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  1. I have a Mk19 grenade launcher parts lot for sale consisting of: Backplate….x 2 only one is shown Receiver sears….x20 Bolt buffers….x2 R/L finger bolt….x5 Firing pin sear….x15 All parts are USGI and quite serviceable. A few of the buffers have pitting on the shaft but could be disassembled for parts. All Sold!!!!
  2. Hey guys, Here is a listing of most of the parts I am looking to sell. All are used, most very lightly and part of a mandatory replacement prior to USMC deployment. Shipping is not included but I will do my best to get it posted as cheap as possible. I tried to make prices reasonable ( basically halved Gunbroker prices) but if you think its out of line just let me know. Let me know if you want pictures. Also I would be interested in trading for a couple of stripped AR uppers, AR BCG's, and am looking for a set of m2hb backplate upper and lower frames, tubes,grips,grip screws. Thanks for looking. I attached a few pictures to give you an idea. M249: ALL SOLD CARTRIDGE EJECTORS CHARGING HANDLES Rear SightS FEED PAWL ASSEMBLIES Sears 30 MM USMC DMR SCOPE RINGs.........SOLD....... Mk19 or all shown for $250 Backplate….$50 per Receiver sears….$50 per Bolt buffers….$20 per R/L finger bolt….$5 per Firing pin sear….$5 per M2HB Late Style Breech Lock….$10 per Barrel Lock Spring….$2 per Adjustable Trigger Lever Stop Assembly, with Screw….$2 per M242 Bushmaster……..$200 for all…about 20 lbs of parts Straight Drive Shafts x 4 Receiver Gears Rear Chain Guide Clutch Dogs Cable assembly Muzzle Brake Retaining Nuts M16 Stainless Firing Pins…..$2 per Full Auto Hammers….$10 per Buffers…..$5 per; no carbine buffers are left. only rifle length Matech BUIS……$40 per Charging Handle Latches…..$15 per 50
  3. WTS Gun Room cleanout

    Inside of box is sand colored
  4. I have the following for sale. all prices include shipping to lower 48 unless noted. Please pm for additional pics or for questions Mosin Nagant M91/30 bayonet…..$20 German Machineguns (Revised Edition) Hardcover ; very good condition…… SPF ron_brock M-82 Carrying Case for gunner quadrant Vietnam era, missing one latch….. $25 Nitrogen Charging unit for the M777 or M198 howitzer…SPF USGI/USMC barrel erosion gage for the M242 Bushmaster 25mm Auto-cannon….. SPF WWII German Werkzeugkasten armorers box for the the MG 34 and MG 42. This is a rare "toolbox" that typically contained spare parts and armorers tools. This is an all original can that was obtained from an estate in Florida. It had been used to keep drill bits in and the paint was damaged when the daughter attempted to clean the tape residue from it with a harsh cleaner. Fortunately the stencil is still visible. This is a very nice addition to any WWII collection……..SPF to 427forever M1917 Clinometer very nice but no case…..$50 Manual, GM-.50-M2-HEADSPACEProper Headspacing, Caliber .50 M2 Browning Machine Gun. By the AC Spark Plug Division, General Motors Corporation, Frigidaire Division. Printed January 1943……..$25
  5. This is a large lot of USGI Mk19 Automatic Grenade Launcher internal parts lot. Including helical compression springs, bolt springs, pawl rods, sear buffers, complete bolt lock assembly, right/left handed cam followers, pawl springs, rear sight windage screws, nominal washers, top cover pins, etc......... Many hard to find parts. $200 shipped Pair of VLTOR Milkor M32A1 receiver extensions/adjustable stocks.......$50 shipped
  6. Need Help ID'ing MG parts

    Any help is greatly appreciated. The part in the first four pics was found with a large lot of USMC MG and MK19 parts. It is marked 6799 in dot matrix on the bottom. Thanks in advance
  7. Need Help ID'ing VLTOR Extension.....Solved

    Its for the Milkor M32A1!
  8. Hey guys, I have these two VLTOR receiver extensions that I cannot identify. They are the type that are hollow with the screw off cap. Both were found in a large lot of USMC surplus. I looked on online and on the VLTOR website. Nothing matched. Any ideas? AR? SCAR? AK? Thanks as always, J
  9. Hey guys, I have for sale a bmi defense gunners platform and seat for the MRAP that was ex USMC. These are somewhat rare as they are a Demil code B once rendered obsolete. Therefore very few make it out to the public without getting chopped up into tiny little pieces. It is very heavy and in South Georgia, so it would need to be shipped freight. I would likely try to use Fastenal or Conway Freight. $500 plus shipping or make an offer. Message for pictures or questions Thanks, J
  10. WTS..Large Lot of BAR parts

  11. Large lot of USGI BAR parts for sale including: Cylinder Gauge x 1 BAR Gas Tube Slide Assembly x 1 Gas Tube with gas tube regulator x 1 Flash Hider x 1 Front sight protector x 1 Forearm x 1 Carry Handle x1 Late War bipod x 1 Early war bipod x1 Early War Bakelite stock with monopod cutout (stripped )x 1 Late War Stock complete with buttplate and swivel ass. x 1 Stock retaining sleeve x 1 US WWI Model BAR Combination Wrench x1 BAR Combination tool, Reamer x 2 Brush, Set, BAR x 1 BAR Buffer Head x 3 BAR Buffer Assembly Cup x 12 BAR Buffer Assembly Actuator x 2 BAR Buffer Actuator Spring x 3 BAR Sear Release x 3 BAR Buffer Key x 3 BAR Buffer Assembly Cone x 12 $1000 shipped http:// http://
  12. I have had nothing but a positive experience with Greg. I have bought quite a few M2HB parts from him and all of the parts I have ordered were as described and shipped quickly. I still buy with confidence from him. J
  13. I will take these Barrel extension exc. condition 1 only, 200.00 Barrel support new condition with Barrel shim 185.00 Buffer housing new in wrap 125.00 Buffer recoil for housing, 75.00 new PM to follow, Thanks J