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  1. WTB Reisan 55 Model 55 Folding Metal Stock assembly, would prefer original, maybe repro depending on how good, Regards Charlie Maine
  2. WTB MP40 and MP41 parts Try This link, This gent is in Norway, He is honest and reliable , used to be at Knob Creek but that's over with Charlie Maine
  3. WTS: Smith & Wesson MP4 Parts Kit

    Would like to buy one, please e-mail me address to send Postal M.O. to Regards C Erb Maine
  4. M60 bolts

    I have 4 ea M60 Bolts bodys stripped, 2 have extractors , e-mail me at, if you have interest ? Regards Charlie Maine
  5. WTS: SIG PE 90 NIB

    No Pictures , when youclick on link ?
  6. Thompson SMG Mags

    I guess you don't look at your e-mail account ?
  7. Im looking for PPSH41 stick Mags and Original Russian Canvas drop case e-mail me direct at
  8. APEX Fiream Parts

    Has any one out their had any problems ordering any parts from Apex firearms ? or is it me, tried on line no luck, Left a message on machine no response are they still in business ?
  9. WTS - Thompson 30 round Mags

    Sir, I will take all 6 mags (30rd.TSMG) e-mail me please with your address and I will send a Postal M.O. Regards Charlie
  10. WTB VZ58 ORF Fixture

    WTB a VZ58 ORF Fixture rig that's used to install a barrel in a VZ58 receiver Regards Charlie Maine
  11. WTS: BNZ42 mp40, matching, F4, Ex PD gun

    Please send me what you have in Photos interested, send to, Thank You Charlie Maine
  12. Im looking for a Barrel install kit that Ohio Ordnance made for Installing a VZ58 barrel into their semi auto receiver, other company like Rapid fire may have manufactured a tool also, contact me please at Thanks Charlie Maine