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  1. HK21E Parts Kit - German

    It's cool man don't worry about it I was one who talked to you 3 different times on the phone afew hours of your listing this. You said there would be photos in the next 20 minutes and pending those I would buy the kit. I suppose if that didn't get your attention not much will. Thanks for at least getting back to me on here I suppose.
  2. HK21E Parts Kit - German

    I was still waiting on photos from when we talked
  3. PP-19 Bizon

    After several years of hunting I finally found the mags needed to start a PP-19 Bizon build and in 9 Mak. https://ibb.co/j0J8fk
  4. M10 A1A 45 full auto civilian transferable subgun

    Pmed id like to buy it
  5. The Mexican with 4 names strikes again, he has been lurking around here for a minimum of a year now trying to scam someone.
  6. Lighlty Used HK MP5/10mm Full Auto Dealer Sample $4,500

    Pretty common on 40/10mm when you run the guns hot or the buffer deteriorates. Have to hammer it back in or the stocks won't collapse correctly
  7. Austen mag loaders $115 shipped

    Best loaders for sten mags hands down

    Pm'ed Would like to see about purchasing the FNC
  9. FNC need help / parts

    Curtis at S&H is still doing work for conversions they do a few a month still.
  10. HELP! portive /hotchkiss, 7.62 russ conversion

    Midway USA has 303 brit ammo cheap and wolf has come back out with it, still cheaper to shoot 303 than it is 54 these days. Its a pretty straight forward conversion though I did one awhile ago, let me see if I still have all my notes and measurements on it.
  11. WTS: Transferable IMI Uzi $14000 on Form 3

    Still available
  12. WTS Jap 99 Mag $2000

    Late Jap 99 magazine in fair shape. Is not numbered and is painted black which looking to be original paint, which is consistent with a late war naval japanese parts/guns. There is minor pitting in places and normal wear, most of the look is cosmetic discoloration from the finish and wear. Follower and spring in good shape and mag functions as it should Asking $2000
  13. HK21E Parts Kit - German

    Judging by your pictures your 21E shroud is short, it looks to be a 21. If you put the trunnion up to it with the barrel in it should almost be flush with the flash hider. I am interested in it either way and sent you a PM
  14. Bad Boy Blasters...bad news.

    We got one of there units it's ok Had to completely rebuild the foot pedal and connectors as they were made from total junk The box holds sand and blows it around though