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  1. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Found someone who wants the complete lower. So $19,500 for everything or $18,800 the package minus the spare lower
  2. WTB/WTT for 1928 Thompson kit

    i have a full parts kit, lower and stock. I could sell you that and lower the price on my gun
  3. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Still for sale...
  4. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Dropping package to $19.5k
  5. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

  6. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Would love to trade for another machine gun as I don’t need multiple thompsons. Will up trade up or down plus or minus cash
  7. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

  8. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Selling my West Hurley Thompson. The only piece still on the gun made by West Hurley is the receiver. I have all PK, GI and custom made parts put into/on this gun including a repro 1921a finned barrel. I have enormous volume of accessories to along with a spare parts kit. Not limited to but including..... 8 - 30 rd stick mags 1 - 3 cell 30 rd mag pouch 5 - 20 rd stick mags 1 - 5 cell 20 rd mag pouch 2 - 50 rd L drums 1 - 50 rd L drum pouch 1 - PK 1921 converted knurled actuator, 1921 spring/buffer pilot 1 - complete spare Bridgeport lower and stock 2 - 1928 spare barrels 1 - extra pistol grip 2 - spare vertical foregrips 1 - custom vertical foregrip copied from 1921 colt pattern foregrip 1 - brass cleaning rod 2 - slings 1 - spare lyman rear sight 1 - spare L sight 1 - oiler 2 - spare brass blishlocks various books and manuals (pictured) 6 - 30 rd thompson magazine springs 2 - complete spare bolts 3 - spare firing pins outside of the complete spare bolts 1 - spare smooth actuator - pictured in the gun is a knurled savage 1928 actuator 1 - spare 1928 spring pilot 3 - polyurethane buffers various spare lower internal parts I would be happy to meet up with someone local to meet/test fire. I have many references available as i have bought/sold many machineguns. On form 4 in Florida. More pictures available upon request. $19,500 for the whole package or $18,800 for everything EXCEPT the spare lower Beau - 410-693-3036 or The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com
  9. m1 Thompson for Sale

  10. m1 Thompson for Sale

    I appreciate the offer sir. Right now I’d rather sell it as a package deal to help sell the gun. If I get a buyer who doesn’t care about the case and I could potentially knock the value of the case off his total to make the sale, I would do that and then sell it to you. For now the important thing for me is selling the gun.
  11. m1 Thompson for Sale

  12. m1 Thompson for Sale

    my rank had expired since i last sold a gun, back up to captain, posted pics and dropped price of the package
  13. m1 Thompson for Sale

    selling my m1 to fund another project. I have alot to come along with this which includes: -1 slling -10 30 rounds mags -5 20 rounds with 5 cell pouch -1 brass cleaning rod -1 spare barrel -3 complete m1 bolts -1 complete m1a1 bolt -1 velvet lined mahogany presentation case -1 30 round magazine stick stand -1 converted 50 round L drum which works -1 spare butt stock $19,000 on form 4 in Florida. Please call or text 410-693-3036 or The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com for pictures. Sorry about the pictures as it is litterally covered in gun oil. Would be happy to meet up for any local people who may want to see/shoot it
  14. I’ll take it. PM’ed you
  15. These bolts are fantastic and Is easily the best upgrade for my m11a1 to date. Deal with confidence from Tom. -Beau LT USN (ret)