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  1. PM sent. I will take them. Direct email:
  2. WTS: New IMI 1919 barrels

    Hello Bob, Regarding the 1919 barrel shroud. I need your mailing address. Thank You Gerald Dorsey
  3. OK, Gerald Dorsey 1905 Ontario Dr. Janesville, WI 53545 I can do ppal if desired. Otherwise I will send a US postal money order. Cheapest way is fine. Thank You
  4. I will take it. Thank You
  5. I will take 6 for $250.00 tracerconnect PM Sent
  6. The 7 curved mags are sold to tracerconnect
  7. PM sent on the New German curved IF code mags- 6 available $50 ea.
  8. Private message sent on the 2 AUG butt plates.
  9. WTS HK 93 30rd LEO Mag Unused

    Allow me to offer $65.00 shipped. I am in Wisconsin. That seams to be going price. No rush if you wish to wait for better offers. Gerald Dorsey
  10. I will take this item if still available for $145.00 postage paid. Number 25 NEW original Belgian MAG-58 (M240 LMG) armorer's tool kit with roll.