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  1. Sten MK3

    No paperwork No go
  2. WTS: C&R MG34 $43000 and spare parts

    Gun and some spares SPF. Will move the remaining spares to the parts forum when the sale is complete.
  3. WTS: C&R MG34 $43000 and spare parts

    Bump with price on just gun, ended up selling a fair amount of stuff to a friend so splitting it all up now. Lafette Optics Case Sling One parts kit Spare feed tray Sold
  4. WTB M249s conversion kit gen ii

    PM Sent, I have parts.
  5. WTS: Israeli Tavor X95 Factory SBR Price Varies

    Destruction letter?
  6. "No portugese 30K transit chest LOL" I see your jab there lmao, I will have you know it took me a fair bit of time to inventory and dig out all that stuff. Nice guns though, especially the digger. GLWS
  7. WTS: C&R MG34 $43000 and spare parts

    The box is original, and sorry not selling any extra parts. Itll either all sell as a package or I will keep it.
  8. WTS C&R DOT MG34 $43000 on a Form 4 Also have spare parts that I am selling off and have included a list and pictures so let me know if you need anything. Bolt 8 Parts Kit 3 308 Conversion 1 Spare 308 Barrel 1 8mm Barrel 7 Double Barrel Carrier 1 Buffers 3 Action Cover 1 Ammo Can 2 Firing Pin Spring 8 Firing Pin 10 Lafette Aircraft Extension 1 Soaker Can 1 Cams 2 Ejector Plate 2 Bolt Lock 3 Safety Button 2 Firing Pin Lock 3 Sear 5 Joint Lever 5 Dust Cover 3 Buffer Release Lever 5 Pins/Springs/Small Parts Box Extractor Tool 1 Recoil Spring 8 Booster 8 Double Basket Carrier 1 MG51 Loader 1 Baskets 2 Links 30 Starter Tabs 5 RH Starter Tabs 2 Aluminum Ammo Can 1 Ammo Can 1 SA Can/Disent Links 1 Tool Kit 1 Carry Handle/Misc Receiver Pieces Transit Case 1 AA Tripod 1 Grip Assembly 1 Top Cover 1
  9. WTB: FN P90

    I could convert two semis for the price of just that parts kit.
  10. WTB: AA-12 Atchisson full auto shotgun

    They don’t exist, you’ll never get one unless Sol Invictus gets done dealing with the ATF.
  11. WTK: AK Smith

    Yep whoever built that postie did a piss poor job and cut the rail out, had many over the years built by hacks who did this. Not a really hard fix
  12. Suggestions for next MG.

    No one mentioned getting a Reising?
  13. Its a sear host
  14. PPS43 and FBP kits FS

    PM sent, I’ll take both