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  1. O no you cannot stop him, he just keeps a lower profile with how busy he is.
  2. DTV Tactical Innovation
  3. No Law Letter Post Sample Sale

    Pro tip if Sienna Armory comments, it’s best to not get your hopes up.
  4. Dozens of no letter post samples $900 and up

    Crazy I know but this is a two year old ad, and I’m long since retired. Thread closed because obvious.
  5. Ammo for Sten MKII

    That is very odd especially if you bolt moves freely in the tube without the recoil spring in. If thats the case I would be interested to know the condition of your barrel. It is highly possible that the barrel is shot out and not making enough chamber pressure to correctly cycle your bolt.
  6. Ammo for Sten MKII

    Is it a failure to eject because the ejector geometry is messed up, or because the bolt isn't cycling far enough back to contact the ejector? Load one round in it and shoot it on semi, see if the bolt stays back. If it does the ammo is not your issue.
  7. WTS: Colt M16A1 Lower $25K

  8. WTS: Colt M16A1 Lower $25K

  9. RPD barrel removal or Fixing a demilled barrel

    Headspace takes 10 minutes to set, I wouldn't worry about it. Also if you are using a threaded barrel and thinking you will screw another one in you are in way over your head for a multitude of reasons because of how the guns are made.
  10. Shooting. 22 with a lightning link

    You can make an extended trip for the kits and use a regular paddle, I made 50 or so of them years ago when I was still fixing links a lot and real big into them. Worked really well and you just ran it like anything else.
  11. WTS: C&R BSA Lewis Gun Form 3 $25000

    SPF Will lock thread when transaction is complete
  12. WTS: C&R BSA Lewis Gun Form 3 $25000

    Pics sent
  13. RPD barrel removal or Fixing a demilled barrel

    Original are threaded, DSA are pressed and pinned.
  14. WTB Galil ARM 5.56

    Best thing you can do honestly is get a kit from Apex, get a receiver from Ben at Tort, send it to CW Gunwerks, and youd be in it for all of 1200 brand new and you would know who built it. When I was building them for people still I had to go behind and fix a lot of small stuff other people didn't do right, the people at CW are friends and do good work.
  15. If you don’t find the DAIS and the Uzi I can make you one pretty fast and do the form 3.