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  1. Made a semi Stoner 63A (66A)....

    Nice not rob but a semi stoner , sweet
  2. WTS: M60 Barrels NOS - E4 Commando, E3 long, Standard - Pics

    I will take this barrel
  3. WTS: UH-1B Huey Gunship / Helicopter - Pics

    That's cool but my wife would stab me in the neck any m60 commando barrels mate
  4. We're New Around Here - Sarge's Military Surplus

    So if youre making new L1A1 barrels is there any chance of L2 barrels gas blocks toilet plunger brake aka Malay brake, etc cheers will
  5. I will take these 1 M60 Drive rod $25 1 M60 springs $10ea 1 firing pins $10ea
  6. FN Belgium Browning Hi-Power, 9MM

    Pm sent
  7. MG34 parts kit on dummy receiver great display or turn her back into a rifle no bolt or charging handle spring most everything else is there top cover barrel trigger group etc I will post pics I was going to build her into semi but I found a completed semi so selling to raise funds for that purchase Please note the stock has a crack but either the stock was repaired at some point of the crack is more of a surface crack as the stock is rock solid 1400 shipped usps I take discreet PP or usps MO One side of the grip is cracked the stock does have crack but it rock solid and the crack has not effected the stock
  8. WTS used stripped m60 top cover has rear latch and 80% trunnion $450 shipped Dm me for pics thanks Will
  9. WTS: M60e3 Assault Boxes Capco - Pics

    I will take two , email sent
  10. WTS: M60e3 Assault Boxes Capco - Pics

    I need a buffer yoke , do you have one for sale ? just found one thanks anyway will
  11. I will take omne semi bolt German & firing pin and the left trigger group