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  1. Transferable RIA M16

    Up for sale is a nice Rock Island Armory Inc. XM15A1. This firearm is fully transferable to individuals. Comes with upper and one aluminum magazine. Firearm runs well on any ammunition. $21,000 OBO Firearm is on a Form 3 for a quick transfer to your FFL.
  2. Transferable RIA M16

    I mark them sold when the check and f3 clears and it ships. But basically yes it’s gone
  3. Looking to buy parts for a Mk1 Boys AT Rifle. Really need the muzzle brake and monopod, but will consider any spare parts. Call/Text 225-439-1818 if you have anything to sell. Thanks.
  4. WTS: S&H Sear/Norrell 10/22

  5. WTS: S&H Sear/Norrell 10/22

    S&H 10/22 Sear on form 3 installed in trigger pack by John Norrell. Gun runs nice and not overly fast. 18500 +shipping Also in stock RIA/Sendra M16 (Sold) MK760 in box $7000 3x Sterling MK5 built by Don's Guns $18000 (Incoming) FN FNC with S&H Sear on F4 $15000 Registered Receiver Open Bolt 10/22 on F3 (Sold)
  6. Transferable AUG Sear w/ Host

  7. Transferable AUG Sear w/ Host

    Up for sale is a transferable AUG auto sear with Steyr AUG A3 host. Firearm functions flawlessly and reliably with any ammo. Comes with one magazine. Call/Text 225-439-1818 if you have any questions or need additional info. $27,500 OBO Gun is on a form 3 to your FFL as soon as funds clear.
  8. Full auto trips needed for post sample MPX I've sold several hundred and have around 9k on a demo unit without failures $75 each plus shipping I also build them for other dealers or agencies All NFA rules apply, this DOES NOT make your gun full auto. Its not a lightning link or DIAS
  9. What to know about mp40s

    MFG doesn't matter as much as condition and matching parts normally They don't ever have problems
  10. Transferable FN FNC S&H Sear w/Host

  11. Up for sale is a fully transferable FNC sear installed in a paratrooper host. Functions flawlessly, burst cam is in perfect shape. Stormwerkz picatinny rail included with the host. The host itself is in nice shape, barrel has been cut to 13.1" and gas tuned for the shorter length. Will run PMAG or aluminum mags, and fires both steel case and brass fine. Price is $15,000 Sear is on a form 4 out of Louisiana and will be transferred to your dealer. Buyer pays tax stamps.
  12. Transferable Mk760 w/ Accessories

  13. Up for sale is a like new Mk760 that is fully transferable. Comes with the original box, manual, and sling. Gun is on a form 3 and will be transferred to your FFL after payment is cleared. For any questions or specific pictures, please text 225-439-1818. $8000 OBO Buyer pays shipping/insurance.
  14. Pre-May MG34 w/ Extras

    Sent you a message
  15. Pre-May MG34 w/ Extras

    Up for sale is a nice original MG34. Imported post-68. Comes with an extra 8mm barrel and bolt assembly, as well as a Yugo assault drum. Of course, it's ready to be form 3'd over to the buyer as soon as the form comes back. Gun is in good shape and runs properly. Thoroughly cleaned and inspected right before listing. Asking $12,000 OBO Form 3 to your FFL as soon as the funds clear. Buyer pays shipping/insurance
  16. Pre-May MG34 w/ Extras

  17. WTS: S&H Sear/Norrell 10/22

  18. Transferable RIA M16

  19. WTS: S&H Sear/Norrell 10/22

  20. Transferable FN FNC S&H Sear w/Host

  21. RPD Build

    If its a DSA Receiver the feedramp from the feedtray down isn't cut right you have to bring it up. The bullets are nose diving into it. Take your top cover off and leave the feedtray on and look at it. You'll figure it out quickly.
  22. Transferable FN FNC S&H Sear w/Host

    BTT. Offers accepted.
  23. WTS: AK47 Machine Gun (Fleming)

    Weird things happened in the 80’s
  24. Less than ethical seller/ member list?

    Last I checked lost/stolen guns are always returned to the owner. So they found the gun?