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  1. Price dropped $500 on AC556 Price dropped $1000 on Thompson Price dropped $500 on Mac
  2. WTS: Transferable Yugo M49 SMG $13,500

    You did see this ad is over a year old
  3. Subgun deadbeats

    You do realize a lot of us send 20-50 emails a day and only probably get 20-30% response rates.
  4. WTS post sample pkm

    Well damn
  5. Bump Will trade for other MG's, entertain offers, and do layaway.
  6. Everything on Form 3 ready to transfer Ruger AC556 w/ One mag $10500 OBO West Hurley 1928 Thomspon rebuilt with GI internals (Gun runs very good, have videos) $19000 OBO Blaylock M11-9 Suppressor user serviceable stainless cone baffles $300 OBO. Suppressor is 10.5"x1.62" Mac 11 380 in box $7500 OBO Will trade for other MG's, entertain offers, and do layaway.
  7. WTS: MG08/15 Maxim $17,500

  8. WTS: Marlin Potato Digger with Extras $21000

    Price drop to 21k
  9. WTS: Hotchkiss MK1 Portable $19,000

  10. WTS: 80% 240 Sideplate $900

    Bump still have some
  11. WTS: HK SMG II / MP 2000 set with Suppressors

    Holy Shit Thats cool
  12. Value of DLO M240 transferable sideplate gun??

    They went for more than that. I knew when they were up for sale because I was working with a guy trying to buy one gun. Then a good friend of mine ended up buying both of them. One gun is unfired still to this day. Other one he shots a pretty decent amount. Plate guns DLO are the only ones I’ve ever seen have gone from 130-175 in the past 3 years. The one for 175 was a new upgrade and rebuild from OOW. The other was a rebuild from JNC. The factory guns run anywhere from 200-250. PSA had one for sale on the old Subguns board for 225 right before they sold/revamped.
  13. WTS: Browning 1917A1 Wooden Ammo Box

    Pedestal and cradle sold. $250 for the ammo box.