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  1. Colt 9mm lower

    Looking for a factory Colt 9mm lower for a project I’m wanting to work on over the winter. Anyone have one laying around for a reasonable price?
  2. 1919A4 semi auto sear

    I have an American Arms/Delta gun. IF I send you some measurements off my sear, could you compare to yours?
  3. 1919A4 semi auto sear

    In need of a sear for my semi auto 1919A4. Anyone have one laying around? Thought I had one but it’s AWOL.
  4. Let me get ahold of him and see if we could make something happen
  5. I have a friend in Fairfax. Are you near him? It’s possible I could get him to meet you should we come to terms
  6. I’d be interested but I’m in Ohio and one can only imagine the shipping cost on them
  7. I ended up making a deal on the whole lot of ammo to a local ammunition dealer. He and I were both happy with the deal. Thanks for the info and interest
  8. Colt AR-15 Sporter or clone.

    Figured I’d offer if you wanted to go that way
  9. Colt AR-15 Sporter or clone.

    I have a complete front end (minus gas tube) off an SP1-barrel, delta ring, original triangle hand guards, 3 prong flash hider all made in 1965 I’d consider selling or trading
  10. I bought some 7.62x54r on PKM belts to shoot in a friends gun and discovered tonight that what I have is tracer. Wgat I thought was black is actually dark green. What’s the value on this stuff?? I’m not waiting to shoot tracer at my range as it’s a no no due to a recent fire
  11. In search of a Colt 9mm SMG gas/brass deflector. Looking for an original Colt black plastic one. Anyone have an extra laying around?
  12. M1 carbine 80% casting

    I have a couple of these I just have to find them. They are ready to machine forginings.
  13. WTB Beretta 38/42 Stock, barrel or parts kit

    Still digging. I know I have one I just have to find it
  14. WTB M2 carbine registered pack

    PM sent