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  1. Full auto trips needed for post sample MPX I've sold several hundred and have around 9k on a demo unit without failures $75 each plus shipping I also build them for other dealers or agencies All NFA rules apply, this DOES NOT make your gun full auto. Its not a lightning link or DIAS
  2. WTS HK UMP .40 S&W post sample

    Nothing is safe from you
  3. WTS: 25mm Puteaux AT cannon **RELISTED**

    Called you twice after giving you some time since you said you were dealing with some potential flooding. Never got a return phone call and I sent you my cell number in my original email correspondence. O well I guess
  4. WTS: 25mm Puteaux AT cannon

    Responded to your email I will take it provided I am still first
  5. Thanks for the phone call Ill take it
  6. Sent you an email, I am interested in it.
  7. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    Madsen SMG Sold
  8. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    Blowing out a lot of MG's to buy some land, getting into my personal collection with all of the rare stuff I have been holding back on. Most of the guns on this list have more parts than I can list, take pictures of, or care to dig out at this moment with me moving. But its a lot of hoarding I have done over the years and the prices reflect everything that I have ever bought to go along with the guns. M10 $6500 Sold Lightning link $19000 (SPF) C&R Jap 96 LMG $27500 Form 4 (7.62x39 Conversion, multiple original mags, optics, original barrels, spare parts, extractors, complete turnkey package, personal Gun) Jap Hotchkiss M1929 in 50BMG $POR Form 4 (To my knowledge the only one in existence that operates, with mounts and spare parts, personal gun) C&R Mg34 $65000 Form 4 (Pallet of parts, shrouds, barrels, bolts, 308 conversions, original transit case, loaders, tooling, MG34 Lafette, Lafette Optics) HTA HK91/G3 $20000 Form 3 has swingdown lower (Parts, accessories, 21E buffer, mags.) Pre-Sample Sudanese Ar10 $12000 (Few mags) C&R Lewis Gun .303 $28000 Form 3 (Pans, spare op rod, accessories, brass mount for vickers tripod) C&R Madsen M50 9mm $13000 SOLD Pre-Sample Madsen LMG 30-06 $10000 Form 3 (Mags and Tripod) Pre-Sample Sten MK3 $5500 (SPF) Pre-Sample MP40 $10000 Form 3 Pre-Sample FND $14000 Form 3 Pre-Sample M712 $9000 Form 3
  9. Welrod Clone Pistol from Innovative Arms

    Sent them an email. Id take a dozen of these provided they are well built.
  10. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    Pre Sample Sten SPF
  11. No prices on anything?
  12. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    Sure just send me a PM with your email or cell and I will get it out of the vault
  13. 10% off all transferable Machine Guns E Form

    Sent you a PM on the MG34 Receiver
  14. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    C&R Madsen M50 Added
  15. WTB: PRE-86 Dealer Sample FN MAG-58 / M240

    I guarantee he is
  16. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    Lightning Link SPF
  17. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    M10 SPF
  18. WTB: Boys Mk1 Anti-Tank Rifle Parts

    Found a monopod, still need the muzzle brake.
  19. Looking to buy parts for a Mk1 Boys AT Rifle. Really need the muzzle brake and monopod, but will consider any spare parts. Call/Text 225-439-1818 if you have anything to sell. Thanks.
  20. I wish people would leave prices up when they sell stuff so that people have something to compare to.
  21. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

  22. MG Blowout Sale $5000 and Up

    FNC and AM180 sold
  23. MG Blowout Sale $5000 and Up

    Blowing out a lot of MG's to buy some land M10/45 $6750 incoming form 4 DLO Sten MK2 $7000 form 3 (SPF) MAS 38 with piles of accessories $9000 Personal gun on form 4 SOLD Madsen M50 Pre-Sample $4750 on Form 3 SOLD M10/45 With Suppressor $7000 incoming form 4 SOLD MK Arms MK760 9mm with box $7000 on Form 3 SOLD MK Arms MK760 9mm $7000 Form 3 SOLD American 180 with lots of accessories and drums $10500 incoming on form 4 SOLD FNC .223 with S&H sear $13000 Personal Gun on form 4 SOLD Chinese Type 24 Maxim 7.62x54r Collectors Corner Gun $19000 Personal Gun on Form 4 SOLD DLO Sterling MK5 with Integral Arms suppressor like new $16000 Personal Gun on Form 4 SOLD Im here to make deals and move guns so money talks and deposits/layaway are not a problem.
  24. MG Blowout Sale $5000 and Up

    Sterling MK5 Chinese Type 24 Both sold