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  1. WTS: HTA MP5S (MP5SD) Transferable Package

    It’s a one stamp
  2. WTS: Transferable Machine Pistol $30,000

    It’s full auto only The upper of course is the registered part, so in theory a 712 lower would work if you wanted to select fire it
  3. WTS Transferable Broomhandle Mauser Machine Pistol in 9mm converted by CC Dist on a Form 3 in my inventory. Selling it for the owner who's having health problems and never took possession of it or shot it. $30,000 plus shipping
  4. Transferable milled ak question

    Sleeping a barrel for an AK isn’t exactly something I’d recommend but if done well isn’t a problem. It all comes down to if it’ll ever move or not, I’ve done it a LOT on the RPD’s over the year and tens of thousands of rounds later they held up.
  5. Grate lakes tactical

    Wants to confiscate isn’t the correct term. They ARE GOING to take them if you haven’t done a form 2. Gone around and picked up many so far from people I know who called me freaking out
  6. WTS: HTA MP5S (MP5SD) Transferable Package

    Interesting and nice gun Handled it in person and it’s quiet
  7. WTS Madsen M50 Sub Gun Fully Transferable.

    Who’s the MFG on the form?
  8. Does anyone else find it odd that there have been no new MG’s listed on subguns in 10 days now. I’ve been on there a long time and never seen this before.
  9. Value of Post-Sample MP-5's?

    Its about the same The only thing that brings $2-300 more is the burst pack IF they are FA as well. Just the S/1/2 packs are considered a downgrade
  10. WTS: Marlin Potato Digger with Extras $25k

  11. Hotchkiss MK1 Portable in good shape with LOTS of extras. Pictures of gun and parts below On form 4 in Lousiana $20,000 includes shipping and tax paid to your dealer
  12. WTS: MG08/15 Maxim $17,500

    MG08/15 converted to 7.62x54R using Russian block, lock, and slide. Gun is numbers matching only parts that are not numbers matching and not included are the original lock. slide, and barrel. It is possible I may still have and find the original Lock and slide but I make no promises and the gun is not being sold with them or with an 8mm barrel. Included pictures of all the parts and numbers on parts. On form 4 in LA $17,500 includes shipping and tax stamp to your dealer
  13. Marlin Potato Digger in 30-06 with parts and accessories, gun was deactivated by a tac weld in the ejection port and a brass rod pushed into the chamber (lightly). Was reactivated and gun runs as it should. Almost all the finish is gone and it just left with a patina (no pitting). On a form 4 in LA Shipping and stamp paid to your dealer is included $25,000