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  1. WTB MP38 small parts

    WTB slotted screw that holds aluminum trigger & stock frame to lower receiver (different than MP40) also looking for Barrel thread protector nut, sometimes used on first issue mp40 guns, E mail me direct at Thanks Charlie
  2. WTB Gas plug for MP44

    Thanks Sir, I found some already in states, Regards Charlie Maine
  3. WTB Gas plug for MP44

    Looking for a Gas Plug for a MP44 in good condition , screws into end of gas tube , e-mail direct please at Regards C Erb Maine usa
  4. Sir, Will take the 4 28 Bolts for $175, can do Friend and Family with Pay/pal to save the 3%, e-mail me your pay/pal account name, use my e-mail address of Charleserb@hotmail for correspondence, Regards C Erb Dedham Maine
  5. WTS cobb 50 cal 3995+shipping

    Sir, Im interested in your Star 45 kit in 9mm, please e-mail some pictures of what you have direct to, Regards C Erb Dedham Maine
  6. Looking for a light source and cable assembly for a UK59 Scope, Have the Scope , need light source box with cord, e-mail
  7. WTB M3a1 Grease Gun Bolt

    Sir, If you are still looking for a Bolt e-mail me
  8. WTB Colt Thompson Vertical Front Grip

    Sir, E-mail me at the Savage Front grips are the metal piece that mounts under the barrel, if that's what your looking for let me know, can send you photos of some examples I do have, Regards Charlie Maine
  9. WTB 1910 Finn. Maxim barrels

    WTB 2ea Finnish 1910 Maxim Barrels in 762 X54 in good condition , NOT 1910 Russian Barrels Finn. only
  10. WTB: Swiss 7.5 mm STG -57 / PE-57 barrel

    Sir, Advise if you are still looking for a Sig STGW57 barrel in 7.5, e-mail me at, might be able to help Regards Charlie Dedham Maine
  11. WTB Marbles game getter barrels .410/.22 cal any lengh
  12. WTS: 1927 Argentine .45s

    Sir, Was wondering if you still have the 2 ea Model 27 Argentine .45 pistols Regards Charlie Erb Maine e-mail me at
  13. M1, Thompson, Bridgeport, Unique

    Back in the fiftys when this stuff was dirt cheep all sorts of finishs were put on these guns, not just thompsons, lugers ,45s, you name it, many years ago I was offered a Luger, that was plated like this Thompson, "Special Generals Gun" the person trying to sell it," I agree on the above comment, have it stripped and restored,by some-one who knows these guns inside out ,shame to see this,
  14. M1, Thompson, Bridgeport, Unique

    Perhaps a officers Gun ,OR a GENERALS, I THINK NOT