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  1. FNC sold M16 SPF
  2. WTB:Transferable Minigun

    Looking to buy a transferable minigun because we all know there are a lot that are floating around for sale. Please PM me if you have one or know of one for sale.
  3. They are Pm me your email
  4. RR M1 Carbine added
  5. Seeking MP5 SD suppressor options

    The KAC can is the quietest The TPM for the money is the best B&T suppressor are good but their stuff is never known to be the quietest and has more FRP than the others SilencerCo has a can coming out that boasts some great numbers expecially since it's 1/2 the length of all the other cans
  6. 240 sold funds received FNC sold pending funds
  7. Yes it is converted by SWD, send me a Pm if you want I'll get you a few pics
  8. List update New items added, old items sold, and more available. DLO 240 SPF
  9. Post Samples, HK MP5, MP5SD, Glock 18 & Glock 18c

    Do you have prices on the Glocks?
  10. WTS: HK21 Barrels and Parts $800

    Trigger pack sold
  11. HK21 FMP barrels for sale $800 each HK21 Barrel Bag $100 HK21 Trigger pack unmodified SOLD If you buy both barrels I will throw in the other parts as a package deal