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  1. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Is there a chart that has SN range to determine age of MFG on the PS90? Because I have never seen one
  2. Ishevsk SVD Dragunov Infantry Sniper Rifle with Scope. Gun is numbers matching (Bolt, safety, dust cover, gas block, hand guards, trigger mechanism). $22,500
  3. WTS: Trasferable Saco/Metrotech M60 $44000

    Still have it
  4. WTS: Intratec KG-9 (KG-99) Submachine Gun - $8,750

    Is it a registered bolt or receiver?
  5. Pre May Dealer Samples For Sale

    Calling you on the Bren I want it
  6. WTS: Transferable Chinese Type 50 (PPSh-41) MG

    Is this the same one I sent a check for years ago and you had to wait while some stuff got taken care of? I am still potentially interested in it, really liked the gun back then
  7. HKG3, Double Push Pin, PSG1 Lower, Excellent

    That’s a G3 SG1 trigger pack Not a PSG
  8. WTS / WTT: Pre-86 Dealer Sample Dutch Armalite AR-10

    This would go great next to the 2 I have. Just give it to me cuz we are friends.
  9. WTS Steel Broadhead RDIAS 33.2K

    They made them both ways Also there are many questions that are just best not asked.
  10. Good luck I offered more than that in $100 bills
  11. WTB - Glock Sears for demo

    You got it
  12. SPF: Transferable Savage M1 Thompson (REDUCED, $18,750)

    I’m surprised this hasn’t sold
  13. WTB - Glock Sears for demo

    Nathan doesn’t do them anymore at the moment. Your friend does know that ATF is kicking back a large majority of demo letter and calling police chiefs? If that that doesn’t deter him then I can help with what he wants.
  14. WTS: AC556K, Mac 11-9 Suppressor $300/10500

    Yes it is