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  1. m1 Thompson for Sale

    am selling my m1 thompson made by Urich, he has put faux but proper US property and Bridgport Connecticut Auto Ordnance roll marks. Its a really magnificent shooter and of much higher quality than any West Hurley reciever. I have alot to come along with this which includes: -1 slling -10 30 rounds mags -5 20 rounds with 5 cell pouch -1 brass cleaning rod -1 spare barrel -3 complete m1 bolts -1 complete m1a1 bolt -1 velvet lined mahogany presentation case -1 30 round magazine stick stand -1 converted 50 round L drum which works -1 spare butt stock -lower is an actual bridgeport $21,000 on form 4 in Florida. Please call or text 410-693-3036 or The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com for pictures. Honestly i cant figure out how to post pictures on this website. I have sold other guns on this website before with no problem
  2. I’ll take it. PM’ed you
  3. These bolts are fantastic and Is easily the best upgrade for my m11a1 to date. Deal with confidence from Tom. -Beau LT USN (ret)
  4. WTB HK Sear

    Retiring from the Navy and want to buy a transferable HK sear. Not interested in any hosts at this time except for an mm13 or mm23e. Happy to pay 100% upfront and buy out of state. Please txt, call or email. The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com 4106933036 Thanks All, Beau
  5. FN FNC plus spare parts Kit

    Sold pending funds
  6. FN FNC plus spare parts Kit

    Selling my FN FNC. Video below of me and the gun with the VSO Gun Channel doing a review against the m16 family of rifles. Please watch the video, watch how smooth it is and see lots of close up footage/review. Aftermarket features: 13" barrel, three round burst kit installed, a2 standard flash hider, engraved/colorfilled pictograms on both sides, engraved/colorfilled FN logo on right side, ambi selector switch, titanium firing pin installed, stormwerks picatinny top rail and red dot Spare parts:extra barrel, fixed stock, firing pin, and firing pin springs (2). I am willing to drive a reasonable distance in Virginia to make the deal happen if a buyer is local. I am active duty Navy so it is difficult for me to take phone calls during the day, but at night I am free. $15,000. Buyer pays all shipping/transfers. All NFA rules apply. The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com 4106933036 Very Respectfully, Beau Haworth
  7. Want to sell my transferable Rock Island Armory m16. Recently refinished by m60 joe. On form 4 in Norfolk, VA and i am active duty Navy. Works great and runs like a champ. Lower comes with, magpul furniture, 10.5" 223 upper, aim point clone and anti-rotation pins. $18,500 Will also trade towards other machine guns, i cannot figure out how to post pictures please txt or email me for them. Beau - The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com 4106933036
  8. Decked out Spitfire 45 ACP Package

    Sold pending funds
  9. Decked out Spitfire 45 ACP Package

    message returned. also decided to list the suppressor for $500. price for the rest of the package stays the same
  10. Decked out Spitfire 45 ACP Package

    Thanks hal!
  11. Decked out Spitfire 45 ACP Package

    still cant figure out how to post pictures!
  12. On form 4 in Virginia is my customized 45 acp bullet hose. Upgraded features include: Permenant feedramp installed m3a1 grease gun bolt installed/oem bolt included safety removed double trigger and disconnector installed for full and semi auto fire barrel cut to 8" and threaded to .578x28 cerakoted black upper and lower Also have a spare unused sear rates of fire with OEM buffer: unsuppressed = 720 suppressed = 800 rates of fire without OEM buffer unsuppressed = 450 suppressed = 500 Also included with the gun are six 30 round grease gun mags, a loader, and a converted suomi drum that holds 52. The 45 caliber custom suppressor is made of titanium with stainless blast baffles. It is rated up to 300 win mag and have adapters in .578x28, 3/4x10, and 1/2x28. It is 11 inches long and user serviceable. A very quiet k baffle construction by Maddmann Silencers. Price for package without suppressor - $5500 Price for package with suppressor - $6000 Buyer pays all shipping, transfer fees, and stamps. I would be happy to drive a reasonable distance to let a prospective buyer look at or test fire this machinegun. I am active duty Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA. I would be happy to provide any pictures or field any questions. Please message me or email me at The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com All NFA rules apply.
  13. WTB Mac-11 380 in Virginia

    Looking to buy an instate (Virginia) transferable Mac-11 380. Will pay cash or can trade towards it with other guns/machineguns. Please email The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com