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  1. I’d like them. I sent a PM but haven’t heard back.
  2. WTB Reising M50 mags

    Thanks, I contacted Wayne and they are all sold.
  3. WTB Reising M50 mags

    Thanks. I just sent him a PM.
  4. WTB Reising M50 mags

    If you have one or more of these mags, please shoot me a PM. I’ve got the gun but no mag!
  5. WTB: M60

    Thank you, Circular-Square88. Your daughter and future kids have a good daddy!
  6. WTS: Ruger 10/22

    Does it have the anti-bounce bolt? I have a few Norrells and would like to get a spare bolt for them. I might be willing to buy all the parts minus the receiver for your asking price.
  7. WTB: M60

    I was just making a new posting for that and some other guns. Good timing and ignore the posting that may be going up shortly. In answer to your question: Yes, while I did buy one M60 and I’ve paid 100% for it and it’s at a gunsmith being checked out, I still want to buy another. Over the next couple of years, I actually need four total (I have four kids and when they are old enough, each kid will get one of each type of MG). Anyway, I am still in the market and I have cash and will pay cash in advance. I can furnish plenty of references. I’ve only bought and never sold MGs but the references will all tell you that I sent payment in less than 24 hrs of the deal being struck. That said, I will want a solid contract in place that if I pre-pay you, you will send the gun in a timely manner once approved (within 72 hrs) etc. And I’ll also want to talk to you before sending you money, to ensure it’s not a scam. Please tell me more. I’m especially interested in whether it’s a reweld, what part is registered, if the trunion is egged out or loose at all, what version (E6 maybe?), the condition of the gun, how long you’ve owned it, if it’s in your name, if it shoots reliably, and what accessories you have. If you have pics, I’d love to see them. Oh, and if you have other MGs for sale, let me know which and I’ll tell you if we should discuss more than one. EDIT: please send the above info by PM rather than posting it here. And in case others are reading this, I also am looking for a: Norrell 10/22 trigger pack, MP40, an AUG, and a Mac 11 9mm (preferably with a Lage upper).
  8. WTB: M60

    Thanks, Mike. Sorry for not posting sooner, I was traveling overseas. I’ve emailed James Julia and will bid on that auction. Thanks for the heads up. Jon, can you PM the details on the gun. For example, are you the original owner and how it’s set up (e.g. E1 or E3), and if you have any accessories or parts that are included. Thank you!
  9. WTB: M60

    I wish! Thanks for the offer but I can only buy pre-86 fully transferable guns.
  10. WTB: M60

    Somehow I missed that. Thank you so much!
  11. WTB: M60

    Thanks but I’m sure you’re right. If anyone has a shooter, please send me a pm. I have cash.
  12. WTB: M60

    WTB: M60 I’m looking for a decent condition M60. I don’t want a museum piece, rather I’m looking for a shooter that is in good condition. Please advise if you have one, the price you’re looking for, the registered part, and if there are any issues (e.g. rewelded parts, receiver out of spec, etc.) I can furnish plenty of references and will pay cash in advance. But... I will do my due diligence, so scammers need not waste their time.
  13. I’m looking for a well-running Fightlite or Shrike MCR. If you have one for sale, please PM me the version, condition, and price. Also, if you have any accessories, please let me know what’s included in the deal. I only need the upper, not the gun and I need one with the full-auto bolt carrier. Thank you.
  14. I appreciate the folks who sent me offers. Thank you very much. I bought an M60 (Maramount) and a second Norrell Ruger 10/22, both in the last 10 days. And yes, I’m the one who scored the Midwest Tactical listed Norrell 10/22 gun for $14,500. From what I heard, several other people tried to buy it but I didn’t haggle in price and bought it as soon as the listing went out. Anyway, I’m now looking for a Shrike / Fightlight MCR belt fed upper. I’ll probably post another ad for that. As far as the Ma Deuce, local ranges aren’t keen in letting folks shoot them here, so I’m no longer focused on getting one but still feel free to send me an offer if you have one. After January 1, I’ll be able to put more money in my trust and I’ll be looking for 2 more Norrell 10-22s. Thanks guys and Go 2nd Ammendment!!!!!
  15. Any M60s for sale?