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  1. Threaded Colt 1908 Barrels

    Finished up the 1903 .32 ACP Threaded and non barrels as well. They turned out really nice and the 1903 makes a great (quiet) host
  2. Our custom 380 barrels have the larger 9mm 3/4" threads for installing an old-school 9mm SIONICS suppressor, or for installing our 9mm MacAdapter, as well as having 1/2"-28 threads on the muzzle for installing a modern 9mm suppressor or AR15 type 9mm flash-hider/compensator. Our custom 380 barrels, are physically/metallurgical identical to our M11/9 upgraded barrels, except chambered in 380. Materials: 4140 Chrome-Moly steel. Alignment: Bore-OD/Center. Rifling: Button. Twist: 1:10 Chamber: Upgraded (proprietary) from oem specifications & polished for improved feeding and extraction. Suppressor contacts: 3/4-10tpi (oem/sionics) & 1/2-28tpi muzzle. Suppressor alignments: 3/4" & 1/2" threads concentric with bore axis. Length: 5 & 5/16" (OEM length) Finish: Black oxide Additional: Machined 7/8" wrench-flats for easy installation/removal Proudly Made In The U.S.A 380 M11 Barrel
  3. Can anyone tell me the best monthly or quarterly magazine publications for nfa firearms, reviews, etc? TIA
  4. Just finished up the 380 mac kits now as well, turned out well I think
  5. Threaded Colt 1908 Barrels

    Thanks Mongo, I believe we have all done a bit of that over the years
  6. Threaded Colt 1908 Barrels

    I have always loved the 1903/1908 Pocket Hammerless and wanted to run a can on one as well. I also figured that since I was making some threaded ones I would make some non threaded for those who had wasted barrels from the corrosive ammo or ones that had bulged over time. Finished the 4 protos (two threaded two non) on Thursday and took them out yesterday for testing, all four performed flawlessly, even with hp's. These are obviously rougher than what the limited production units will be and I need to reduce the threads a bit and add a shoulder as I didn't bother to do it for the proto's not knowing whether or not the gun would make a decent host (it did). Thought I would share in case anyone else likes these little pistols as much as I Barrels can be found Here
  7. They are 190 shipped as the barrels are a touch cheaper to make. Made a quick video shooting it the other day, not a lot of time to setup but it does give you an idea. This was using the 147 Grain FBI HP Loads.
  8. Thank you sir. Going to take one out tomorrow and burn some more rounds through it.
  9. This M11/9 Macadapter Kit (U.S. Patent Pending) comes with the 8 5/16" barrel, 7" quad rail hand guard, 3 1/4" Flash-cone and of course adapter, to allow the hand guard to be mounted to your M11/9 without permanent alteration of your receiver or upper. With this kit you can mount any forward vertical or slanted grip that is designed for a standard mil rail as well as optic $200.shipped to lower 48 I am new here but have perfect feedback on Colt Forum and Gunbroker.