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  1. Do you hate lowering your feed mech, negotiating where the first round goes, lowering the top cover and slamming it all up? Especially when you have a crowd waiting turns to shoot your gun. I certainly do. Attach this to your first belted round, pull it through, slap your charging handle and your in the game. It couldn’t get faster. Also for those that use SAW boxes/pouches you don’t have to play the angle game anymore. Slide in your mag, pull the tab through and slap the charging handle. Will work in any hk23e, MM23e or BPP23e $12 each - made to order Beau -4106933036 The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com Here’s a video showing how fast these kind of starter tabs work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjv6rc7vz1I
  2. MK760 with Integral SCRC Suppressor

    Yes still available
  3. MK760 with Integral SCRC Suppressor

    Just put in fresh SAmachine extractor and extractor spring today. Will sell gun and mags for $6k plus shipping
  4. MK760 with Integral SCRC Suppressor

    Suppressor just sold for a bunch. will sell gun plus mags for $6500
  5. Selling my mk760 machinegun with my integral SCRC suppressor. It has a ported barrel so much like a mp5sd it turns supersonic 115/124 gr bullets into subsonic super quiet fun. Very fun and reliable gun with extra mags. Runs well On form 4 in Florida, happy to meet someone in the Tampa Bay Area to test fire. $7500 plus shipping Beau 4106933036 The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com
  6. Beautiful Reising M-50, unfired condition with the original 12 round magazine and four new in the wrapper Christie's 30 round magazines and the spare box magwell. Also a complete spare replacement spring set and a spare Christie's titanium firing pin. On a form 4 in Virginia. $7,000. I am listing this for a best friend. He is kind of famous in the Mac world. You can text him directly at 757-654-6335 or email at mikemcmanus33@gmail.com
  7. “Silver Bullet” Mini Uzi

    Price drop to $15,000 plus shipping
  8. “Silver Bullet” Mini Uzi

    This a transferable group industries mini uzi that was NP3 coated, which is a Teflon nickel coating. In addition to the coated gun I have: -a spare coated barrel and parked barrel -(5) 32rd mags, (1) 25, and (1) 20 rd mag all coated to match the gun. Also (3) standard 32 rd mags -compete spare coated lower -coated bayonet -spare top cover with a integrated picatinny rail also coated -tri-fab defense tri-rail and front grip On form 4 in Florida. Happy to meet someone in the Tampa area who would like to test fire it. $15,000 Beau 4106933036 The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com
  9. Hello Friends im looking for a local florida deal, I need several buckets of 9mm brass. I will also buy or trade for unsorted brass. I can pay cash or trade guns/factory ammo. Or trade buckets of different sorted brass. I have several SMGs in 9mm and need more brass to keep them fed. Thanks, Beau 4106933036
  10. MM12 7.62x39 HK sear host package

  11. MM13 (HK13 clone) sear host package

    Sold pending funds
  12. MM12 7.62x39 HK sear host package

    price drop to $4k plus shipping
  13. MM13 (HK13 clone) sear host package

    price drop to $4250
  14. MM12 7.62x39 HK sear host package

    Sure can, sent you a PM