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  1. Wtb colt m16a1

    I have an excellent condition inbound from an estate.
  2. Potential Scam Accounts

    I have a WTB add up and was contacted by user marcus120 that has one for sell. "Christopher Smith" returned my email with a picture and price. The first thing I thought odd was he was responding instantly and every response he gave had, " let me know if you are still interested." So it was a little pushy. I asked for his contact information and he provided: Here is my Address 1718 Cooper Drive Irving, TX 75061 My number (862)-267-4976) let me know if you are still interested. Regards Christopher I ran his name, address and phone number on a database I use at work and he doesn't exist.
  3. WTB: M3 tripod

    Looking for good condition M3 tripods. Please email me Thanks.
  4. SPF MAC 10/9 originally Military Armament stamped with RPB overstamp. Package includes an original Military Armament, Powder Springs, GA 9mm two stage suppressor, three mags, mag loader and hard case. Condition is excellent with apparent low round count. Package is $8,200 plus shipping. Would separate out of the package as I really hate to part with the hardcase as it's one of a kind. If I separate, I'm keeping the case so no I won't sell it for $200. On Form 3 for tax free xfer to FFL/SOT. MAC 10/9 RPB $7,500 plus shipping Military Armament 9 suppressor $500 plus shipping
  5. WTB: Browning pintles

    Looking for some original Browning 1919 pintles. No Chinese junk. Thanks.
  6. Colt M2 water cooled rear sight REDUCED $400

    Reduced for quick sale!
  7. SPF--MP 40 bnz 42 all matching original German SMG

    Ah ok. Makes sense.
  8. SPF--MP 40 bnz 42 all matching original German SMG

    I'm not sure but the sling can be turned on either side so it's just a matter of taking the barrel nut off and flipping it around. It's ambidextrous. For a right hand shooter, it should be as pictured in my pictures. Left hand, the other way. This is not a historical factual assessment just my guess.
  9. SPF--MP 40 bnz 42 all matching original German SMG

    My guess is that SAC may stand for Sacramento Arms Company and was imported into the country at some point prior to GCA of 1968. That's the best guess. I've also discovered from another person the following: The sling attachment is from the Haenel factory and the middle section of the recoil system is not a Steyr part. WIth the exception of those little details, it is excellent.
  10. SPF--MP 40 bnz 42 all matching original German SMG

    Sold pending funds. MP 40 bnz 42 in Excellent condition all matching fully transferable original German submachine gun Maschinenpistole 40. ATF form lists Germany as the manufacturer. On a form 3 and ready for instant Efile. 1942 Nazi MP 40 manufactured by Steyr-Mannlicher Erma Werke Haenel, code "bnz." All matching throughout with 98%+ of the original wartime blue finish with very little wear but enough to confirm the original finish. The bakelite components are also in extremely fine condition with almost no use. Grips and foregrip are mint +. This gun was a safequeen since it rolled out of the factory and an extremely fine example of an original WWII German MP40 Submachine gun as used by all German forces. This model could be at home in a museum and is sure to increase in value over a tube gun or post war example. Documented in this database: Comes with original sling and five original mag with mag carrier. $25,000. Full or partial trades considered of fully transferable machine guns.
  11. WTS: M2HB Semi Auto .50 BMG belt fed

    Brand new Browning patent M2HB .50 Cal belt fed with military contract MK123 Tripod, T&E and pintle. $14,500 shipped! (MS residents 7% sales tax) This rifle transfers just like any other rifle through an FFL. No NFA tax required because it is semi auto. This gun is an exact WWII reproduction using new made parts. This is a new made gun, not assembled from a parts set. All new parts. It comes with a LIFETIME guarantee from manufacturer against anything but stupid. * Standard ground gun sights * NOS Heavy barrel * Head space gauge * NOS M2 heavy bolt * MK123 Tripod * T&E * Pintle This item is not available for purchase by credit card. Contact for availability. Video
  12. REDUCED priced to sale. Original Colt M2 water cooled rear sight. $400 shipped.
  13. WTB: M3 tripods

    Still looking for some M3 tripods.
  14. WTB: M3 tripods

    Looking for a couple excellent condition M3 Tripods. My email is
  15. WTB: 1919A4 transferable

    I saw that one and did send him an email as well. A bit high for a premay. I wouldn't give over $8K for a premay because you can get a transferable for $15 to $16k.