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  1. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,551 pages--- one annual update at no charge!!! Tony
  2. As many of you know, I have been collecting certain data (serial numbers, importers, markings, etc., on various manufacturers for 30+ years!!! I am contemplating the sale of this data (firearms information only--- no personal information). Also, I have tried to place in similar categories--- with respect to the prices and manufacturers, the following are covered (but not exclusive): The data (@ 10MB for all) will be sold in packages, as some may just want certain information: Package 1 ($150.00)- (HK) HK G3 (Semi/Full) HK41 HK91 HK911 HK SR9/T/TC HK PSG1 HK MSG90 HK43 HK93 HK33 HK53 HK94 HK MP5 HK SP89 HK MP5K HK MK23/Mark 23 - some USP - UITC/Wilcox Industries - Insight Technology - KAC suppressors HK4 HK P9/P9S HK P7K3 HK P7 PSP/P7E/P7 PT8 P80 HK P7M7 HK P7M8 HK P7M10 HK P7M13/SD P8/P8A1/P10/P10 Jubilee/P12 VP70Z/M HK 502 HK 512 HK 121 M1 HK M820 HK M877 HK sears/registered trigger packs/registered trigger pack housings/registered receivers VAIME suppressors Hensoldt APP (Aiming Point Projector) @ 400 pages Package 2 ($200.00)(includes Package 1)- (HK + HK clones) CETME (MARS, and clones) FMP (G3S/XG3S, and clones) Springfield Armory (G3/SAR3/SAR3-8/SAR8/SAR8HBCS, and clones) @ 430 pages Package 3 ($100.00)- (FN/SIG/Beretta) FN (CAL/FNC/G-Series/50.00/50.41/50.42/50.61/50.63/50.64/L1A1/L1A2/FM LSR/T48/FSL LSR/SAR48-4800-4800G, and clones/FN 30-11/FN PS90) SIG (AMT- Dr. Wohler scope/Model U/SK46/AK53/AK55/PE57- Kern scope/530/540/541/542/543/550/550 Sniper/551/552/553/PE90/Stgw90/751) Beretta (AR70/SC70) @ 210 pages Package 4 ($150.00)- (AK) Valmet (M62/M71/M76/M78 and M78-83S/M82/M83 or M88) Actions Arms (Galil/Uzi) American Arms (Yugoslavia AK- M70/M77) Norinco (AK47 and 56S/84S- S1- S2- S3A- S5A/Type 81/EM series/86S/Type 87/Type 88- all importers) Clayco (Chinese AK) Kassnar/KBI (Hungarian AK- SA-85M) Mitchell Arms (Yugoslavia AK- M70/M72/M76/M77) Poly Tech Steyr (Egyptian AK- ARM, and clones) @ 500 pages Package 5 ($100.00)- (Various) Colt (R601/R602/Armalite AR-15/R6000/R6001/R6007/R6010/R6400/R6420/R6450/R6510/R6511/ R6520/R6550/R6551/R6600/R6601/R6721) Armitage International (Scarab) Century (FAMAS) FAJAS (SSG82) Franchi (SPAS 12/SPAS 15) Gilbert/Interord (USAS 12) Interdynamic (KG-9) RPB (MAC 10/MAC 11) Sentinel (Striker 12) Steyr (AUG, and clones/SPP) Walther (WA 2000) @ 190 pages Package 6 ($300.00)- (all Packages) @ 1,370 pages Data will be transmitted, via email with attachment, with embedded codes and passwords for each Purchaser. Tony
  3. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,546 pages!!! Tony
  4. Meh--- fits the pattern!!! Be fortunate that "they" are making themselves known. Take another term to root out most. Tony
  5. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    Secondary to response, ALL DATA for $200.00 throughout the month --- 1,522 pages!!! Tony
  6. You can always get one of these!!! Tony
  7. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,481 pages!!! Tony
  8. Selling part of my collection

    PM sent on the PS90!!! Tony
  9. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still looking!!! Tony
  10. Preferably unnumbered--- have FNC Styrofoam boxes (standard and folder) for trade, or cash!!! PM me with what you have. Tony
  11. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    This week only--- $200.00 for ALL DATA--- @ 1,460 pages!!! Tony
  12. WTB: Steyr TMP/SPP Magazines

    Seems not easy to find--- try Pete: Tony
  13. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still searching!!! Tony
  14. Difficult to determine from the picture--- what is the 2-letter date code on the receiver??? Tony
  15. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,419 pages--- added ZFK31/55, KG-99/TEC-9, and Steyr SP (not SPP)!!! Really invaluable information in determining what you are thinking about buying is correct (e.g., serial number range, markings, factory boxes, accessories, etc.). Tony
  16. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,404 pages!!! Tony
  17. Rest in peace, brudda!!! Tony
  18. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still looking!!! Tony
  19. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    All data is 1,388 pages currently!!! Tony
  20. Looking to Buy NIB Pre-Ban Items. HK Galil Etc.

    An expensive proposition--- good luck!!! Tony
  21. Should have moved to The Deep South!!! Tony
  22. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    The first 10 purchasers will receive 1 annual update (no charge) of all data, regardless of the package purchased!!! Tony
  23. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still searching!!! Tony
  24. WTS: AK47 Machine Gun (Fleming)

    Why has the receiver been remarked "308"??? Tony
  25. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    Ben, Thanks for the kind words!!! Tony