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  1. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    With a sluggish firearms market, I am not surprised!!! I would hold onto it for another 12-24 months--- they will be selling for $3.5K-$4K again. Tony
  2. WTS Fully Transferrable Valmet AK-47 .223

    Presuming registered receiver--- so--- who did the conversion??? Tony
  3. HKPRO and Gunbroker!!! Tony
  4. Whats it worth.....

    Sorry for your circumstances--- check on Gunbroker under the Ammunition section--- good luck!!! Tony
  5. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    Mike, Not familiar with Connecticut state laws on how they classify a DD (i.e., as a MG?)!!! Regardless, if it was not registered as a DD by 05-01-01, then it is contraband, and the receiver has to be cut (unless transferred to an SOT). Can you PM me the importer and the full serial number, and let me check it with my data? Tony
  6. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    Mike, Gilbert Equipment Company (Chicksaw, Alabama/Nashville, Tennessee) did not import the USAS-12 until 1989--- so there can be no "transferables" to individuals. If the owner registered it during the amnesty, there would have been no tax to pay--- if one possessed a USAS-12 after the amnesty period and did not register it, the receiver would be contraband and would have to be cut up, while the remainder of the parts could be retained. Parts can be found for sale on Gunbroker. Please update us on the status of the USAS-12. Tony
  7. ATF ruling 94-1 and SAS 12 help needed

    Are you referring to the USAS 12--- there are no "transferable" ones? If so, and if I recall correctly, the USAS-12 was declared a DD on 02-28-94, and amnesty registration was by 05-01-01 (Form 4, and no transfer tax). Tony
  8. PM sent with email for pics!!! Tony
  9. WTS: HK91 T&E Marked SOLD

    Thank you!!! Tony
  10. WTS: HK91 T&E Marked SOLD

    Do you have a clearer pic of the left receiver markings??? Tony
  11. 3-letter date code??? Tony
  12. WTB: FMP G3S Portuguese G3 PARS

    For anyone that may have one, it will have the "1/89" date!!! Tony
  13. sig pe-57

    The last one sold on GB for $12.5K!!! DE/Mike--- awaiting PM replies. Tony
  14. Help w/Galil 392 SAR or ARM?

    Actually, that partial serial number falls within the range for a M392 (5,56/ARM)--- the "AAL" should be an AAL with a rectangle--- someone removed the carry handle!!! Can you PM me the full serial? Tony
  15. sig pe-57

    Mike, PM to you!!! Tony