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  1. As stated above, there are some left but unavailable to us for now.
  2. I am in need of a complete buffer back plate assembly for a British MkII Browning aircraft gun. This is the British .303 copy of the ANM2. PM with price and condition, thanks!
  3. Yes, but in Louisville. Not sure when I can get there again. PM me if you want a set
  4. New price; 3500,- Will be at Knob Creek!
  5. Bumping this and will have it at SOS in February
  6. Bumping this one - will sell for 4000,- $
  7. Bumping this one, will sell for 600,- $
  8. Still available @ 1500,- $
  9. Lowering the price to 1500,- shipped!
  10. I still have a couple of sets left in Swedish pouches if you need a christmas present to yourself!
  11. Should have some there A10
  12. I have four sets of Suomi Coffin mags for sale. Four mags and a loader in nice condition is a set. I have three pouches, one Swiss and two Swedish pouches is whats available. Last set will go without a pouch. Send me a message if you are interested. Mags are in storage in KY and will be ready for shipping when I get there for Knob Creek on Oct 10th. First come, first served. Price is 500,- $ for a set, shipped within the US.
  13. Bumping this one as it is still available and will be at the Creek in October!