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  3. Knob Creek Shoot for October 2020 CANCELLED

    I posted this over on MGB and to say I’m behind fed up with everything bein canceled due to the “KUNG FLU”......literally everything I look forward to each year has been shut down or nothing like it normally would be. This has turned into a power grab rather than a safety concern.
  4. I have 7 M3/M3A1 mags that function fine but aren’t as pretty on the outside. I don’t want to clean them up. Make good shooter mags and won’t need to worry bout “abusing” them $15 each (plus shipping) KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS. I will not ship to ban states
  5. 20-30 round M3/M3A1 Grease Gun mags. 5 have had the bluing removed (no clue how or why) and the others still have the wrapping paper stuck to them. Great shooter mags, I don’t need as many as I currently have. $25 each for non-blued mags (plus shipping) $30 each for blued mags (plus shipping) KNOW YOUR LCOAL LAWS. I will not ship to ban states.
  6. 12-32 round Uzi mags. Need taken apart, cleaned and oiled. Has nasty/dried grease in them. $12 each (plus shipping) KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS. I will not ship to ban states.
  7. I have 15-30 round ATI MP5 magazines for sale. All functioned in my PTR full size MP5 and MP5K. (14 shown in pics-found another one after I took pics) $30 each (plus shipping) only trades I’d consider would be HK MP5 mags KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS. Not shipping to ban states
  8. I have 11 Colt 32 round magazines for sale. All have metal followers, non marked bodies and Colt base plates. All function in my M16 with 9mm upper....just making some room. $65 each (plus shipping) or trade for HK MP5 mags I have other Colt “Restricted” 9mm 32 round magazines with metal followed if interested. These would be a little more. KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS PLEASE. Not shipping to ban states
  9. I’m referring to my M3 and I’ve been watching the market really close. Always have as I love the M3/M3A1 in general. When I see them selling for $25k-$29k now I question is it worth it to shoot mine like I used to-5,000-7,500 rds a year, or is it better to sell it off and wrap the money up in something else I can shoot with less chance of damaging. I know the ins and outs of the M3’s and what parts can fail, but at the same time being how the gun is made, one major out of battery can destroy the whole gun. Yes I’ve seen this happen so it’s now concerning me. When they were only $16k-$18k it wasn’t as much of a thought but now with prices doing what they are-do I sell or shoot sparingly? Been back and forth on this one for awhile in my head. I’m my own worst enemy.
  10. For me it’s the cost of ownership and if something catastrophic happens then what? One of my SMG’s is now at a point value wise that I can never replace it for what they are now selling for. Do I care about beating on an MP5, Uzi, or M1 Thompson? Nope rock and roll but when one hits the $27k-$ it’s hard to get that one out and shoot it like I used to. That’s my question or thought process on it. Not the common “dime a dozen” MG’s but rather the less common and more expensive ones. I never looked at some of them as collector guns, I’m a shooter who collects, NOT a collector who shoots, but these are also investments. Being investments I question where is that line of risk vs reward
  11. Colt Thompson Price help

    PM sent
  12. Where is that price point where you decide to not shoot your NFA firearms or even look at selling them? This is something that has been weighing on me lately after seeing some of the market taking an upswing in regards to certain NFA items.