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  1. M3A1 Guide Lamp "Grease Gun"

    Looking for a Transferable Guide Lamp M3A1 "Grease Gun"
  2. I run into the same thing. I had a local guy get snooty with me one time as I needed something to finish what I was working on. He said "sorry but its mine and you cant have it" so I was polite and replied "I'll wait and buy it at your estate sale then" Needless to say he got a different attitude on things.
  3. M3/M3A1 list

    Good morning all, I am going to start working on building an M3/M3A1 serial number list of the guns that are still out there. The following information would be great- Make Model Serial number Modifications (i.e. magazine hoop or other) Transferable/Pre Sample/Post Sample Finish Additional markings I am also in the process of exploring the idea of starting a Grease Gun Collectors group (GGC) Would there be interest in this?
  4. I tried that but it didn't work. I even tried to help the seller with his listings as he had parts mislabeled and thrown together. Spent 2 hours on the phone with him sorting out parts and suggested that he should stop the auctions, and relist them with the correct parts. I even offered a good amount for the other stuff too but it seemed that once he got the information as to what he was selling, he couldn't care less about saying thank you. Try to help someone and get that in return.
  5. He bought a bunch of Bren parts and there were some M3 parts mixed in. I wanted the M3 parts and wanted to see if he would sell them.
  6. Been trying to find someone who knows this gentleman as I would like to get in contact with him.
  7. Well to list things for sale on here (Sturm) you have to pay with a credit card so what is the difference?
  8. I had listed on both Sturm and Subguns and I have to say that Subguns seemed to have worked faster for the sale of my Thompson this month. I too am of the wait and see method. I do have a feeling that the "steals" will dry up before the vast majority of us see them, but then again I don't see that many "steals" listed here on Sturm these days either. Honestly it seems that the boards are 85% filled with ads from Ruben and other dealers, not so much regular guys selling off their items.
  9. Gun was a recent REWAT. Barrel was plugged and welded (very poorly welded) to the front of the receiver. Has new Savage barrel and grip mount. Gun is marked "Tommy Gun" on the top of the reciever as well. Gun is currently on a Form 3 at my dealer. Can send pictures upon request. Would be interested in trading for M3A1 Grease Gun (Guide Lamp or Ithaca) $25,000 OBO have mags, parts, and other Thompson related items once the gun sells unless the buyer wants to buy them. Txt or call (330) 432-4598
  10. WTB M3a1 Grease Gun Bolt

    I have a stripped one
  11. WTB - Beretta 38A Parts kit complete with Barrel.

    PM sent this morning
  12. WTB: M3A1 Grease Gun Bolt

    PM sent
  13. WTB M3A1 Grease Gun bolt

    PM sent
  14. WTB - Beretta 38A Parts kit complete with Barrel.

    I have some random 38a parts that I would sell. I know there is a bolt assembly and barrel. Many of the small parts I kept for the 38/a44 we have