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  1. C&R m3 greasegun $23k

    Dropped to $23k
  2. MM23 (HK23e) sear host - $11k

    Dropping price to $11k
  3. C&R m3 greasegun $23k

    Still available
  4. MM23 (HK23e) sear host - $11k

    Still available. Will also sell the tripod+adapter if someone wants to buy that
  5. C&R m3 greasegun $23k

    Left side pic. I also have two spare barrels one of which is threaded 5/8x24
  6. C&R m3 greasegun $23k

    Put a price tag for selling
  7. MM23 (HK23e) sear host - $11k

  8. I’m tired of linking belts and would rather shoot mag fed hk sear hosts. I havnt shot it much. Mine comes with a belt box and a grip housing if you have a burst pack. This is a semi-auto rifle capable of working with hk sears and registered sear packs. Dropping to $11k plus shipping Beau 4106933036
  9. Delete

    Please delete duplicate post
  10. C&R m3 greasegun $23k

    I’m interested in selling my British lendlease C&R greasegun. I will also accept other machine guns plus cash, however they will have to be on form 4 in Florida or on a form 3. add- I also have two spare barrels to go with the gun. One of those is threaded 5/8x24 Price drop to $23k Beau 4106933036
  11. WTB sten on form 4 in FL

    Just sold a thompson and looking for a project sten in Florida on form 4. Thanks! Beau 4106933036
  12. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Found someone who wants the complete lower. So $19,500 for everything or $18,800 the package minus the spare lower
  13. WTB/WTT for 1928 Thompson kit

    i have a full parts kit, lower and stock. I could sell you that and lower the price on my gun
  14. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Still for sale...