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  1. Tripod did not sell at the Creek, but is in Storage until Show of Shows in February. Interested parties may make offers until then. I will bump it in January so it becomes visible again.
  2. Hi, I sold it, but I understand that Walt Neuman has some. You may try to Reach him.
  3. I have for sale a Swedish made Schwarzlose tripod in nice condition. Would prefer to deliver at Knob Creek this weekend. Price $ 1800 obo
  4. I have a Potato Digger tripod for sale. It is a small, low mount with no elbow rest. Appears to have been used in Russia as it has mounting provisions for a shield. $ 5500,- obo. I prefer delivery at Knob Creek this weekend, but shipping is also possible.
  5. Price includes shipping USPS in the US.
  6. I have for sale five unissued Commercial Reising mag pouches. These were originally used in Norway With our small supply of Reising guns. I will have the pouches at the Creek Next week unless sold by then. I also have two of the 28-fin barrels left.
  7. TWO barrels left. First come, first served........
  8. Not sure what you are doing, but please let me know whether you want the barrel or not. Thanks
  9. MP28.II bolt and barrel still available
  10. Will have the remaining mags at the Creek in April. This is the last ad for them. If you want a set, let me know. I have two left.
  11. WTS Swedish K stuff

    I dont remember, I think they are sold. Will check in two weeks when in Louisville
  12. I have two ZK 406 Magazines for sale. This is a very rare Czech semi auto rifle With 10 round capacity in 7,92x57 Caliber. The mechanism is a rip off of the Garand. These are in Perfect condition and have only seen slight use. The mags are in Louisville, KY and I can ship them out when I get there for the Show of Shows in 3 weeks.
  13. Bumping this, still a couple barrels left.
  14. Bumping this, would like to see the last ones go :-)