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  1. Pre-may Guide Lamp M3A1 with integral - $12.5

    Id be interested in the suppressor only...
  2. I have 25 NIW M3 or M3A1 magazines. Packaged in 1967 and the wrappers are perfect. $30 each Txt or call (330) 432-4598
  3. Selling my 1914 Colt Automatic Gun aka “Potato Digger” Gun is still a DEWAT but will be a very easy to bring back to life. Outside is rough but internals are in great shape. Needs cleaned up but would make a good shooter. Barrel and receiver numbers do NOT match. Gun is at a dealer ready to transfer. Chambered in 303 British and has what appears to be British proof marks on it. Gun only, NO tripod, cradle or belt. Have approx 4,300 rds of 303 British ammunition (Brit and South African) that I’d sell the buyer if interested. $8,500 OBO Txt or call (330) 432-4598
  4. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    Oh it’s so so so tempting but I got enough stuff in the fire
  5. Ohio State SubGun Match

    Match is June 15th Might help if I added that! not able to change the title on my phone
  6. Ohio State SubGun Match

    Location-Tusco Rifle Club 2132 Midvale Mine Road Dennison Ohio 44621 Cost-$30 per class Class break down- Iron Sight Optic Sight Unlimited Carbine (semi auto) 300 rounds needed per class (approximate) Match description There will be 3 courses of fire that will be used to determine the shooters overall score. Shooters will be permitted to shoot only two classes (unless time is allowed for a second gun to be used in the squad) One class/gun will be shot in the morning, then after lunch, the second gun/class will be shot in the afternoon with awards being handed out upon the final tally of combined scores. Registration will be done the morning of the match as there a release form for the club will need to be filled out. No shooter cap, we will run as many shooters that wish to compete. There are plenty of hotels in the area and plenty of good food as well. I will have a lunch stand available on site during the match. Also the shooters meeting will be at 9:30 with squad break down with the ranges going hot at 10:00. (330) 432-4598
  7. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    Those aren’t guns I’d be interested in.
  8. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    It would depend on what you were offering.
  9. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    Bumpity bump bump
  10. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    Just pulled the grips off and yes the grip panel is marked with the same serial number as the gun.
  11. I have 13 Glock 17 “pre ban” also refered to as the “u notch” magazines for sale. These are 17 round magazines with one having a factory +2 on it. $50 each
  12. Smith Wesson Model 38-44 HD (Heavy Duty) manufactured in 1956. The gun is in great condition. 4” barrel with original grips and bluing. This one is what’s refered to as the “S” frame due to letter designation on the frame before the serial number Asking $1,050 obo
  13. Looking for a .30-06 Digger belt. Any help??
  14. WTS: Colt and LMT Lower Recievers

    Was too late seeing this or I’d have taken the 9mm lower
  15. For Sale M84 scope

    This sold last year. Forgot to close ad