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  1. PM sent with email for pics!!! Tony
  2. HK MK23

    PM to you!!! Tony
  3. KAC MK23 suppressor

    PM to you!!! Tony
  4. Strange--- keep us updated!!! Tony
  5. Springfield Armory was the LE importer during that period of time!!! All should be pre-86 DS with the "Z" trigger pack housing (i.e., requiring the operator to depress a button to engage the full auto mode). Tony
  6. Troy, Thanks--- e-mail to you!!! Tony
  7. Mike, You are correct--- AMT magazines are straight--- PE57 magazines are slightly curved!!! Tony
  8. Thanks, Buddy--- there are other markings--- your last pic shows the 5- and 10-round magazines. Tony
  9. Finish and markings!!! Tony
  10. Mike, PM to you--- I presume you meant "510" instead of "210"!!! Are these SIG or Chilean magazines? Tony