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  1. WTB Swiss 7.5x55 ammo

    Looking for some Swiss 7.5x55 ammo Dave
  2. WTB Sterling Mk4

    Looking for a Sterling MK4. Prefer DLO/Andrewski made. show me what you have Dave
  3. WTB Ingram M6 parts kit

    Looking for an Ingram M6 parts kit (police version) thanks
  4. Looking for a Beretta 38/44 parts kit, a 38/42 barrel and a few more 40 round mags in good condition thanks
  5. grips are awesome!...great purchase....looks/feels great on a AR or M16
  6. Ruger MKII machine pistol

    sharing a link to a video may help sell love to see it in action
  7. WTB MP40 Sling

    Alex who runs the MP40 registry may have a couple left...i bought mine from him a while back and he had a selection of 2 or 3 left check out his registry and email him
  8. WTS: Transferable ERMA C&R MP40 $15,995

    this is from May 2017
  9. WTS: Transferable ERMA C&R MP40 $15,995

    this one was sold a while back..i looked into it...the barrel is a replacement with laser engraved markings gun looks all old and original and barrel looks brand new...markings arent even close to correct style.... it seems like a decent deal when a replacement barrel is around $500
  10. WTS: Vector/Group Mini UZI, very clean $16K

    that is what vector did
  11. ill take it can anyone vouch for randell?
  12. Is there a change in USPS policy on shipping NFA?

    there is a way to ship a subgun through USPS....dont tell them whats in the box......ATF says your supposed i know its the end who is going to know? Registered mail is the safest transport ive been told over and over....
  13. WTB Ingram M6 parts/mags

    Looking for M6 parts/mags