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  1. HK Site Alternative

    349 and growing--- thanks everyone. Tony
  2. FN FNC Questions

    Personally, the FNC is not the best choice for FA--- parts are scarce and expensive. But I would go the registered sear route, for ease of transferring among hosts and converting back to SA. Tony
  3. Quite welcome--- possibly--- there are 2 generations--- but I do not know their respective import dates. Tony
  4. No worries--- I am here--- but I do appreciate the compliment. The only "factory HK" non-dated/non-date coded magazines would be the following: Made in Germany (larger font)(@ 2005-2015)- middle vertically and centered (color-filled); 9mmx19/no date code on bottom Made in Germany (smaller font)(@ 2016-2020)- middle vertically and more towards the top (not color-filled); 9mmx19/no date code on bottom Sounds like unmarked, Korean magazines: Tony
  5. WTS: Firearms Reference Data

    2,461 pages--- updated: WTS - Firearms Reference Data For the novice, or advanced collector. Information on serial numbers, markings, accessories, manuals, factory boxes/cases/accessories, importer information, etc., to assist in the next firearm purchase, or as an historical reference. $50.00 (USPMO)--- no annual update $100.00 (USPMO)--- with... Tony
  6. HK Site Alternative

    Quite welcome--- 331 members. Tony
  7. HK Site Alternative

    Let me know if there is a problem--- I will get right on it. Tony
  8. WTS: Firearms Reference Data

    2,450 pages. Tony
  9. HK Site Alternative

    310 members--- thanks. Tony
  10. WTS: Firearms Reference Data

    2,439 pages. Tony
  11. HK Site Alternative

    @ 300 members--- thanks to everyone. Tony
  12. HK Site Alternative

    All are welcome. Tony
  13. WTS: Firearms Reference Data

    2,417 pages. Tony
  14. WTS: Firearms Reference Data

    2,400 pages. Tony