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  1. WTS: HK21 Barrels and Parts $1000

    Trigger pack sold
  2. HK21 barrels for sale $1000 each HK21 Barrel Bag $100 HK21 Trigger pack unmodified SOLD If you buy both barrels I will throw in the other parts as a package deal
  3. WTS: Kelbly's Rifle 6.5 Creedmore and HK SL8/G36

    Price drop on the Kelby
  4. Pmed I have a 60, Deuce plate, and Norrell
  5. Colt 601 Ensemble

    Seen this gun in person and inspected all of it. It's very nice I still think you are a dummy for selling it lol
  6. You do know it's illegal to remove the blocking bar from a registered receiver that uses a slotted bolt. You have created a new machine gun by ATF definition.
  7. Norrell 10/22 trigger pack price?

  8. Norrell 10/22 Trigger Pack $ SOLD

    I'll take it Called you
  9. what was asking price for recent GI Uzi?

    Group guns usually hang around the 13-15 range depending on condition and whos selling it
  10. Registered M16 auto sear

    You would need a letter from them to allow you to move it. Also if the receiver is milled out and the sear hole is drilled the unit is forever married to the lower. If you took the sear out and even destroyed the old lower to install it in a new host would constitute manufacturing a new machine guy by the ATF. Same goes for registered lowers with lightning links or DIAS that are married to the unit you are stuck with that configuration forever. Bunch of examples like this are that way HTA RR HK Guns AK Drop in auto sears Registered AR auto sears Married LL/DIAS Not much you can do with them except leave them in the gun which is why they demand the lowest premium out of any of the transferable machine guns in their respective categories.
  11. WTK ; Value of Jap Type 99 LMG parts kit

    No mag, optic, barrel was partial plug but easy repair There are a bunch of pics in my old ad