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  1. WTK: Who is "jakedman" on GB?

    Good luck as I'm still trying to find "metal messiah" from GunBroker
  2. 2017 Sales on Low Overall

    Trump being elected is one part of it. I think another thing to consider is everyone is waiting until ATF gets through the 41F debacle for the wait times to go back down. IF the HPA goes through, you watch what the suppressor market will'll be 6-9 months before suppressors are back in stock.
  3. WTS: 60mm Mortar DD NEW PRICE $3,495

    Oh be still my heart!!!
  4. Not to get off topic but on the subject of DEWAT's you are correct. I rather enjoy redoing them, as it gives a great sense of accomplishment once they are operational. Had I been paying someone else to do the work it would have been insane and not worth it. I'm always looking for DEWAT guns to buy and breath new life into them. This makes me want to get a Chauchat since the ammunition is coming back around plus the interest in parts and such.
  5. M3 Grease Gun Full Auto Post 86 Dealer Sample $6,500

    Where do you get that it was manufactured by Springfield when it clearly says Guide Lamp on it? Guide Lamp was the only manufacture of M3's until Ithaca took over manufacture after WWII
  6. WTS: UH-1B Huey Gunship / Helicopter - Pics

    What I wouldn't give to have this but storage would be an issue for me......that and wanting to explain to the local Sheriff Department why I was out groundhog hunting from a Huey. How much does the proper engine cost for curiosity? Does it come with a complimentary M60?? LOL
  7. Selling some of my collection

    PM sent
  8. That's funny to read this as I work MAYBE 10-15 minutes from where they are located. Gotta love stuff like this
  9. I would like to speak with the GunBroker user whose handle is "metalmessiah" If anyone knows this person, or said person is a user here on the Boards I would be happy if you could contact me. Thanks, John
  10. Looking for a Lage M10/9 9mm MK1 upper.
  11. WTB Beretta 38A parts kit

    I don't have a complete parts kit but I do have a couple bolt assemblies, a barrel with heat shield, a stock that isn't too bad and a few other misc parts that I didn't use when I re-wated my dads 38/a44
  12. Do any better on the price if I took them all?
  13. Where are the transferables??

    Seen what M3 Grease Guns have been doing lately?? There would have been no way for me to have afforded one except I was super lucky when I got mine.