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  1. NFA for Sale, Sten's and a Reising

    Who is listed as the MFG on the stens?
  2. Pre-86 Dealer Sample MiniMi / SAW / M249 - SELL or TRADE

    Give me the gun and write me a check and I’ll do you the favor or storing it in my nice vault.
  3. WTS: Transferable Chinese Type 50 (PPSh-41) MG

    Thanks for making the deal easy And just to confirm I’ll take it. Just send me your info for the check.
  4. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    Two a year Normally you submit a letter saying you know you aren’t in the business of dealing in DD’s but allow this transfer.
  5. SOLD: Drop in Auto Sear M16 RDIAS and SWD M11

    Great prices Doubt these will last long
  6. Ishevsk SVD Dragunov with Optics $16500

    Bump Price drop
  7. WTB Polytech,Norinco M14 Semi Auto

    Make sure when you get one to change the bolt. Just saw one the other day that had a catastrophic
  8. Ruger MKII machine pistol

  9. FN G1 FAL West German Pre-86 dealer sample Like new

    And the price is?
  10. What rear sight did DLO use on his MG-40

    1918A2 BAR rear sight
  11. Thompson Movie Gun Package Deal

    Not sure I have had hell just trying to find one so I made some other wrenchs but like that design a lot more
  12. Thompson Movie Gun Package Deal

    If you would sell that barrel wrench by itself I would be all over it.
  13. Ishevsk SVD Dragunov with Optics $16500

    Ill double check the stock number to the scope its pretty hard to make out for obvious paint reason on the optics Its a 1979
  14. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Is there a chart that has SN range to determine age of MFG on the PS90? Because I have never seen one