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  1. Got excited for the belt box then realized it’s for a straight 21 not a 21e/23e
  2. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    I’ll be running what I bought in 2018/2019
  3. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    It’s been a long week of working on this gun but it was worth it
  4. BPP HK23EK feeding issues
  5. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    I’m closer to the end result. Found the trunion had a tight spot where the bolt was hanging up. I added just enough clearance where the bolt head passes through from the rails to the trunion. Now that I have it cycling and firing (test fired it finally) A new issue has come to my attention that I wouldnt have known until it was firing-the plunger that rides in the feed advance slot on the bottom of the bolt carrier is popping out after 2-3 rounds. Someone ground on it and it’s now short and not staying in the slot. Easy enough fix as I’ll be picking up a piece of drill rod tomorrow at work. One step closer to a fully functional weapon.
  6. M3A1 grease gun oiler

    I have complete ones (minus the locking nut)
  7. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    This might be a better way to put my issues per what I sent Mike Feed mec out of the gun-functions fine Feed mec on bench-functions fine Feed mec in gun/no ammo-functions fine Feed mec in gun/3 rounds set on wheel-functions fine Feed mec in gun/linked ammo, gun locks up on forward stroke in the exact same point each time
  8. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    Called and left a voicemail with Mike since it’s his feed mec. I’m also wondering if I could have a bent feed cover that’s allowing the link to sit higher in the slot. If it’s bent-it could allow the slot to have become wider, allowing more of the link/round combo to sit protrude out. Just a thought on it. I’m sure I’ll get this figured out, but I just really really want to light up some expensive .223/5.56
  9. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    Mine is marked in red, my buddies is marked in blue-see the difference. I got a feeling this is a lot of the issue
  10. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    It’s non coated wolf. I was talking to a fellow 23EK owner last night and we might have narrowed it down-the lifter/detente has been ground to hell causing the round to “roll” out of position which is in turn allowing the link to come up through the top cover. The bolt is hanging up on the link so this is a good place to start working. Gonna call and order said part today and see what happens then.
  11. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    Picked this gun up yesterday and from the looks of it, the gun was hardly used....well I’ve figured out why I think..... The gun will not go into battery when dropping the bolt on a round being fed out of a belt. Here is what I’m using- Wolf 55gr steel case new M27 SAW links from Ive had the gun apart all day going over the little fine details as I’ve found a few burrs and high spots where the finish was pretty thick causing bolt drag. I’ve addressed these issues and that’s all. That being said-I’ve discovered that the bolt assembly is stopping at the exact same spot each time and as soon as I release the feed mechanism, the bolt goes home. The gun is a BPP but it has a MM23E feed box (which I found odd) There is something binding up the gun when it tries to cycle the feed wheel in the feed box assembly. I was able to get the gun to cycle 3 rounds flawlessly with no links, just placing the rounds on the feed wheel and then cycling the bolt. Can someone point out what is going on and what I’m missing? At this point it seems like the bolt is hanging up on the links but I can’t tell how or where. Can the links be too large or the radius goes around too far and comes up through the feed way cover? I’ve wanted one of these guns for a long time and now that I got one I’m pulling my hair out.
  12. WTB m27 links has them i just ordered 2,000 of them today.
  13. WTS 30 Cal M1 Carbine

    Interested in IBM if it has the marking im looking for!
  14. 7.62x51 Chinese (NORINCO) 520 Rounds Ammo **SPF**

    I’ll take the last two cans at $300 each shipped.
  15. Back up buyer!