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  1. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    It seems each persons gun functions with various ammo and magazines a little differently, which is pretty normal, especially with .22. Took mine out yesterday with some non gun friends from out of town and had a blast. They had never shot a MG and it was the perfect way to show off the reasons we all love shooting so much. But I may still have to let it go, we'll see.
  2. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    Mine runs flawless with the factory Ruger BX-25 mags. The only other mags I tried were butler creek and it was hit or miss. So, I gave those away to a friend and use only the BX-25. Runs like a sewing machine flawless with those and good ammo. Usually cci mini mag or standard velocity cci, regular federal, or Aguila all run great. The Winchester white box or the Remington green suck in all guns.
  3. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    Not to say those that have HK sears already don't love it, just saying how my comments on here and privately have gone.
  4. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    Thanks for the input. Talking with some others, it appears the HK sear is loved by those that don't have one yet, so naturally, we all want one. However, those of us that have the 10/22 full auto love it and love sharing it with family and friends due to its ease of operation. I have always shared mine with my amateur friends and they always love it. Sadly, it may be the time to part with it. It is a tough call.
  5. Thoughts on selling my Norrell 10/22 transferable machine gun so I can have funds for an HK pack... good idea? Which do you think has a better chance to appreciate?