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  1. WTB/WTT Swiss Stgw.57 SELECT FIRE

    I am looking for a rare weapon, I know. I know there are very few of these in the Registry that were imported pre-68 and so transferable, but if there are any out there for sale- this rifle will complete my collection of Swiss rifles and I gotta try! best way to contact me is message. Message gets personal email.
  2. For sale: EoTech 412 Holographic rifle sight. NIB, never even mounted on a rifle. I bought this mistakenly believing that it was compatible with Night Vision devices, which it is not. I may never use NV, but went and bought a Meprolight in case I do. Paid Amazon $420 + shipping. I'll sell it for $385 even- no shipping charge. Please respond through email listed. Busterjahicks@gmail.com
  3. I would like to buy a Ciener .22 caliber conversion set and several mags for a Ruger AC 556/Mini 14. Sorry for the earlier wording of this post- I have the Mini 14- i need the Ciener set. Sorry!
  4. CLOSED: Ruger AC556 (non-folder)

    Hi Dogdoctor- I am also a Mass green card holder- been down this road before and about to do it again. Check David Spiwak's website on a regular basis- he has the most reasonable prices on Ruger's you'll find, supports the purchase with a 3-day inspection period, and is an honorable and honest person. Just google his name.
  5. SPF Ruger 556 ANIB $8500 added pic

    I am not the seller
  6. SPF Ruger 556 ANIB $8500 added pic

  7. Hi- I am interested in buying a replacement barrel for my carbine. Will you sell me one, and if so what would you charge for it?
  8. WTS FRENCH MAS36/51 RIFLE 7.5 cal. $595.00

    Hi- am interested! Can you send some pics to me sir? Thanks- Mitch
  9. German WW1 Gewehr 98 - $450.00

    Does this have any identifier stampings? Many of these that were used during the WWII era were used by ceremonial units- you may have a nice find. I might be interested if you could provide a bit more description about the stampings. Thanks- Buster
  10. WTS: Sturmgewehr 44, STG44 parts kit

    So I don't understand- with the cut receiver this can be legally purchased and is not a NFA weapon? Thanks- Mitch
  11. WTS-Stemple STG-U9 with suppressor $7,500

    Hi- Is this the "Stemple Suomi" model? Is a 2-stamp application needed? Can you send me some pics? Thanks- Mitch