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  1. Anyone know if he is still around or have a way to contact him? Looking for information on guns rented to movies and if there is a way to confirm one was.
  2. I'm not one for conspiracy theory but I highly doubt that it was a SlideFire stock. The ROF was too even and consistent.
  3. ISO: transferable, 6k range

    There is a Reising listed for $6500 this morning. Having shot the 3 guns you have listed, I would go with a STEN. If I may make a suggestion to also look at the MK760's as they are fun guns. There is one of those listed for $6500 too
  4. The cocking knob/slide is actually out of a Beretta 38/a44. I'm pretty sure I have a 38a one if you would want to swap as I have a 38/a44. If not, would you want to sell that part outright?
  5. looking for 1919A1 parts kits

    Good Lord!!!! They are that high now? I bought one out of high school in 2004 for $400 from OOW. Sold it 3 years later as I never got to it for damn near the same money.
  6. WTS:Unertl BV-20 Scope

    Anytime between 6 am and 9 pm EST. I typically have my phone on me but if I don't answer I will call back.
  7. WTS Madsen M50 Sub Gun Fully Transferable.

    I looked at this gun at the OGCA show recently and it is a very nice piece. Sherman is a good guy to deal with.
  8. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    I had the cops called out on me once when I was shooting FA back in the day at a friends place. I did just as Frank suggested, unloaded the gun, laid it down, stepped back and had a friendly conversation with the officer. He was cool about it and didn't bother wanting to see the paperwork when I offered it to him. Even offered to let him run a couple mags out of the gun for which he said he had to decline as he was on duty and the boss might frown if he ever found out. Be nice to them and they will be nice to you. I had the conversation yesterday with a friend yesterday about his one neighbor always calling the cops on him when he shoots anything other than a 22 at his house. He is allowed to shoot where he lives and has a good back stop built for said purpose. Told him once something transfers I'll bring it up and with that and his Barrett M82 we will have some fun and then sit back and laugh when the Sheriff Department show up as we are both on first name basis with those that work the area where he lives.
  9. Have a Unertl BV-20 scope for sale. Complete with mounts and optional recoil dampening spring assembly. Everything is in working order, bought it for a project rifle but decided to go another direction. Asking $650 obo txt or call (330) 432-4598
  10. WTS: Bushmaster Parts Kits $450 - Price Drop $350

    Pick up in Columbus as I live 1 hr 45 min away.
  11. BATFE, ..stupid is being kind

    I have to say that in this day in age the transfer time is ridiculous. I when I sold my Vector Uzi several years ago, the F4 was bounced back as it "couldn't be registered in multiple calibers" even though that was how it was originally registered in 1986 AND how it had been transferred twice before, plus it was stamped on the receiver 9mm, 45acp, 22LR. The whole system needs a rework and streamlined.
  12. Value of Post-Sample MP-5's?

    Part of it will depend if someone needs to obtain a law letter or not. Guns that require letters seem to sell for less than those that do not require said letter. I talked with a couple different dealer and here of late a complete MP5 is selling for a couple hundred higher than a parts kit. IF, again I say IF, it were made into a parts kit, most likely it would sell even faster than as a whole gun as your market is opened up to a much broader audience.
  13. For Sale M84 scope

    Further information about the scope-it is indeed an original manufactured by Libby-Owens-Ford or also known as "LOF" There were only two manufactures of these scopes, the previously mentioned LOF and L-S Leupld-Stevens.
  14. For Sale M84 scope

    I have what appears to be an original, in good condition M84 rifle scope. No rust, bluing has some discoloration but not much. Original eye piece is intact as well. I am basing that it is an original off information on the CMP forum and comparing that to what was posted and discriptions on both repo and original. I can send pictires of said scope via txt as I can not get them to load off my phone onto here. Askig $850 OBO Call or txt (330) 432-4598 for best response.