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  1. 6122 is an IF date code (1985). Tony
  2. Who did the conversion? Registered receiver? Tony
  3. Brian Linde of MN RIP

    Prayers to his family and friends. Tony
  4. RKI needed Galil post-ban

    The barrel should be fully threaded. I believe that it is just a plastic or metal cap that was sealed ("loctited") to the threads--- may need vice grips to break the seal. Also, I think that the threads are right hand--- you will probably need to turn counter-clockwise to remove the cap. Tony
  5. And no deflectors under around TA004000. Tony
  6. I have seen green label R6450's with the sear block (attachment point on the right receiver) beginning around TA0080XX (later attachment points on both sides of the receiver). Tony
  7. Does this have the deflector and sear block? Tony
  8. Bill Flemming of Flemming Arms Fame RIP

    A pioneer--- prayers to his family and friends. Tony
  9. WTS: Firearms Reference Data

    3,268 pages. Tony
  10. WTB Valmet Magazine

    Factory or MCP/LIQ? Round capacity? 1-rivit or 3-rivit? Tony
  11. WTB: KAC Mark 23 Suppressor

    If newer production, be aware that "MU96XX- MU97XX" had a piston defect (chewing up the blue O-ring when attached and removed) and will need to be replaced by KAC. Tony
  12. WTS Galil sporter NIB

    Thank you--- very nice sample. Tony
  13. WTS Galil sporter NIB

    Can you post some pictures, especially of the relevant rifle markings, as well as the manual and box? Tony
  14. WTS: Firearms Reference Data

    3,213 pages--- updated Table of Contents--- new purchasing options. Tony
  15. Bixler-Boatman 93R

    Excellent. Is the receiver aluminum, steel, or titanium? PM to you--- thanks. Tony