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  1. WTS: HK 33K SBR $6500

    It says in the title SBR
  2. WTB: IF code MP5 kit or parts

    I’ll check my kits when I get home tommorw. I have 3 kits waiting to be built. I know I don’t have an A3, but I might as far as other parts.
  3. Morphys auction pre 68 transferables.

    My guess-stuff says in collections and never comes out. I’ve seen several trap clubs shut down because young guys couldn’t afford to get into shooting registered due to cost of ammunition and fees.
  4. Morphys auction pre 68 transferables.

    They already are to a point. We've been seeing guys get deny'd letters from ATF on post sample guns lately. I understand how the free market and capitalism works, but with prices going up and up and up, at somepoint there will be a very small buyer pool and what will the values do then? This hobby is going to be a self fulfilling proficy......not for the regular guy who has been priced out of it and only big time money guys who will never do anything with them, then you'll get to hear the old guys whine and cry when no young people are getting into the hobby anymore. Seen it happen with classic cars, antique tractors and vintage farm engines. Its a never ending cycle for this kinda stuff. But what do I know? I'm just a dip$hit who works his a$$ off to get the few things I have.
  5. Morphys auction pre 68 transferables.

    The worst part of those auction prices is that people will start trying to get them on the open market and I don't see it happening. The only thing I can figure is there must be a lot of guys cashing out 401k's and IRA's to buy hard assets who don't care to over pay. With that being said, more and more SOT's getting in the game for "cheap machine guns" has driven the pre samples over the top too, which is also causing this whole "no law letter" post sample craze. At some point it is all going to come to a head and I have a feeling there will be more than a few people crying.
  6. Beretta 38a parts

    I still haven’t found the 38a parts I know I have laying around lol
  7. Morphys auction pre 68 transferables.

    Big house auction prices have been skyrocketing for a couple years now. People are buying them up instead of stocks, bonds, and so on. Have you noticed how many transferable guns aren't on Strum, GB, or with Ruben and even MWT? People are selling them with Morphys and RIA hoping to cash in big.....but they forget the fees the seller has to pay.
  8. Spares - Need help getting back in the loop.

    I have some surplus M16 LPK's that came out of demil'd PD Colt M16's if you'd be interested.
  9. BUMP Have 12 NIW German MP5 mags
  10. WTB HK23E Feed Mechanism

    I’m in the same boat as you but I’m not ready to drop the coin yet. Carlos out at BPP is supposed to have some ready in a couple 2-3 months
  11. I have a thread going over on 1919a4forum but I wanted to put this out over here too-has anyone heard of a Denel MG4? I bought a parts kit at OGCA thinking it was a 1919a4 only to discover that it was something totally different. Ive attached a link to the thread, so any more help would be great! Thought it was a 1919a4 kit....looks now to be a C5A1 kit | 1919 A4 Forums
  12. WTB: Transferable Swedish K

    I was looking at both auctions last week and couldn’t remember which one was where.
  13. WTB: Transferable Swedish K

    There are a couple coming up in the next Morphy or Rock Island auctions. I can’t remember which