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  1. I am looking to buy an original wartime blued finish, matching, MP40 non-rewat / non-tube, C & R gun. If you have something to sell or know of someone (collector / dealer) who does, contact me through the board or at dcook-1@msn.com. Thanks, Dan Foristell, MO
  2. WTS: West Hurley M1A1 Thompson

    All, Thanks for the interest in this Thompson. It is now sold. Dan
  3. After recently purchasing a Colt Thompson Model 1921AC, I am selling my West Hurley M1A1 Thompson. I purchased this gun in 2000 and put 3-4 magazines through it without any malfunctions. Since then, I have not fired the gun and it has resided in my gun safe. The gun is on a Form 4. I am asking $14,500 which would include shipping. Buyer pays the $200 transfer tax. Please e-mail or call with questions. Thanks for taking a look. Dan dcook-1@msn.com / 916-747-7174