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  1. Ohio Rapid Fire Belt Fed 21. Opinions

    ORF is some of the worst stuff ever. They made/make all kinds of stuff and I am not sure how they are still in business. Hopefully it works

    I have a Chilean Pre Sample in 30-06. It’s one of my more enjoyable guns. I think they are under rated and people just don’t know anything about them. GLWS!
  3. Multiple AR-15 Barrels

    Bump prices reduced
  4. WTS one of my C&R Lahti L-39 20mm AT Rifles in good shape. Comes with transit case, ski's, magazines, and a partial tool kit. On a form 4 with my C&R License Will transfer directly to a C&R License $13,000
  5. WTS: Solothurn S18-1000, Very good cond., $17,995

    Nice gun Looked at it a few times pretty thorough at the creek.
  6. WTS: Trasferable Saco/Metrotech M60 $44000

    Bump M60 still available
  7. WTS: Trasferable Saco/Metrotech M60 $44000

    Sten SPF
  8. WTB: 13.2mm Hotchkiss Parts or Tripod

    Bump still looking
  9. WTS: AC556K, Mac 11-9 Suppressor $300/10500

    Thompson and Mac sold
  10. WTS: Trasferable Saco/Metrotech M60 $44000

    Price drop by $2000 on M60 Will have it at Knob Creek May entertain offers its time for someone else to own it
  11. Got my Knob Creek flyer yesterday...

    Just in the time I have been going twice a year for 5-6 years now I have seen a large decline in vendor turnout. The gun show aspect of it is turning more and more into people pricing stuff higher than what it is on the internet and trying to pass off crap as gold. I buy a lot of stuff there still for sure. But before no matter how much money I brought it was all gone and I had IOU's. Past two times I have come back home with money as there is just less and less to buy. There was rumor in April of them doing a once a year show but making it longer. Don't know how much truth there is to that. Also side note during the Lords Prayer they don't say "Lord" nearly as much as they used to. Used to be 30+ times now its less than 20.
  12. Minigun Repair

    Thats not an understatement The tabs for the safing sector were 1/4" off each
  13. Pre-May, IMI 365, Galil, Folder, 5.56mm, NEW

    Nice 7.62 mag
  14. Minigun Repair

    So let me first start off by saying its about as easy to be a rocket surgeon as it was to get this transmission that shoots bullets working correctly. Dealer friend of mine bought it and was royally screwed up. Pretty sure it was built with hand drills. Safing Sector was out so with bolts installed rotor wouldn't turn. Holes for feeder/delinker completely out of spec one hole was .250 and other hole was .040 off. Specs of hole are .192+-.001. Welded up and remachined all the holes and correctly plotted the radius for the safing sector and gun is working fine. Minus the batteries going dead from not being charged when it was sent. For everyones viewing pleasure a new unfired M134 with Garwood parts and clutch system on a Crane mount.