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  1. Reproduction 68 Amnesty Posters

    Looking for Reproduction 68 Amnesty Poster, Their was a gentlemen on this board a few years ago selling these, looked pretty good if I remember
  2. Sir, I saw your ad, Im looking for a Barrel gate for a ww2 era MG42 with or without latch assembly, not a Yugo manf as I wish to keep original, I did not see in your picture but figured id give you a try, e-mail me direct please at Best Regards Charlie Dedham Maine
  3. WTS: MG42 / M53 Parts Blow Out!!

    Sir, Im Looking for a MG42 Barrel Loading Gate, with or without the latch mechanism, Not a Yugo but German ww2 era, I didn't see in your list of stuff but thought Id ask, e-mail me at Thanks Charlie Maine
  4. M4 14" barrel

    Im looking for a gun smith who can install a muzzle flasher on a 14" M4 barrel make it legal and not a SBR .would like some-one who has done this before and does good work, any member out their who have some-one to recommend E-mail me direct at Regards Charlie Maine
  5. WTS: Sig 551-2 SWAT Parts Kits $1,800

    Sir, What are the length of the barrels of these kits ??
  6. New M 192 lightweight tripod

    E-mail me at Im Interested in your New Tripod, Regards Charlie Dedham Maine
  7. Bren Mk. I .303 paperweight

    Please send me some photos of what you have, please clear photos and price ,send to Thanks Charlie
  8. WTB MP38 small parts

    WTB slotted screw that holds aluminum trigger & stock frame to lower receiver (different than MP40) also looking for Barrel thread protector nut, sometimes used on first issue mp40 guns, E mail me direct at Thanks Charlie
  9. WTB Gas plug for MP44

    Thanks Sir, I found some already in states, Regards Charlie Maine
  10. WTB Gas plug for MP44

    Looking for a Gas Plug for a MP44 in good condition , screws into end of gas tube , e-mail direct please at Regards C Erb Maine usa
  11. Sir, Will take the 4 28 Bolts for $175, can do Friend and Family with Pay/pal to save the 3%, e-mail me your pay/pal account name, use my e-mail address of Charleserb@hotmail for correspondence, Regards C Erb Dedham Maine
  12. WTS cobb 50 cal 3995+shipping

    Sir, Im interested in your Star 45 kit in 9mm, please e-mail some pictures of what you have direct to, Regards C Erb Dedham Maine
  13. Looking for a light source and cable assembly for a UK59 Scope, Have the Scope , need light source box with cord, e-mail
  14. WTB M3a1 Grease Gun Bolt

    Sir, If you are still looking for a Bolt e-mail me