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  1. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    Just pulled the grips off and yes the grip panel is marked with the same serial number as the gun.
  2. I have 13 Glock 17 “pre ban” also refered to as the “u notch” magazines for sale. These are 17 round magazines with one having a factory +2 on it. $50 each
  3. Smith Wesson Model 38-44 HD (Heavy Duty) manufactured in 1956. The gun is in great condition. 4” barrel with original grips and bluing. This one is what’s refered to as the “S” frame due to letter designation on the frame before the serial number Asking $1,050 obo
  4. Looking for a .30-06 Digger belt. Any help??
  5. WTS: Colt and LMT Lower Recievers

    Was too late seeing this or I’d have taken the 9mm lower
  6. For Sale M84 scope

    This sold last year. Forgot to close ad
  7. Not a problem. Figured I’d ask
  8. Would you be interested in selling just your drum?
  9. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    PM sent with a friends contact info. He did have some Port Firing stuff
  10. WTB 1919a4 semi auto trigger,sear & return spring

    KMP or TNW make what you are looking for. I can’t remember which one I bought last fall and put in my gun
  11. How motivated to sell? I do need one still
  12. WTB potato digger parts

    Which rear sight do you have?
  13. F/T:Colt 1921 Thompson 4 digit SN

    I can say that the seller is a good guy to deal with. Made a deal happen with him last week and we are both happy with the transaction.
  14. Medea M3A1 Grease gun .45 Cal. $15,500

    No it’s not. I bought it
  15. Looking for a detachable, black synthetic stock. Same size as the “short” wood Uzi stock, but it is a black plastic one.