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  1. HK Mark 23 Collector Package

    Is the Mark 23 a CCF or HK Sterling import??? Tony
  2. WTS: HK PSG-1 $20000

    Thanks!!! Tony
  3. WTS: HK PSG-1 $20000

    Date code "IE" or "IF"??? Tony
  4. How did you determine 1:7 twist??? Tony
  5. Clarification--- 1500 manufactured of each (1987-1988)--- woodland (300) and desert (400)!!! How is the barrel marked? Tony
  6. WTS: AUG receiver

    PM to you!!! Tony
  7. Seen and heard of many manufacturers--- never this one--- any more information??? Tony
  8. PM to you!!! Tony
  9. No problem--- thank you!!! Tony
  10. So it is a USR (v. 901/903 Series)??? Tony
  11. Can you post pics of the package??? Tony
  12. WTB: FMP G3S Portuguese G3 PARS

    Dave, I was going to mention this--- that is the earliest serial number that I have seen--- and with the correct black cardboard box!!! Tony
  13. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    With a sluggish firearms market, I am not surprised!!! I would hold onto it for another 12-24 months--- they will be selling for $3.5K-$4K again. Tony
  14. WTS Fully Transferrable Valmet AK-47 .223

    Presuming registered receiver--- so--- who did the conversion??? Tony
  15. HKPRO and Gunbroker!!! Tony