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  1. WTB Winchester Model 1897 Handguard and Bayonet Assembly

    Robert, If you don’t have any luck finding and original, check these out. I bought one for my Ithaca as a placeholder. Very well done. Took a bit to get it per their ad, but I’m pleased. Ron
  2. Reising M50, SBPD, Excellent with Case

    Bumping this one up for Ruben as it’s a beautiful police M50 with Federal Labs case. I like it!! Ron
  3. For what it’s worth, looks like a Gun machines modification. They milled the bolt to lighten and removed the ears from the Blish lock to greatly increase speed. Ron
  4. WTS Original C&R MG 08/15

    PM sent Thanks, Ron B
  5. Bit of an Introduction

    At $400 a month storage do they waive transfer fees or are they going to gig you with an administrative fee on top of the storage fee, which is on top of the $200 tax? Certainly your gun would take up some room but after nine months+ the dealer will have a nice new safe at $400 a month. Just be sure of what all the terms would be if you go the dealer route. C&R is the way to go if you can swing it. Also vet out the dealer on how expedient they are. I had a local CIII screw me over on two can transfers as I went with the first guys I found that were close. An associate in the shop was great but the owner did all the paperwork and he was less than great and slow as molasses. Ron
  6. WTS Gun Room cleanout

    PM sent on the German Machinegun book Thanks Ron
  7. CETME mags are sold. Dropping price of HK group to $40.00 shipped. Thanks Ron
  8. I recently got these in a box of stuff. No idea what they are worth. I compared with HK parts but feel free to let me know if I am off base or shoot me an offer. Asking $85 plus shipping for the four HK mags and 2 pouches and $25.00 for the three CETME mags with pouch. I did not open the fourth HK mag but the other three are dated in the 60s/70s.
  9. WTB Reising Model 65 mag release

    I got one. Thanks to Dalbert sending me an eBay link. It pays to let others know what you need!!! Ron
  10. AGIs how to build an AKS from a parts kit is $59.95. CETME and FN-FAL are $39.95 each. The thousands of dollars kits are only if you want to be a gunsmith. Ron
  11. Shot gun news used to run quite a few home builder series. They also published a compilation issue of gunsmithing projects. I don't have the title handy. American gunsmithing institute also had some stuff (how to build AK comes to mind). hopefully these leads give you a start Ron
  12. WTS: German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks (3) - SOLD - Pics

    For fun: 40 tons is 80,000 lbs.. You'll need a lowboy probably at least with a rating of 100,000lbs (you have to consider the weight of the trailer on the rating). Then you need something to pull it. The highest towing for an F150 is about 10,000 lbs so you'll need 10 of them too. A diesel F450 can tow about 30,000lbs so you'd need a few of them. Here's a Ford towing your tank on a trailer (kind of) same weight at least. Just to give all an appreciation for how much stuff weighs and how much power and torque is sitting in that Leopard as well. Tanks are pretty darn cool. Ron