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  1. WTS Savage 28 PreMay Thompson & Accessories

    Pretty good price for a transferable.
  2. FRENCH 25MM ANTI TANK GUN DD 11500.00

    Do you have a price for everything? Feel free to PM me have cash in hand
  3. Pre-May Walther MPK “Keeper

  4. WTS: German FG42 on F3. $250k

    I’m just glad I got to see it in person and look it over before you decided to not keep it.
  5. MG-34 .308 conversion experiance?

    Your ejector length is wrong see it happen all the time
  6. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    Can you post a picture of the markings on the gun?
  7. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    How rude!
  8. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    If you get anything cool give it to me you don’t need it.
  9. WTS: C&R Lahti L-39 20mm AT Rifle $13000

    Pictures added
  10. Complete HK PSG1 package with all accessories when originally bought new. I have shot 3 magazines out of the gun since owning it. $25,000 OBO 1986 Numbers Matching Izhevsk Dragunov. Gun was 2 bandsaw cut once through the mag well and once at the selector hole. Was rewelded and refinished and is impossible to tell. Mag fitment is flawless and gun shoots very good with hand loads. $15,000 OBO Pictures on request
  11. WTS: C&R Lahti L-39 20mm AT Rifle $13000

    Don’t judge me I haven’t had time to get the transit chest out for it yet.