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  1. Item sold

    is it a tube gun? a semi conversion? a reweld? it cant be a C&R as its by norrell
  2. WTB Beretta 38/44 parts kit, barrel, 40 round mags

    BTT dont need the mags, but looking for the parts kit and barrel still
  3. WTB Swiss 7.5x55 ammo

    Looking for some Swiss 7.5x55 ammo Dave
  4. WTB Sterling Mk4

    Looking for a Sterling MK4. Prefer DLO/Andrewski made. show me what you have Dave
  5. WTB Ingram M6 parts kit

    Looking for an Ingram M6 parts kit (police version) thanks
  6. Looking for a Beretta 38/44 parts kit, a 38/42 barrel and a few more 40 round mags in good condition thanks
  7. grips are awesome!...great purchase....looks/feels great on a AR or M16
  8. Ruger MKII machine pistol

    sharing a link to a video may help sell love to see it in action
  9. WTB MP40 Sling

    Alex who runs the MP40 registry may have a couple left...i bought mine from him a while back and he had a selection of 2 or 3 left check out his registry and email him
  10. WTS: Transferable ERMA C&R MP40 $15,995

    this is from May 2017
  11. WTS: Transferable ERMA C&R MP40 $15,995

    this one was sold a while back..i looked into it...the barrel is a replacement with laser engraved markings gun looks all old and original and barrel looks brand new...markings arent even close to correct style.... it seems like a decent deal when a replacement barrel is around $500
  12. WTS: Vector/Group Mini UZI, very clean $16K

    that is what vector did
  13. ill take it can anyone vouch for randell?