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  1. John, Any time--- have you contacted HKCS??? Tony
  2. I am humbled--- already answered his question on HKPRO--- PSG1 case (HK), and PSG1A1 case (Pelican "PELI 1750")!!! Tony
  3. Should be at the front, under the receiver, near the barrel release button!!! Tony
  4. Do not forget the shell deflector!!! Tony
  5. Thanks for the clarification--- is there a 3-letter, date code on the receiver??? Tony
  6. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Thanks, but I already have a factory-built, SIG PE57 (and spare parts)--- just need the box!!! Tony
  7. Mike, Who imported the A2 receiver, and what is the 3-letter, date code??? Tony
  8. POST-sample HK33K-E - $3,000

    PM!!! Tony
  9. USAS-12 Unfired $5000 NEW !!

    PM!!! Tony
  10. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still searching!!! Tony
  11. Optics mount for Sig Amt

    On the other side of the black!!! Tony
  12. Optics mount for Sig Amt

    And, at a minimum, 1/10 of the price!!! Tony
  13. Optics mount for Sig Amt

    Just reversed--- Pearl Manufacturing Corp. conversion!!! Tony
  14. Optics mount for Sig Amt

    Julian, That looks awesome!!! Tony