
  2. WTS Transferable Sten MKII-$7100

    When is an in store inspection of this possible?
  3. Looking for a front end of a Colt DOE 9mm upper (or clone) if this proves too much, I would be happy with just a handguard and pics of how the front sight assembly is attached and how the handguard locates so I can machine my own.
  4. Thompson parts and mags

    Out of Thompson stuff. All sold
  5. Sig Sauer P220R 45acp 3-8 rd magazines factory night sights still have some life in them. $700 obo plus shipping unless local buyer wishes to pick up in person. Email, txt, call (330) 432-4598
  6. I have some Sig P220 45acp magazines I wish to sell: 5-8 rd $25 each 1-10 rd (with sleeve) $40 All are in good shape and are factory Sig Sauer. Email, txt or call (330) 432-4598
  7. Machine gun for 6k?

    There was a MAC 10 45acp listed on here for $6,500 with a 50-50 option. I have dealt with the seller and he is an upstanding gentleman.
  8. WTB-Colt flat top upper 9mm SMG upper

    Not exactly what I’m looking for but how much are you asking?
  9. Looking for a Colt 10.5” 9mm upper with a flat top and A2 front sight post. Anyone have one sitting around that they aren’t using anymore?
  10. I have a pair of MGC toy Thompson SMG’s. These are new in the box with original shipping boxes. All paperwork and accessories are with them as they left the factory. One is marked 1921 and the other is marked 1928. The 1921 has a vertical grip where as the 1929 has a horizontal. Asking $1250 for the pair. Can deliver to Knob Creek next weekend. I’m an RO at the SubGun Match. Email, PM, call or txt (330) 432-4598
  11. NOS 30 Rd mags $35 ea “Shooter grade” 30 rd mags $25 ea 1928 wood set (compete) $175 1928 wood set (minus metal) $75 1928 ejector $20 4-1928 Savage Actuators $125 ea 2-Savage Blish Locks $35 ea 5-Lyman rear sights $20 ea 2-Savage guide rods $25 ea 3-Recoil springs $10 ea 3-nylon buffers $10 ea 4-GI oil cans (go in stock) $10 ea 1-1928 Savage bolt (complete) $125 Can deliver to Knob Creek next week. I am one of the line RO’s for the SubGun Match. Email, PM or call (330) 432-4598. Txt is fine also
  12. Anyone know if he is still around or have a way to contact him? Looking for information on guns rented to movies and if there is a way to confirm one was.
  13. I'm not one for conspiracy theory but I highly doubt that it was a SlideFire stock. The ROF was too even and consistent.