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  1. The suppressor is still for sale. Buyer is unresponsive
  2. Uzi 22 long rifle conversions

    kits in stock
  3. New Surefire Socom 556 Mini BK Suppressor with Mount New $615.00 shipped will E File to your dealer email or message with inquiries Thanks Joe
  4. Uzi barrels for sale

  5. Uzi barrels for sale

    not much left get your barrels now
  6. Do you still have your mini UZI barrel? Is it OEM?


    Looking for PPSh 41 mags and drums!!!!

  7. Uzi barrels for sale Semi Auto or SMG semi conversion unknown manufacture semi auto SBR barrels excellent $120 each shipped just received more barrels
  8. Ruger AC556 Bolt- M249 SAW Tri Rail- M203 Quadrant sight -M240 gas port plug- Johnson LMG mags All prices include shipping and everything is used Ruger AC 556 Bolt $100 shipped SAW 249 Tri Rail $75.00 shipped M240 Gas Port Plug $125 shipped M203 Quadrant Sight $35 shipped 2 Johnson M1941 LMG magazines $75.00 shipped
  9. All prices include shipping LOOK at the pictures what you see is what you get email or message me with all inquires PAWS Sterling full parts kit from a gun cut by John Andrewski $325 PAWS Sterling partial kit no barrel John A cut $225 M203 Quad sight $35 2-Johnson LMG 20 round mags $185 shipped
  10. WTB Sterling MKIV grip

    WTB Sterling MKIV grip in new to excellent condition
  11. Uzi 22 conversions in stock

    kits in stock get it now this will be it