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  1. I would like one if buyer above changes his a gun that needs one.
  2. I am considering and putting some feelers out to see if there would be anyone interested in trading either an M3A1 Guide Lamp or Ithaca (transferable obviously) i have a 1928A1 Savage Thompson (all correct Savage) sitting at my dealer on a Form 3. Again this is a feeler to see if there would be any interest in such a transaction. Email call or txt (330) 432-4598
  3. WTS: 4 SBR's

    Your Uzi SBR gives me pause, where is the blocking bar as the gun appears to have a full auto bolt in it.
  4. Looking for a couple Sig Sauer P220 9mm mags that are for the American style mag release button.
  5. RPB/MAC (double stamp) M10A1 9mm Has all the original parts plus it has been upgraded with a Lage MK1 upper, Lage side fold stock, Lage extended safety, and comes with 4 magazines. ALL NFA RULES APPLY. Call or txt for pictures or info. I have video of the gun running with both the stock and Lage uppers. I can meet serious buyers at my local range and they can demo the gun. Asking $8,000 for whole package OBO (330) 432-4598
  6. Looking for a 9mm M3 Grease Gun bolt. I would also be interested in an original barrel as well.
  7. When is good to call?
  8. WTK: Who is "jakedman" on GB?

    Good luck as I'm still trying to find "metal messiah" from GunBroker
  9. 2017 Sales on Low Overall

    Trump being elected is one part of it. I think another thing to consider is everyone is waiting until ATF gets through the 41F debacle for the wait times to go back down. IF the HPA goes through, you watch what the suppressor market will'll be 6-9 months before suppressors are back in stock.
  10. WTS: 60mm Mortar DD NEW PRICE $3,495

    Oh be still my heart!!!
  11. Not to get off topic but on the subject of DEWAT's you are correct. I rather enjoy redoing them, as it gives a great sense of accomplishment once they are operational. Had I been paying someone else to do the work it would have been insane and not worth it. I'm always looking for DEWAT guns to buy and breath new life into them. This makes me want to get a Chauchat since the ammunition is coming back around plus the interest in parts and such.
  12. M3 Grease Gun Full Auto Post 86 Dealer Sample $6,500

    Where do you get that it was manufactured by Springfield when it clearly says Guide Lamp on it? Guide Lamp was the only manufacture of M3's until Ithaca took over manufacture after WWII