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  1. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Latest one I received. This scammer is actually using someone's FFL whom I called and confirmed it's not him selling and also has a bank account he wants the money sent to at TD Bank. Ram Lake LLC <> Wed, Feb 13, 11:55 PM (14 hours ago) to We are licensed Dealer and we have some NFA Class III guns and accessories for sale.Let us know if you might be interested in them or have any customer looking for one. also If there is something that you are having trouble finding, reach out to us. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it for you 1. SWD M11 9mm Transferable 2. Ruger AC556 3 FN FNC 5.56 by S&H Arms. Folding stock,4 pos. select. with 3 rnd. burst. 4 Ingram powder springs MAC 10 5.Vector Uzi 6.German WWII C&R MP40 7.1918 Winchester C&R BAR 8.MP5A3, Qualified Sear in SEF Pack, 9. Cotl M16A1 10 Sten MK II Transferable Machine Gun 11- American 180 transferable machine gun
  2. WTB: M3 T&E locking arm

    Need an M3 T&E locking arm. This is for the larger T&E used with the .50 not the .30. Thanks.
  3. Universal pintle to small pintle adapter needed

    Ok so it has a female large pintle hole? I emailed Sarco but no response yet.
  4. Universal pintle to small pintle adapter needed

    Ok thanks! They don't have a picture of it so I emailed Dave to see if he could send me one.
  5. Universal pintle to small pintle adapter needed

    Thanks. Looking to find some a little better priced.

    Nice! I have a premay wish mine was a tranny!
  7. Universal pintle to small pintle adapter needed

    I'm trying to source an adapter that will allow an M23 Equilibrator cradle mount to fit onto an M3 tripod. That would be a large male universal pintle on the M23 to a small male pintle that will fit into the pintle hole on the M3 tripod. Anyone have the skills to make these for me? I need them on a regular basis maybe 6 to 10 a year. Thanks.
  8. Browning M2HB .50 BMG Ma Deuce Semi

    Have one incoming eta about this time next month
  9. M1 Carbine Lake City 120 rounds in bandoleer 1972 $75 shipped

    Six bandoliers left and that's it!
  10. WTB: 50cal M-33 ball projectiles

    JNC Manufacturing Nathan Jones
  11. WTB MG 34 .308 Barrel

    Brian Poling, BRP is where I got mine. If you have trouble with the cartridges nose diving into the barrel, contact me I have a fix that worked on mine.
  12. Potential Scam Accounts

    Latest scammer to email me. ALL TRANSFERABLE FOR SALE Inbox x CHERYL ABERNATHY <> 5:18 AM (2 hours ago) to Thompson "West Hurley" M1 $8,000 Thompson "West Hurley" Rare Find! This beauty appears to be NIB un-fired. This was from a dealers inventory that was purchased new and put in a safe. This comes with all the original paperwork, 4 stick mags and a 3 stick magazine pouch. This is on a Form 3 in my stock and ready for immediate transfer ( Drum doesn't go with this it goes with the 1928 I have listed). Akins Ruger 10/22 $800 As pictured, post sample Akins Ruger 10/22. Excellent condition. Requires demo letter, model listed as "10/22". $800 Transferable HKG3K RR machine gun $7,000 Transferable HK G3K RR machine gun. Original HK 91 RR by Barr Armsmaker reconfigured to G3K length, Refinish, G3K markings on mag well, paddle mag release, grenade ring, HK collapsible stock, HK21 charging handle, Navy SEF with ambi selector, B&T fore end and top rail. Work is outstanding. RPB M11 A1 .380 transferable Sub machine gun $3200 RPB M11-A1 .380 MAC. This is a fully transferable machine gun. Gun functions 100%. Comes with original upper, and HK sighted upper as seen in pictures. Also included is the FAL stock which gives the gun a rock solid feel and operation and 2 32 round metal mags. The machine gun lower has been professionally refinished in Moly Resin. $6800 This gun was born a semi-auto, and legally registered as a machine gun back in the day, and is in CT legal full auto only configuration. I’m sure the new owner can convert to select fire if desired.. Also available to buyer is a rare Stoney Creek Armory 9mm upper. This upper has a much slower rate of fire and uses Soumi 72 round drum mags, or 50 round Soumi coffin mags, or 36 round Soumi stick mags. SCA 9mm upper and one of each mag Vector/Group Mini UZI, very clean $6K We have a very clean Vector/Group Industries Mini Uzi in house ready to ship to your SOT. This is a registered receiver gun listed as 22LR, 9mm, and 45ACP. This is the Uzi to have. This gun came in with a large collection and I doubt it has seen much if any use. We will efile upon receipt of certified funds. Auto-Ordnance / Bridgeport M1 Thompson - $10500 I'm selling an early AOC M1 Thompson machine gun for $20500. It is on a Form 4 in Texas. I have my FFL/SOT, but this is a personal gun. It has been refinished sometime and looks great but there is some light pitting in the receiver. I believe the pictures show the condition of the gun. Shoots great also, but I don't enjoy shooting it as much as some more modern subguns, so off it goes! Rock River LAR-9 carbine 9mm I have for sale a like new Rock River Arms LAR-9 carbine. It has had maybe 10-15 rounds through it since new. Comes with the factory 10rd mag, backup sights, and a factory case. I'm asking $700 shipped HK 41 1974 Package $1200 This is a rare HK41. I've owned a number of these over the years and this is a nice one. This is the predecessor to the HK91 and was brought in for 2 years, 1966 and 1974. This is a 1974 version and has a shiny black finish which was standard for them. This one has the factory/matching retractable stock, fixed stock, web sling, carry handle and port buffer (these are removable). It also has the factory HK41 manual that was shipped with these (these run 100-150 dollars just themselves). I am including 6 magazines but if I can fit more into the box I will.
  13. WTB: used / shot inert M18 Smoke grenades

    Looking for bulk quantities of shot, used inert M18 smoke grenades.
  14. 1080 rounds M1 Carbine Lake City 1972 original US issue $750 shipped

    Sure. 6013192675. Call around 3 pm or after. Thx
  15. 1080 rounds M1 Carbine Lake City 1972 original US issue $750 shipped

    Yes 3% on cards. Total would be $772.50. I'm down to the last full box and I sell these individually so it may be broken up before too long as I sell about 5 bandoliers a week. My direct email is Thanks.