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  1. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,712 pages--- still $100.00 for ALL data--- one (1) annual update (no charge)!!! Tony
  2. As many of you know, I have been collecting certain data (serial numbers, importers, markings, etc., on various manufacturers for 30+ years!!! I am contemplating the sale of this data (firearms information only--- no personal information). Also, I have tried to place in similar categories--- with respect to the prices and manufacturers, the following are covered (but not exclusive): The data (@ 10MB for all) will be sold in packages, as some may just want certain information: Package 1 ($150.00)- (HK) HK G3 (Semi/Full) HK41 HK91 HK911 HK SR9/T/TC HK PSG1 HK MSG90 HK43 HK93 HK33 HK53 HK94 HK MP5 HK SP89 HK MP5K HK MK23/Mark 23 - some USP - UITC/Wilcox Industries - Insight Technology - KAC suppressors HK4 HK P9/P9S HK P7K3 HK P7 PSP/P7E/P7 PT8 P80 HK P7M7 HK P7M8 HK P7M10 HK P7M13/SD P8/P8A1/P10/P10 Jubilee/P12 VP70Z/M HK 502 HK 512 HK 121 M1 HK M820 HK M877 HK sears/registered trigger packs/registered trigger pack housings/registered receivers VAIME suppressors Hensoldt APP (Aiming Point Projector) @ 400 pages Package 2 ($200.00)(includes Package 1)- (HK + HK clones) CETME (MARS, and clones) FMP (G3S/XG3S, and clones) Springfield Armory (G3/SAR3/SAR3-8/SAR8/SAR8HBCS, and clones) @ 430 pages Package 3 ($100.00)- (FN/SIG/Beretta) FN (CAL/FNC/G-Series/50.00/50.41/50.42/50.61/50.63/50.64/L1A1/L1A2/FM LSR/T48/FSL LSR/SAR48-4800-4800G, and clones/FN 30-11/FN PS90) SIG (AMT- Dr. Wohler scope/Model U/SK46/AK53/AK55/PE57- Kern scope/530/540/541/542/543/550/550 Sniper/551/552/553/PE90/Stgw90/751) Beretta (AR70/SC70) @ 210 pages Package 4 ($150.00)- (AK) Valmet (M62/M71/M76/M78 and M78-83S/M82/M83 or M88) Actions Arms (Galil/Uzi) American Arms (Yugoslavia AK- M70/M77) Norinco (AK47 and 56S/84S- S1- S2- S3A- S5A/Type 81/EM series/86S/Type 87/Type 88- all importers) Clayco (Chinese AK) Kassnar/KBI (Hungarian AK- SA-85M) Mitchell Arms (Yugoslavia AK- M70/M72/M76/M77) Poly Tech Steyr (Egyptian AK- ARM, and clones) @ 500 pages Package 5 ($100.00)- (Various) Colt (R601/R602/Armalite AR-15/R6000/R6001/R6007/R6010/R6400/R6420/R6450/R6510/R6511/ R6520/R6550/R6551/R6600/R6601/R6721) Armitage International (Scarab) Century (FAMAS) FAJAS (SSG82) Franchi (SPAS 12/SPAS 15) Gilbert/Interord (USAS 12) Interdynamic (KG-9) RPB (MAC 10/MAC 11) Sentinel (Striker 12) Steyr (AUG, and clones/SPP) Walther (WA 2000) @ 190 pages Package 6 ($300.00)- (all Packages) @ 1,370 pages Data will be transmitted, via email with attachment, with embedded codes and passwords for each Purchaser. Tony
  3. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,702 pages!!! TABLE OF CONTENTS _________________________________________________________________________________________ HK Firearms And Variants ________________________________________________________ 01. Heckler & Koch Military Rifles - G3 (Golden State Arms Corporation) - G3 (Military) - G3 FS - G3 K - G3/SG1 - G11 - HK21 - HK21E - FMP21 - HK32 - HK41 - HK91 a) Barrels b) Magazines c) Conversion Kits - HK911 - HKSR9/T/TC - HKPSG1/A1 - HKMSG90 - HK43 - HK93 a) Barrels b) Magazines c) Conversion Kits - T223 - HK33/33SG1/33E/33K/33KE - HK53 - HK23E - HK GR3 - HK G41 - HK94 a) Barrels b) Magazines c) Conversion Kits - B&T 96 - HK MP5/SD/10/40A3/SD-N/Suppressors - MR 556 A1 (70th Anniversary) Sporting Rifles - BASR - HK270/300/630/SL6/770/SL7/M820/M877/940/SLB 2000 Pistols - SP89 - MP5K - SP5K/SP5/SP5L - Bellator BA89K - Mark 23/MK23 a) MK23 Phase I/Phase II/Phase III (Military) b) Demonstration Models (Civilian) c) German Military/BWB Test Weapons d) Markings e) Ammunition f) Barrels g) Cases h) Finishes i) Frames/Slides j) Holsters (Drop Leg)/LAM Pouch k) Wilcox Industries/Insight Technology LAM l) Suppressors - USP/USPCT - HK45CT - COLT (OHWS) - HK4 - PSP/P7/P80/P7K3/P7M7/P7 PT8/P7M8/P7M10/P7M13/P8/P9/P9S/P10/P12/VP70Z/MP7/MP7 A1 Shotguns - HK 121 M1/HK 502/HK 510/HK 512 Transferables - Registered Sears - Registered Trigger Packs - Registered Trigger Pack Housings - Registered Receivers Miscellaneous - Hensoldt Aiming Point Projector - HK Firearms Proofed Date Codes (1976 mfg.+) - HK Firearms Non-Proofed Parts/Magazines Date Codes - HK Firearms Manufacture Codes/Dates/Importers/Locations - HK Firearms U.S. Importation Data - HK, Inc./British Aerospace Defence Limited 02. CETME - Modelo A/Modelo B/Modelo C/CETME S “Sport” a) Bayonets b) Scopes - Century Arms - MarColMar Model L; LC; LV; LV/S 03. FMP - G3S/XG3S - G3 (Military) - FMP 21 - SLG95 - Century Arms - Interport 04. Springfield Armory - G3 - SAR-3 - SAR-3/8 - SAR 8 (Springfield Armory/D.C. Industries) - SAR8HBCS - Century Arms (G-3/C91/CAI-3/C2000) - Federal Arms (FA91/FAPSG1) - Hesse (H91) - MARS (G3KA1 pistol) - PTR91 - Special Weapons (SW3) - Vector Arms (V51/V91) _________________________________________________________________________________________ FN Firearms And Variants _______________________________________________________ 05. Fabrique Nationale Rifles - FN CAL - FN FNC (Military) - FN FNC a) Manuals - Pindad SS1 Transferables - Registered Sears - Registered Receivers - FN FAL (T48/G-Series/50.00/50.41/50.42/50.63/50.64) a) Magazines b) Commercial Manuals c) Glossy Manuals d) Conversion Kits e) Grenade Launching Sights f) Gun South Replacement Receivers - L1A1A/L2A1A (Poyer/Onyx/Eden) - SBL (Century Arms/Armscorp/Enterprise Arms/DSA/Hesse) - R1A1 (Caspian Arms/Century Arms/North Country Engineering/Hesse) - FM LSR (National Arms/Pedro Bello/Armscorp/S.A.C.) - T-48 (Armscorp) - T-48-2000 (Olympic Arms) - SAR-48/4800/4800G/SAR48 HB (.308)/4800 (.223)(Springfield Armory) - G1 (Century Arms/Coonan/D.C. Industries/DSA/Federal Ordnance) - IMBEL (Pars International/Century Arms/Hesse/Pacific Armament Corporation) - FN 30-11 Sniper Rifle a) FN scopes (4x24/4x28) - FN PS90 a) Generation Trigger Packs b) Product Codes c) Sights d) Aftermarket Receivers - FN P90 Shotguns - A5 _________________________________________________________________________________________ SIG Firearms _______________________________________________________________ 06. SIG - SIG 510-1/-2/-3/-4 - SIG AMT a) Import Data b) Importers c) Pre-86 DS d) Pricing/Accessories e) Magazines f) Scopes (Dr. Wohler/Nickel) g) Builds h) Cutaways i) Bayonets - SIG LMG25 - SIG KE7 - SIG Model U - SK46 - AK53 - AM55 - ZFK31/55 - SIG PE57 a) Import Data b) Importers c) Pre-86 DS d) Pricing/Accessories e) IR Scopes f) Scope Mounts g) Magazines h) Scopes (Kern) i) Builds j) Cutaways k) Bayonets - MG 710-3 - SG530-1/SG540/SG541/SG542/SG543 - SG550-1 SP/SG550-1 Sniper/SG550-2 SP/SG 550P/SG551-1/SG551-2 SP/SG551-P/PE90/Stgw90 - SG550-1/SG550-2/SG551 US/SG551-P/SG551-1/SG551-1 LB/SG551-1 SWAT/SG551-2/SG551-2 SWAT/ SG552-1 - SG 553/SG 553-1/SG553-1 LB/SG 553-R/SG 553-P/SG 553R-P - SG751-P SAPR - Model 83 Sport - SSG 2000 - SSG 3000 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Beretta Firearms _______________________________________________________________ 07. Beretta - AR70 - SC70 - PLF builds - MYGUNS builds - Model 12S - 92F (With KAC “Hush Puppy” Suppressor) - 92SB (SBR) - 93R - M-20 (“93R” Transferable) _________________________________________________________________________________________ Valmet Firearms ______ _____________________________________________________ 08. Valmet - M62 - M71 - M76 - M78 - M78/83S - M82 - M83/M88 - RK83S - M92S - RK95 a) Importers b) Valmet Scopes c) Valmet Firing Pins _________________________________________________________________________________________ Action Arms/Magnum Research Firearms _______ _______________________ 09. Action Arms/Magnum Research - Galil (323/329/331/332/361/372/386/392/397/710) a) Importers b) Magazines c) Manuals d) Pre-86 DS - Galil Sniper (“Galatz”) - Galil HADAR II - Uzi (Model A/Model B/Mini/Pistol) a) Prototypes/Commemoratives b) Boxes/Cases c) Manuals Transferables - Registered Receivers - Registered Bolts - Registered Sears - Registered Conversion Kits - Factory Transferable - Pre-86/Post-86 - Uzi semi-automatic (Norinco/Group Industries-Vector Arms/Century Arms/NoDak Spud/ McKay Enterprises) _________________________________________________________________________________________ AK Firearms And Variants ______________________________________________________________ 10. AK - American Arms (M70/M77) - ARMCO/Norinco (AK47S/AK47S-1/AKM 47S/56S/56S-1/56S-2/56S-3) (BCI/B-West/CSI/F.T.C./GLNIC/GSAD/IA CO/NASI/PROCHINE/R.A.I./SILE) a) Variants b) Bayonets c) Conversions (Registered Sears/Registered Trigger Packs/Registered Receivers) d) General Accessories e) Manuals f) Importer Data - 84S/84S-1/84S-2/84S-3A/84S-5A/MPS/84SS-1/BWK-92/NHM90 - MAK90/MAK-90/MAK-90 SPORTER/AK-47 SPORTER - B-West (AKS) - Military (SVD/7.62x54mm) - NDM-86 (SVD/7.62x54mm)(CSI/CJA/GBE/KBI/KFS/KSI/Navy Arms) - TIGR (SVD/7.62x54mm)(B-WEST/Big Bear Arms/California Armory/Century Arms) - NDM-86 (SVD/7.62x51mm)(BTC) - Clayco (AKS) - Kassnar/KBI (SA 85M/SSR-85B/SSR-85C/SA-2000M/SA 2000/SA-2000M) - McKay (ME-SA 85) - MARS (AK47 pistol) - Mitchell Arms (M70/M72/M76/M77/M90) - Norinco (Type 81S/S-1/S-2/EM355/EM356/EM3511/Type 81MGS (MODEL 313)/Type 81SA/86S/ Type 81-1/Type 86S-7 (87S/RPK)/Type 87J (RPK)/Type 88S (AK-74)/Type 88SB) - Poly Tech (fixed/fixed spiker/underfolder/underfolder spiker/red bakelite sidefolder/ Galil sidefolder/RPK/Legend fixed/Legend underfolder/Legend National Match/ AKS-223 fixed/AKS-223 underfolder/AKS-223 RPK/MAK-90/AKS-762 SP/MAK-90 SPORTER/NM MAK-91) - Steyr Maadi (ARM) - Pars International Maadi (ARM/RML) - A.C.C. International/INTRAC Maadi (RPM/ARM/MISR-90/MISR-10/MISR S/A AKM/MISR S/A) _________________________________________________________________________________________ Colt Firearms ________________________________________________________________________ 11. Colt - AR-15 (R6000/R6001/R6007/R6010/AR6320/R6400/MT6400/R6420/R6420GC/MT6430/R6430/ R6450/AR6450/R6500/R6510/R6520/AR6520/AR6520M/R6521/MT6530/R6530/AR6530/ AR6530M/AR6535/AR6536/R6550/R6550GC/R6550K/LE6551/MT6551/R6600/R6600K/ R6600DH/R6601/R6601K/R6601DH/LE6601/MT6601/MT6601/MT6700/TE6700/R6701/ R6700/AR6720/AR15A4/LT6720R/R6721/AR6721/CR6724/MT6731/R6830/LE6900/ LE6920HB/LE6920HBPW/LE6920SOCOMII/LE6920/LE6920SOCOM/LE6920MPGR-B/ LE6920TS/LE6920MP-BM/LE6920SCMRK/LE6920M/LE6920-OEMSS/COLT LE6920MPWF/ LE6920MPBLZ/LE6920CA/LE6920USA/LE6920HBPW/LE6920SOCOM/LE6920-R/LE6920MPS- STG/LE6921/LE6944/AR6951/LE6991/CRM16A1/CRXM177E2) a) Boxes/Labels/Hang Tags b) Magazines c) Manuals d) Red Dot Sights e) Scopes Transferables - Registered Sears (Drop-In Auto Sears) - Registered Lightning Links - Registered Receivers _________________________________________________________________________________________ Miscellaneous Firearms _____________ _______________________________________ 12. Armalite (AR-18/AR-180/AR-180B/AR-180SCS)(Costa Mesa/Howa/Sterling) 13. Armitage International (Scarab Skorpion) 14. Century Arms (FAMAS) 15. DAEWOO (K1A1/MAX I/AR-100C; K2/MAX II/AR-110; DR-100; DR-200; DR-300) 16. FAJAS (SSG 82) 17. Feather Industries (AT-9/AT-22) 18. FR-F1 19. Franchi Firearms (SPAS 15) 20. Gilbert Equipment/Interord (USAS 12) 21, High Standard (Model 10A/Model 10 B) 22. Interdynamic/Intratec (KG-9/KG-99/KG-99 Stainless/KG-99 Mini/KG-99 Mini Stainless/ TEC-9/TEC-9 Stainless/TEC-9 Mini/TEC-9 Mini Stainless/TEC- DC9/TEC-DC9 Mini/TEC-DC9 Stainless/TEC-DC9 Kote/AB-10/TEC-22 Scorpion/TEC-22 Stainless/TEC-22 T (Tec-Kote)/TEC-22 Sport) 23. J&R Engineering (M68/M80) 24. Leader Dynamics (T2/MK5 Series) 25. MAB (Model R- P8 Prototype; Model P8; Model PA-8 PAP F1 Target; Modele PA-15; Modele PA-15 PAP F1 Target; Model P-15) - Variants 26. Mauser (SP66/86SR) 27. MB Associates Pistols - Mark I (Model A)(Experimental)(13mm) - M137 (12mm) - Mark I (Model A)(13mm) - Mark I (Model B)(13mm) - Mark I (Model B)(“Snub Nose”)(13mm) - Mark II (Model C)(12mm) Carbines - Mark I (Model A)(Experimental)(13mm) - M137 (13mm)(prototype) - Mark I (Model A)(13mm) - Mark I (Model B)(“Early” Transitional)(13mm) - Mark I (Model B)(13mm) 28. MK Arms (M76/MK 760) 29. PANCOR (MK3)(“Jackhammer”) 30. Pearl Manufacturing (UC-9)(“Under Cover 9mm”/“Radio”) 31. RPB (MAC 10/MAC 10 Carbine/MAC 11/MAC 11 Carbine) 32. S&S Arms (SS-1)(“Sidewinder”) 33. Sentinel Arms (Striker 12) 34. Sites (Spectre)(FIE/American Arms) 35. Springfield Armory (G2/G2A/SA 1) 36. Steyr (AUGA1/USR/A2 Special Receiver/Limited Imports/ADI A2 Receiver) a) importers b) manuals c) date codes d) factory green stocks e) factory black stock f) factory gray stock g) limited imports h) Pre-86 DS i) STG77 40th Anniversary Transferables - Registered Trigger Packs - Registered Receivers j) 9mm Conversion Kits k) Special Receivers l) Replacement Barrels m) Other Models (TPD AXR/MSAR STG-556/STG-556HB/XM17-E4 and Limited Editions/ Sabre Defense AUG/A3 SA USA/VLTOR Weapon Systems AUG/A3 SA USA/ Steyr Arms AUG/A3 SA USA) 37. Steyr (SP/GB/SPP) 38. U.S. Ordnance Defense Systems (M60 M4) 39. Walther (WA 2000) Tony
  4. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,687 pages--- Table of Contents and additional manufacturers/models added--- inquiries welcomed!!! If you are looking for a certain model, and the information is 1-page or less, I will email it to you at no charge. Tony
  5. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Around $7.5K+!!! Tony
  6. Preferably unnumbered--- have FNC Styrofoam boxes (standard and folder) for trade, or cash!!! PM me with what you have. Tony
  7. SAR-48 Springfield FN FAL .308

    Is this a factory conversion??? Tony
  8. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,677 pages!!! Tony
  9. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Thanks for the offer--- I have the PE57!!! Have you seen what the builds are selling for? Tony
  10. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still looking!!! Tony
  11. Cannot help with the article, but may can answer any question(s) that you may have!!! Tony
  12. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,669 pages!!! Tony
  13. Merry Christmas to all of my Sturm brothers and sisters!!! Tony
  14. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,645 pages!!! Tony
  15. Congratulations--- I know that you are very proud!!! Tony
  16. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    Added a Table of Contents for ease of search---- 1,622 pages!!! Tony
  17. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,608 pages!!! Tony
  18. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    Additional manufacturers added--- 1,592 pages!!! Tony
  19. Galil Serial Number question

    Presume as a M392 that the serial number is between 20865XX and 20868XX!!! My data is much more specific than Yog's (markings, magazine types, manuals, boxes, etc.), but I have very few dates. Agree with 329--- 1987--- as I have 20894XX as 02-88. Tony
  20. What is the serial (No. XXXX)??? Tony
  21. Let us not forget Tim's M-20 (the only transferable Beretta "93R")!!! Tony
  22. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    The search continues!!! Tony
  23. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    Through Christmas, ALL DATA (1,574 pages) is $100.00, with one annual update (no charge)!!! UPDATE: 1. pfl101 (payment information emailed on 11-20-19; payment sent on 11-21-19; payment received on 11-29-19; data emailed on 11-29-19) Tony
  24. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,551 pages--- one annual update at no charge!!! Tony