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  1. ill take it can anyone vouch for randell?
  2. Is there a change in USPS policy on shipping NFA?

    there is a way to ship a subgun through USPS....dont tell them whats in the box......ATF says your supposed i know its the end who is going to know? Registered mail is the safest transport ive been told over and over....
  3. WTB Ingram M6 parts/mags

    Looking for M6 parts/mags
  4. Ingram M6 parts kit

    i did manage to find some parts....but mostly i get fraudulent people contacting me showing me a uzi parts kit asking if i will pay $1k for a M6 kit
  5. Ingram M6 parts kit

    Looking for an Ingram M6 parts kit
  6. M16 shooter preservation questions

    i bought one of the NIB colts and stripped the upper, swapped out everything in the lower... its not hard and its good to learn...get a geissele trigger as far as protecting your lower---it just gets silly talking about gun skins, etc...just be careful...its going to get worn, its going to get scratches....i just put a towel down to put it on and am careful of the ejection trap of my uppers wore on the lower...i put electrical tape on it now.... if you shoot it it will get have to queen or can baby it, which is what i do
  7. bought from them multiple times...always the best price...they are good
  8. Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3

    There was a guy with serial #69 steyr aug a3 who wanted $1000 premium
  9. WTB Sterling MK4

    Looking to buy a Sterling Mk4 subgun in nice condition. thank you Dave
  10. Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3

    is it #8000069
  11. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    if they had 2 when you looked you should have bought both....after 12 months sold one and made $5k profit
  12. Ingram mac-10 in 9mm what is the going price?

    i think less.....the 9mm version seems to sell for less than the .45 id list for $7k and take anything over $6k prices are dropping like a rock...i bought my m10/45 NIB for $6,200 right before last June....prices seem to be coming back to that level

    i would ask the seller to put it up on GB or Ebay with a buy it now and let you know when they list it...this way you can see their feedback and will have something to go by.... get detailed pics w/ a post it w/ your name on it...this way you know it exists you could also ask if they know someone from the various gun forums....if someone asked me for a name i could rattle off 6-12 names quickly that ive done business with...its a small community and if you dont know ''someone'' your most likely not in the community
  14. WTB- Ingram M6 parts kit

  15. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    when i was looking at m16's 9 months ago i was finding 614s for $24k (asking prices)....i doubt you find a Colt M16a1 for less than $24-25k in any condition.....unless you find a rare deal(which i have seen occasionally (someone selling for $2-3k under value)) show us what you find?