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  1. Selling my FNC Select fire with 3rd burst. In excellent condition. Gun is on a form 3. $14,990. I haven't shot many rounds through it but it worked flawlessly when I did. Call 775 237 5527 (home) or 775 374 1786 (cell) Thanks. Jim Izzolo Ruby Mountain Guns&Ammo 400 w. Clark st. #893 Eureka, NV 89316
  2. WTS: AK74 Bulgarian #s matching rifles

    What are you asking for the remaining AK74? Call 775 237 5527 (9-3 PST) or email Thanks Jim
  3. WTS: AK74 Bulgarian #s matching rifles

    I know I'm a tad bit late but do you still have the AK74's you posted back in Feb. Thanks Jim
  4. WTS Steyr USR w/no barrel $1250 shipped

    Long shot you still have the Steyr AUG listed back in May. The USR that needs a barrel. Give me a call 1 775 237 5527 Thanks Jim Izzolo Ruby Mountain Guns and AMMO Eureka, NV, 89316
  5. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Thank you for the excellent advise.
  6. WTS: FNC, FA w/3rd burst. Form 3, folder, 15K

    Circumstances dictate a quick sale. First 14.2K will get it. 775 237 5527 or 775 374 1786. Form 3. Thanks Jim
  7. I am selling my FNC select fire with 3rd burst. Sear was installed by S&H Firearms, Tulsa, OK, It is on a form 3. $15,000. Folding stock. Jim Izzolo/ Kathleen Leavitt, Ruby Mountain Guns and Ammo, 400 W. Clark Street, PO Box 893, Eureka, NV 89316 Home 775 237 5527 cell/office 775 374 1786
  8. FNC 3rd burst on a form 3

    Gentlemen, I am selling my FNC on a form 3. This gun has a solid stock. Sear was installed by Todd Brueckmann of TBA Suppressors, Asking $14,500. If interested please call me @ 775 237 5527 (home) or 775 374 1786. (cell) . E-mail Thank You Jim Izzolo Ruby Mountain Guns and Ammo 400 W. Clark st. #893 Eureka, NV 89316 FFL/SOT
  9. Post 86 purchases

    Hi Mike, Great response; Thank you. I'm new to all of this NFA stuff. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. I would think a big part of compliance is having all the paperwork in order and a very secure place for the guns. (Which I have already). I have basic machining skills, a small lathe, and a small mill. (Sherline). Lots of accessories which I probably wont use and lots of time (I hope). Retired after 35 years teaching HS math. Thanks again Jim
  10. Post 86 purchases

    Thanks for the info. What does it take to get a manufacturing license. I have an SOT. JIm
  11. Post 86 purchases

    If I have an SOT with my class one FFL does this allow me to purchase post 86 weapons, WITHOUT a law officer letter, from a dealer who is giving up his/her SOT? Thanks in advance. Jim
  12. AUG receivers..... 912SA

    Can anyone tell me when AUG receivers starting with 912SA... were produced. I was under the impression they are pre-ban receivers but I am not sure of that. The receive I have is 912SA952. Thanks in advance. Jim
  13. Jim, Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation in Wyoming. I was unable to get to a computer that I knew how to use. The SP89 is sure nice but I'm going to pass on it sorry.. From reading the posts I think you have me mixed up with someone else. Thanks again Jim
  14. Is The SP89 still available? I am very interested. Thanks Jim
  15. Help with sale/transfer of a NFA item.

    That is excellent advice......Thank you. I'll look into the publications you cited. Jim