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  1. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still looking!!! Tony
  2. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still searching!!! Tony
  3. WTS - Unfired HK94 Mint Condition

    Pictures are not showing!!! Tony
  4. PM sent with email for pics!!! Tony
  5. HK MK23

    PM to you!!! Tony
  6. KAC MK23 suppressor

    PM to you!!! Tony
  7. Strange--- keep us updated!!! Tony
  8. Springfield Armory was the LE importer during that period of time!!! All should be pre-86 DS with the "Z" trigger pack housing (i.e., requiring the operator to depress a button to engage the full auto mode). Tony
  9. Troy, Thanks--- e-mail to you!!! Tony
  10. Must be factory and new/like new--- thanks!!! Tony
  11. Factory only--- PM me what you have and price--- thanks!!! Tony
  12. Mike, You are correct--- AMT magazines are straight--- PE57 magazines are slightly curved!!! Tony
  13. Thanks, Buddy--- there are other markings--- your last pic shows the 5- and 10-round magazines. Tony
  14. Finish and markings!!! Tony
  15. Mike, PM to you--- I presume you meant "510" instead of "210"!!! Are these SIG or Chilean magazines? Tony
  16. Mike, Not certain--- I have not seen either for sale in years!!! Tony
  17. HK Mark 23 Collector Package

    Is the Mark 23 a CCF or HK Sterling import??? Tony
  18. WTS: HK PSG-1 $20000

    Thanks!!! Tony
  19. WTS: HK PSG-1 $20000

    Date code "IE" or "IF"??? Tony