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  1. 2nds on the greasegun if it falls through
  2. WTB MP34 presample

  3. Auto Ordnance 1921 Thompson SMG SOLD!!

    Pm sent
  4. WTB Mg42 anti aircraft tripod

    Still looking. pm’s sent to those above
  5. WTB Mg42 anti aircraft tripod

    Looking for the AA Mg42 tripod. The version with spikes on the feet
  6. Got one your not using ? I’ll take it dave
  7. WTB Standoff shotgun

    ShotGun setup as a door Breacher ex police door breacher
  8. WTB Standoff shotgun

    Looking for a ex police stand-off gun for a friend Dave
  9. WTB MP34 presample

  10. WTB MP34 presample

    Still looking
  11. WTB MP34 presample

    Looking for a mp34 presample
  12. WTB MP30 or MP34 in decent shooting condition

    I’ve got a very nice Mp30 steyr solothurn I’d sell at $45,000 shipped. I’ve been thinking of sending it to morphys. Only 6000 Mp30’s ever made. Converted to 9mm. Prewar German guns are hard to find. Gun runs like butter. I’ve owned or shot over 30 subguns. The Mp30 is the softest shooting 9mm there is. Most likely only a handful in the registry.
  13. Wtb Mp5sd kit

  14. Wtb Mp5sd kit