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  1. Price drop with bump! A great deal for 29.9 K, buyer pays all shipping and taxes. (cell) 202-487-7638, DLRegister@reagan.com Darryl
  2. I may have a couple, email me at DLRegister@reagan.com
  3. WTS WHurley M1A1

    Here's a freshly blue printed West Hurley M1 with M1A1 hardware. It's on a Form 4 with several accessories as in XXX mags and others. The blueprinting was done by Paul Krough, it's as dependable as a fresh GI model. You can't find a better, more durable Thompson. Asking $21K For further info email me at dlregister1@gmail.com Thanks for looking
  4. Bumped, with D. Albert's help the mysterious tag issue is fixed. Thanks again David!
  5. What's strange about it is when you Google Colt Monitor, there's a photo of this gun. Most likely due to its pistol grip trigger frame. I wouldn't be selling this gun, but some unforeseen health problems have arisen. My loss, your gain. Darryl
  6. Price drop on a very nice gun, $35,000 Hard to find a better BAR
  7. Added photo of receiver top. (Tried to add photo :-) Serial number 42788 Thanks for looking, Darryl
  8. Adding photos, Note that this BAR is ALL Colt, except the Marlin-Rockwell receiver.
  9. This is the same BAR that was displayed at the recent TCA display, SAR East show. Darryl
  10. Looking to sell my R75 BAR on an original WWI Marlin Rockwell receiver. The gun is registered on a Form 4, fully transferable. Comes with (3) 20 round mags. Asking 29.9 K, you pay shipping and all transfer taxes. 50/50 Payments considered Also have many available spare parts including sling, pouches and mags. Email dlregister1@gmail.com for details and photos. A really nice gun!!