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  1. NFA-Exempt Sig 510-4's?

    See my reply on Swissrifles!!! Tony
  2. Velmet M82 Fleming Conversion

    PM to you!!! Tony
  3. Is there a date on the scope body anywhere, maybe under the rear, rubber eye piece? Is the item in Switzerland? Tony
  4. AUG receivers..... 912SA

    Update--- manufactured November, 1997!!! Tony
  5. AUG receivers..... 912SA

    Post-ban, regardless of the 3-letter date code!!! Only the low 908's (imported for LE) are considered "pre-ban," though manufactured in 1990. Tony
  6. AUG receivers..... 912SA

    What is the 3-letter date code??? Tony
  7. WTB: HK PSG-1 Garbini Loga System tripod

    One for sale on HKPRO ($1,800.00)!!! Tony
  8. WTS: B West AK-47 (SOLD PF)

    Serial 70109??? Tony
  9. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    You cannot presume legality, based upon that negative--- I would not want to be the test case!!! Tony
  10. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    Do you possess a document, specifically allowing such a conversion??? Tony
  11. Has everyone seen this?

    Knock, knock!!! Tony
  12. New FN249 "Semi" any news?

    M249S--- pass--- M240S--- you bet!!! Tony
  13. Should We Add an HK Specific Market Board?

    I do like to be consistent!!! Tony
  14. Should We Add an HK Specific Market Board?

    Yes--- there are a few, HK fanatics around here!!! Tony

    Simpler, but security trumps convenience!!! Tony
  16. Welcome to the New Forums!

    I have already gotten used to it--- thank you for the upgrade!!! Tony
  17. WTS: Pre-86 HK53A2 Machine Gun "KEEPER"

    Is it free to a good home??? Tony
  18. Give me time!!! Tony
  19. Good Luck!

    Members will get used to the new format in time--- the new software benefits are worth the new look!!! Tony
  20. I really like the new format!!! Tony
  21. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    Whew--- I thought that he may have been mothballed!!! Tony