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  1. feedback assistance

    I wish they had a transaction report integrated, but alas even then most people don't leave feedback. At this point you kind of go off of how many posts someone has and what their community rep is.
  2. .50 SLAP rounds

    They will open out as soon as they leave the barrel, there is a disclaimer to not shoot them through Barrett's and such somewhere on the Internet.
  3. Beautiful Post-86 H&K MP5A2 - $1750 shipped OBO

  4. WTS: Transferable Type 24/Chinese Maxim $14,500

    I can't believe you haven't sold this
  5. Mg17 Parts kit

    I'm extremely interested in it I pmed you can I get some photos?
  6. WTB Paddle and protector for SWD Lightning Link

    KNS precision makes the protector M60Joe for paddles
  7. WTS: IMI Uzi Pistol

    Admins moved it for you
  8. WTK - Sig MPX Full Auto Question

    Questions like this is why I have been building so many posties off semi's people getting tired of being jerked around.
  9. WTS: 1918 BAR Parts Kit

  10. WTS: IMI Uzi Pistol

    Wait if it's semi why does it transfer on a form 4? Also this is the wrong section, they have a semi auto board on the page. This is the NFA section http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/forum/7-semi-auto-market-board/
  11. M60 All HK sears M2HB SPF
  12. WTS: Medea M3A1 Grease gun $ 13,500

    Sent you a text
  13. Holy hell, I think you win the prize on most screwed up postage. I sent some stuff to a guy in TX that went to Oregon and back a few weeks ago.