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  1. Selling a nice lot of VZ58 parts. These came out of an old armorers kit. Includes Bolt Carrier, Receiver Cover, Piston and Hammer/Striker. All are still in cosmoline. Asking $75 Shipped for the lot. PayPal goods please add 3%. Thank you.
  2. I have 4 of these NOS Savage bolts. They are all blued. I'd like to sell them all in one lot. I'm asking $175 for the lot and I'll take care of the priority mail shipping. If you use PP goods, please add the 3%. Thank you.
  3. I have 600 of the M61 AP 30 cal projectiles. These were either inertia or air pulled as they don't have pull marks. I have not cleaned or resized them. They weigh approximately 150 grains +-. I'm selling them in 100 ct lots at $85/100 shipped in the US. I accept PayPal and Postal money orders. If using PayPal goods please add 3% and be discreet. If interested I would prefer you reply to the post first and follow with a pm so it's fair to everyone and we have a time stamp to go by. Thank you.
  4. I have a large lot of 30 caliber Herter's bullets. All are unopened. I'd like to sell as one lot. If interested please post I'll take it and follow with a PM. PayPal goods please add 3%. I will also accept Postal money order. They will be double boxed and shipped by priority mail. Thank you for looking. All boxes are 100ct. 27 boxes total. $385 shipped for the lot!!!! 110 Grain Jacketed Round Nose (13 boxes) 150 Grain Jacketed Semi Pointed (5 boxes) 170 Grain Jacketed Round Nosed Cannelure (9 boxes)
  5. I have a good amount of original GM retaining clips. They came from original open packages. I've attached a photo of the original package. I'm selling them at 20 pieces for $20 shipped. I believe this is pretty cheap compared to other places I've checked. They do have cosmoline on them. I have cleaned some off to save you the mess. If you prefer to have them uncleaned just let me know. Thanks for looking.
  6. Vintage unused old stock. Cylinder, Ejector Rod, Ratchet and Spring are all original Colt old stock. Blued steel. Cylinder was in original Colt package shown in photos. Part# 56147. These date back about 40 years prior to the change to the new style. Selling for $100 shipped. Shipping will be priority mail. PayPal discreet or Postal Money Order are fine. If using PayPal goods please add 3% to cover the fees. The shipping is on me. Thanks for looking.
  7. Anyone help identify this fore end?

    Thank you Buddy! I appreciate the help.
  8. I've looked this part number up with no luck and searched image searches. Anyone have an idea of what it may be for? Thanks
  9. I'm selling a pair of these. One looks to be unused. The other may have been mounted up as you can see the scuff mark on it. Selling the pair for $36.00 shipped in the US. The Part# is ASSY3269403
  10. WTB: Grease Gun Parts

    PM sent
  11. I have some nice VZ58 parts for sale. All parts are new old stock unless specified otherwise. I'll be adding more parts to this post so check back. If interested please post reply so we can go by time stamp for fairness and follow with PM. PayPal + 3%. All prices are shipped prices in the US. Prices are per part. NOT entire qty. VZ1) Bolt Carrier $48 VZ2) Receiver Covers (I have 5 available) $34 VZ3) Striker (I have 3 available) $20 VZ4) Folding Butt Stock (I have 2 available) $38 VZ5) Folding Stock Hinge (I have 2 available) $25 VZ6) Firing Pin (I have 6 available) $11 VZ7) Folding Stock Nut (I have 2 available) $8 VZ8) Mag Release Pin (I have 2 available) $6 VZ9) Rear Sight Plunger (I have 3 available) $6 VZ10) Rear Sight Slide (I have 3 available) $6 VZ11) Safety & Mag Catch Pin (I have 4 available) $7 Z12) Sear Pin (I have 4 available) $8
  12. Back up for sale. Last buyer reneged on payment.