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  1. Colonel,

    I received pretty much the same email that you have posted from a Kassie Vicain.  He (they...?) are offering an un-papered Thompson SMG for $2,000.  He even sent photos.  Are you interested in me forwarding you the email ?




  2. First time MG recommendations

    Had to reply again to notify me of a reply as I failed to do that on my post I just made.
  3. First time MG recommendations

    Recently acquired an Ingram Model 6. It seems to be well made and light weight for an SMG. It's got an issue with light primer strikes. Hoping it's the main spring. Just ordered one from Sarco. However, to me it looks like the firing pin protrusion is worn down. Great that's going to be fun to find another one but Reuben Mendiola said he will help me get it running as I purchased through him here.
  4. WTB: Ingram M6 magazines

  5. Ingram M6 parts kit

    Aren't we all, lols. Helping you out here to put this back to the top.
  6. WTB: Ingram M6 magazines

  7. Fresh find from Knob Creek a couple weeks ago. An original Colt M2HB blued barrel. At the time I purchased it, barrel was gauged at less than zero on the throat erosion gauge! Didn't have a muzzle gauge but it can't be bad if the throat is this good. Finish is a little worn may have came off a display gun. Only mark on the barrel is a "C" which leads me to believe it's a Colt barrel and very possibly a WWII one. Bore is frosty but I've never seen one that wasn't. Strong lands / grooves. $650 shipped
  8. M60 Barrel in Excellent Condition $300 shipped price dropped

    ttt price drop
  9. Very rare to find WWI Colt BAR M1918 extractor. 9.9 times out of 10 these extractors are WWII or post war NES or Royal Typewriter. This one is an original Colt with the C and arrow. It's in excellent like new condition. Correct your Colt BAR up with this one. It's not cheap but you won't find another one anytime soon. Well worth it for your original Colt BAR. $150 shipped.
  10. Hi, I cam across an M60 barrel in a trade for some parts. I don't need it so it's up for grabs. Appears to be in excellent condition. Strong rifling and crystal clear bore. It has an "M" with a dot and a "P" along with some numbers. See pic's. Dropped price to $300 shipped.
  11. I have 2 left. Suprisingly most sold on ebay rather than the boards I am on...
    I had black writing with yellow logo for .45

    Another is an earlier case that has more surplus wear, yellow writng with yellow logo
    it also does not have the cleaning rod slit which I later added

    They come with extra stickers


    1. Rebel Rifle Ordnance LLC

      Rebel Rifle Ordnance LLC

      K, I may like one.  How much?

  12. WTS: Ingram MAC-10 briefcase custom foam $250

    Do you still have these? Thanks.
  13. WTB: Ingram M6 magazines

    Looking for original Ingram M6 magazines or converted Thompson one's. Also a bolt too.
  14. MAC RPB 10-A1 9mm Original Lage Grip and stock