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  1. Just saying it might be worth getting active here and sign the petition. I used a burner email and did not put my full name in there. Probably the only chance we are going to have a President that might actually consider this repeal. Please share it
  2. Interesting article 3rd paragraph page 2 mentions the surge in NFA forms processed from <350k in 2006 to >1.3M in 2014 Link to Forbes Article I thought there were some more detailed metrics about approvals that I saw in the past, but have not seen in years. Wonder if there is a breakdown on the types of Forms approved somewhere?
  3. Don't we all wish these would just show up under the Christmas tree! Link to Breitbart article
  4. Received a Colt 1911 Commercial. The barrel is clearly marked COLT 45 AUTO MATCH and then in a circle MB. I do not believe this barrel is the original barrel. Can anyone share their expertise or point me to a good online source? Appreciate it thanks
  5. Here is the SCAMMERS email address that reached out to me on a WTB ad for a Thompson item. it displayed as Train n Here is the SCAMMERS, address that funds were asked to be directed to. Name-Lorna hall Address-262 Columbia Ave 1st fl. Jersey City nj 07307 Submitting to the USPS Mail Fraud Inspectors office
  6. Same guy I think pinged me on my own WTB when I received his phone number 912-295-4187 and googled it. This post started by g36kinnc came up and put a stop to any more discussion from my end. thanks
  7. I am not surprised. Intentional, dunno, kinda doubt it, maybe in part bureaucratic Article regarding ATF retaining gun owner information
  8. Looking to acquire an original Indiana style case for the Thompson Submachine Gun. These cases are described and pictured in the book “The Ultimate Thompson Book” by Tracie Hill on page 643. The interior is configured to hold the Thompson submachine gun with the buttstock removed, an L drum and six XX magazines. In the early 80’s book, The Thompson Submachine Gun book by Roger Cox, he describes having seen 10 of these cases with a violet interior, although there are known examples with red interiors. Pictured below is a reproduction example. My assumption is that there are a few of these out there and I am looking to find one available for sale. If you have one or know of a collector of Thompson accessories who has one of these, that would be willing to discuss selling, please contact me by PM. thanks michael
  9. Firearm torque wrench

    Yes you might see this most recent acquisition at a certain pistol competitiion.
  10. Firearm torque wrench

    Very interesting thanks also a very interesting idea thanks
  11. Unfortunately not able to help you but when I saw this I remembered one for sale at Western Firearms, searched it and found out it was a pre-may 86 and it was sold. There are a few very qualified Thompson smiths out there, wonder if they could replicate one as a Postie like you asked. Link to Broadhead Armory firing pin conversion
  12. Firearm torque wrench

    thanks J50shootr appreciate sharing Know for sure I want to install some optics on that FNX and really do not want to screw it up!
  13. Have a few firearms that require specific torque specs on the screws. Specifically SCAR's and FNX 45 Tactical. Don't intend to change a barrel on the SCAR's any time soon, hopefully never, but nice to be equipped with the right tools for it if I so chose. SCAR's use a T25 and snug to 62 in-lbs, again no real plans to do that. However, the FNX Tactical 45 has Optic mount screws with very specific torque specs, uses T10 & T15 at 10 & 15 in-lbs. So here is my question. Looking for your recommendations for a torque wrench to accommodate the above. My habit is to lean to made in the USA when available and reasonably priced and found this with some searching, but wondering if there are other recommendations.