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  1. WTB Transferable Full Sized UZI

    hello jim,i have a r.r uzi , excellent ,here in ohio . 14.5 k. thanks james
  2. hello, send me an email and your best price. i will reply, i cant seem to figure out how to use the new site. thanks james
  3. i want the ar10, siaga,10rnd mp5 mags.never used the new system , reply and i will send funds. thanks james
  4. i have good condition er maples m2 for 35,000.00. thanks james coots
  5. WTB: Pre-86 HK MP5SD & 33/33K

    hello, i have hk33 @9500.00 , mp5sd @ 16000.00 with low mount , acog. g.b listing numbers for pics and info. 551462792 HK33 MACHINE GUN PRE MAY SAMPLE HK 33 HK93 1 0 $9,950.00 552033864 MP5SD PRE MAY SAMPLE MP5 SD ,WITH ACOG, MOUNT