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  1. I still need this!
  2. A couple sets left and these will be all gone
  3. This stuff is still available if there is any takers out there....
  4. Bumping this, as there is still a couple barrels left. When they are gone, there will be no more.
  5. I just aquired a couple of the desireable loading tools for the Suomi Coffin mags. Ready to ship. Price includes shipping. These really makes the Coffin mags come to life and you will love them!
  6. Knob Creek special offer, the Three barrels, two bolts, small parts and belt loader for 3,000,- All for ksp m/36 Swedish Browning
  7. WTS Swedish K stuff

    Ok, works for me though
  8. WTS Swedish K stuff

    Update, most of the stuff is now sold pending funds. I have the two "C-Shrouds" With bayonets at 450,- each and a couple ejection port covers as well as the pile of stripper Clips and loader.
  9. I am selling my Swedish K stuff as shown in the pic. Two "C-shrouds" with bayonets $ 450,- each Blank firing barrel/BB practice barrel $ 300,- Brass catchers, two different types $ 80,- each Night sights $ 50,- Firing port covers, two different types $ 35,- each All parts in storage until I return to Louisville for the Creek on Oct 10
  10. I have for sale two complete bolts and three barrels for the Swedish watercooled Browning ksp m/36. I also have the correct booster and cartridge stop as well as a headspace gage and spare extractor and firing pin. All together priced as a package at $ 2500,- shipped or picked up at the Creek next month. Additionally I have a correct Swedish cloth belt loader. pics on the link all parts are in storage in Louisville until Oct 10