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  1. WTS: Medea M3A1 Grease gun $ 13,500

    Sent you a text
  2. Holy hell, I think you win the prize on most screwed up postage. I sent some stuff to a guy in TX that went to Oregon and back a few weeks ago.
  3. WTS Jap 99 Mag $1800 Price Drop

    Bumped with price drop
  4. To the top just made more
  5. HK UMP 45 Parts Kit $900

    Bump still have 1 kit available
  6. WTS: 5.56, 7.62x51, 50 BMG Blanks

    Selling LC 5.56, 7.62x51, and 50 BMG blanks. 5.56 is either loose or belted for $200 per thousand 7.62x51 is belted for $300 per thousand 50 BMG is belted for $65 per hundred Or best offer I will make deals on bulk amounts All prices plus shipping
  7. Value of Colt 9mm sub-guns, Posties

    8-1k which is what they are worth as a parts kit
  8. Dam thats cheap, good luck with sale!

  10. I emailed you pictures, but I would take your email down from public view....you will get hammered with scammer emails.
  11. WTB: Japanese Type 92 (Hotchkiss) Barrel in 7.7

    Don't put your email public they will take the opportunity to try and take your hard earned money
  12. Rock Island Auction Pricing today

    I didn't see any deals by any means after factoring buyers premium.
  13. M16 shooter preservation questions

    KNS Antiwalk pins KNS Sear pin Main thing is knowing how to install pins correctly and not increasing wear, as well as having an upper thats tuned correctly. Know the correct lengths and intervals to change out springs and refresh the gun and it'll last 300,000 rounds without a problem.
  14. List is up to date still with quantity and prices