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  1. Medea M3A1 Grease gun .45 Cal. $15,500

    No it’s not. I bought it
  2. Looking for a detachable, black synthetic stock. Same size as the “short” wood Uzi stock, but it is a black plastic one.
  3. Another bump That is a beautiful gun!! I shoot my SP1/M16 conversion as a DOE almost exclusively. Good price too for the whole package
  4. I know and it has an M1 bolt which is nice too. Why do things have to fall as they do??
  5. Damn you are making it hard to not figure out a way to latch onto this.....great looking gun and great price
  6. That is a good price. Wish I was in a better position to buy your gun. The Colt Digger I bought a couple weeks ago is going to tie up my funds for awhile
  7. WTB potato digger parts

    Sounds like you have Marlin-Rockwell plates
  8. WTB potato digger parts

    Feed and ejection locarions. Plus if it has a sliding door or not below the ejection port.
  9. WTB potato digger parts

    What side plates do you have? Colt or Marlin Rockwell?
  10. C&R m3 greasegun $23k

    Forwarded a link to a friend who has a coworker looking for one. It’s a nice lookin gun for the price
  11. Mk760 with 5 mags $6200

    Pics? I’m interested
  12. WTB: chauchat parts kit or rear sight

    I’d be interested in a barrel if you happen to have a good one
  13. Colt 9mm lower

    Looking for a factory Colt 9mm lower for a project I’m wanting to work on over the winter. Anyone have one laying around for a reasonable price?
  14. 1919A4 semi auto sear

    I have an American Arms/Delta gun. IF I send you some measurements off my sear, could you compare to yours?